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It took me many years to realize that these seemingly useless kitchen designs are actually very useful.

2023-02-03 07:41:06 [Materials ]
It took me many years to realize that these seemingly useless kitchen designs are actually very useful.

There are many details in the kitchen, and there are many misunderstandings. There are often many useful kitchen designs that are ignored by us, or regarded as "useless designs", or even despised! In this issue, we will take stock of 10. I believe that after reading it, you will have a feeling of "enlightenment"!

1. The split design of the burner

Before, I didn't care about the burner of my gas stove! Once I was cleaning the fire cover, with a little effort, I found it was off, and thought it was broken. After checking it, I found out that the gas stove in my home is the legendary "split burner design", which is only available for high-end gas stoves. The advantage of this is that the fire cover and the fire divider can be removed and cleaned at any time. Avoid the accumulation of dirt over the years and cause the gas stove to look greasy! In the house I rented before, the gas stove should not have a split design. The grease on the gas stove is thick, and the gaps and dead corners cannot be cleaned at all, which seriously affects the mood of cooking!

2. Needle on the gas stove

Remove the gas stove and notice the needle on the gas stove. What I know is: there are two needles on the gas stove: one is a device for ignition; the other is a protection device for automatic gas cut-off, which is used to prevent the danger caused by the soup being sprinkled and the fire extinguished, and the gas is not cut off. But there are two needles in my house, but why are both the same? Out of curiosity, I went to learn more and found out that the two needles in my house are used for ignition. There are two types of automatic gas shut-off devices, one is thermocouple flameout protection, and the other is ion induction flameout protection. The former has the needle, the latter does not have the needle.

3. Range hood filter

Why should a range hood be added with a filter? Wouldn't it be better to just suck it all out? I have this question every time I clean the range hood. Later I learned that the original range hood filter is destined to be washed and cannot be reduced! It has two main functions: First, it is used to protect the range hood. When the oil fume passes through the filter screen, the grease will adhere to the filter screen, and it can also prevent some large items from being accidentally inhaled into the range hood. Component damage. Second, it is used to protect people and prevent people's hair from being accidentally involved in the range hood. Therefore, it is doomed that we have to continue cleaning the range hood. In fact, as long as we find the right thing, the filter screen of the range hood is not so difficult to clean. My method is to spray the heavy oil cleanser, then paste it on with a paper towel, wait for 15 minutes, then tear it off, and wipe it clean. Regarding the oil cleaning agent, there is no need to use any imported big brand. The domestic heavy oil cleaning agent I use has no pungent smell, and it is clean and cost-effective.

4. Countertop Drip Line

I noticed early on that there was a line under the countertop. But I have never known what the meaning of this line is? I have always wondered whether drawing a line on the quartz stone countertop will imperceptibly weaken its bearing capacity, this kind of question. Later, when one day, I saw the water on the countertop of my home dripping to the ground instead of flowing up the cabinet, I realized that this line was used to guide the water. Let the water droplets drop vertically when they encounter the drip line, which can effectively prevent the water on the counter from flowing back to the cabinet and soaking the cabinet.

5. U-shaped Dishwashing Cotton Rack

When I started this Dishwashing Cotton Rack, it wrote Dishwashing Cotton Rack for storing dishwashing cotton. For the sake of cheapness, I will add a few more in case something goes wrong later. So, I honestly and honestly have been using it as a dishwashing cotton draining rack, and the few I bought have been idle at home. Later, I realized that I was young! It turns out that this little thing, used alone, can also be used as a hook; the two are used together. In the kitchen, it is a pot lid holder and a cutting board holder; in addition to the kitchen, it can also be used in the bathroom as a washbasin storage rack.

6. Before the handle-free design of the cabinet

, my understanding of the handle-free cabinet is: to make the handle-free simple and elegant, beautiful The value is higher! So, when I made it at home, I thought, some handles are also very good-looking, and there are handles that are easy to pull and pull, so I decided to design handles for my own cabinets. Later, when I cleaned the kitchen myself, I found that the handle would bring about a dead corner of hygiene, and it was difficult to clean the corners and corners. At this time, I realized that the handle-free is not only good-looking, but also easy to clean. As for, I was worried that it was "inconvenient to pull up", and after experiencing the handle-free design of other companies, I found that I was a mediocre person!

7. Aluminum foil board for sink cabinet

I used to worry about the aluminum foil board for the sink. Because I saw that other cabinets and cabinets are all white, but this sink cabinet is made of silver aluminum foil with poor texture. So I wondered if the custom business was fooling me, this piece used poor materials. Later, after understanding it, I realized that the aluminum foil board in the sink cabinet is mainly used for waterproofing. Because in the process of using the sink, it is inevitable that there will be condensed water at the bottom of the sink due to the temperature difference of the water in the sink. It is a pit that does not do aluminum foil. If you don't have aluminum foil boards at home, you can go and get some aluminum foil paper to stick them on. You can also wrap the boards with aluminum foil paper in some drawers that may be exposed to water. The current cabinets are all made of particle boards, and the most feared thing is blisters.

8. Large-angle hinges for cabinet doors

In the beginning, when my family was making cabinets, I remember the designer asked me if I wanted to do it High angle hinges? At the time, I thought to myself, the 90-degree hinge is fully open, so why do you need a large-angle hinge? So he refused directly and did not continue the topic. Later, the cabinets in my house were completed. Like most homes, the corner cabinets opened very little, making it very inconvenient to take them. One day, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I looked for a solution on the Internet until I saw the corner design of the side door of someone else's house. I just understood why the designer asked me at the beginning: Do you want to make a large-angle hinge? At least at that time, he was thinking about the problem from the perspective of the customer and recommended the same useful design, but unfortunately I did not receive it.

9. Folding drain rack

and the U-shaped sponge rack above, I have always underestimated the folding drain rack. I've always thought of it as a rack to drain bowls and then roll up to save space when not in use. I thought to myself: this is not that easy to use, why don't you just buy a draining basket, which has a large capacity and can drain a little more bowls. I really don't know why my wife buys this gadget? , fruit, etc. were placed on it, I realized that this thing is still a vegetable washing rack, and it can also drain water by the way. When my mother put the cutting board on it to cut vegetables, I realized that this thing is still a countertop extension artifact, which can relieve the tension of the countertop in the small kitchen to a certain extent. When my mother hung the rag on it every day, I realized that this thing is still a natural rag drying rack. In addition, I also found that my wife, every time I wash the fruit, I put the basin on the draining rack to wash it. I wondered what this operation is. My wife said: It is easier to do this without bending over. I just found out completely: this thing is so good.

10. Use a row of large bricks for the walls

When my house was tiling the kitchen, the designer suggested me Large bricks are used in one row, and mixed bricks are used up and down. I gladly accepted it at the time, and my idea was: make the upper and lower cabinets, base cabinets, and cover them anyway, and use miscellaneous bricks to save some money. After doing it, I was very satisfied with the effect, so I forgot about it. Until one day, I felt that the wall above the stove was a little dirty, and I wanted to clean up the beautiful seams. When I cleaned it, I realized that: it turns out that placing the big brick in the center can make the horizontal beautiful seams disappear and clean Beautiful sewing will be much easier. I checked again, and sure enough, many people were complaining about stepping on their own pits, using two large 60*120 bricks to pave the kitchen wall, leaving the horizontal gap in the middle, which is not easy to clean. There are still many people complaining that their bricks are small and the gaps are difficult to clean. In fact, in this case, a transparent oil-proof sticker can be attached to the wall. It has a low sense of presence and will not reduce the aesthetics of the kitchen. Fortunately, it is clean. Good materials have good fire resistance. Remember to choose PET materials when choosing. Conclusion: I haven't written about this kind of design with you for a long time. It's not that I am lazy, but that we are about to finish the design details of the family. Today, it took a long time to save 10 pieces. In order to increase the interest of reading, so that Sumitomo who read our article for the first time is not confused, so in the writing, I turned myself into a "home novice", and I will make new discoveries and be inspired later. , everyone forgive me.

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