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The "over-touted" 6-bedroom design seems to be perfect, only to find it is a pit after moving in

2023-04-02 02:04:18 [workmanship ]
The "over-touted" 6-bedroom design seems to be perfect, only to find it is a pit after moving in

Nowadays, many Internet celebrity bloggers often do some flashy sharing in order to gain attention and gain traffic. As long as it looks good, as for whether it is practical or not, who knows? This is especially true in the decoration industry, where you often see some "over-touted" designs online, such as these 6 bedroom designs shared today. It seems to be perfect, and many people will dress accordingly, but after checking in, they find out that they are all pits, and they are purely money to buy lessons.

1. Tile throughout the bedroom

Internet celebrities said that the bedroom should not be laid with wooden floors, which not only require frequent maintenance, but also may contain formaldehyde and other pollution. It is more atmospheric and more healthy and environmentally friendly to lay tiles. In fact, there are many grooves in this statement. The tile floor is more durable and will not pollute, but its texture is very cold. However, it is a generalization to say that wood floors will have formaldehyde and other pollution. Wooden floors are already a very mature industry. If you choose inferior wooden floors, of course there will be pollution, but wooden floors with good quality are still very safe to use. The bedroom is a place to sleep, and the pursuit of warmth and comfort. Although the tiled floor is more fashionable and atmospheric, it looks cold and feels cold on the feet. Still, the wooden floor feels warmer on the feet and looks warmer, which is much more practical than ceramic tiles.

2. Small bedside desk

Many internet celebrities will share the design of the small bedside desk, which seems to improve space utilization and save one Money on the nightstand. In fact, the desk is too small and it is very uncomfortable to use. When you are tired from study and work, if you want to stretch your hands and feet, you will "run into walls everywhere". Moreover, the desk is next to the bed, and the sharp corners of the desk are just about the same as the level of the mattress. If you are not careful, it will bump and be easily injured. The design of this kind of mini desk at the head of the bed seems to be able to improve the utilization of space, but in fact it does not introduce too much space, and it is very impractical. It is better not to install a desk at the head of the bed, but to design a bedside table.

3. The bay window is transformed into a desk

The current apartment type, basically every bedroom will be designed with bay windows. Many internet celebrities recommend smashing the bay window and turning it into a desk, which can effectively use the space and increase the storage effect. However, the bay window and the window are next to each other, the light is too dazzling on sunny days, and it will be very troublesome if you forget to close the window or leak water on rainy days. Moreover, the desks are basically made of wooden materials, which are exposed to the sun for a long time, which are easy to deform and deteriorate, and have a short service life. Converting the bay window of the bedroom into a desk can only be regarded as an ideal design, and its practicality is relatively low. At least it is very troublesome to close the window every time, and you need to climb on the table. If you want to have a good reading and working environment, it is better to design an independent small study room.

4. Soft-covered bedside background wall

Some netizens said that the bedside design with a soft-packed background wall can be directly used as a bed Rely on to use, get rid of the head of the bed and avoid taking up space. However, the soft-packed bedside background wall is very textured, and it is actually very easy to accumulate dust. If the shape is not chosen correctly, it will also show the effect of "soil and slag". Moreover, the bedside soft-covered background wall is easy to peel after a long time, or if there are bear children at home, it will be damaged. Once damaged, it needs to be dismantled and replaced, which is really expensive and troublesome. Now decorating the bedroom, it is popular not to do the bedside background wall, and a simple latex paint brush is more concise and durable.

5. Bedside spotlights

Internet celebrities recommend installing spotlights at the bedside. With the help of spotlights, the bedroom can be seen It looks more classy. However, the spotlight is focused light, and the light is shining directly on the head of the bed, which is too dazzling. Many people who have installed bedside spotlights basically regret it. The experience is so bad that they are almost useless. The main function of the bedside lamp is lighting, followed by decoration. It is best to choose lamps with uniform light, which can protect the eyes. Whether it is a wall lamp, a chandelier, or a table lamp, try to ensure that the light is soft and not dazzling.

6. Glass door wardrobe

A wardrobe made of glass doors is also popular online. The visual effect is light and luxurious, giving people a very high-end texture . However, this kind of glass door wardrobe is nothing but good-looking. Because the cabinet door is made of transparent glass material, the situation inside the wardrobe is clear at a glance, if it is not tidy, it will appear messy. Moreover, the glass material is not resistant to dirt, it is easy to leave fingerprints, and the dust is particularly conspicuous, which will bring a lot of trouble to the cleaning work. At night, the glass can be used as a mirror. If you get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you will be easily startled by yourself in the mirror, which will affect your sleep quality. For wardrobes, it is better to choose wooden doors.

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