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140 plain wood modern style decoration, warm and stylish, ideal home for female designers

2023-04-02 00:39:38 [Materials ]
140 plain wood modern style decoration, warm and stylish, ideal home for female designers

The owner of the case shared this time is a female designer. She has her own definition of home, requiring warmth and artistic style. She prefers the design of logs. Therefore, this case takes the modern style of logs as the main decoration tone. , coupled with the smudge of the color system, it highlights the sense of warm style. Let's take a look at the real picture of 140 plain wood modern style decoration with the editor. The warm texture, coupled with the cabinet with the side hanging design, make this space both stylish and meet basic needs. The living room design does not install a TV in the living room, but uses a TV cabinet to make a simple painting decoration. Below it is a wooden table, the color of which is connected with the floor color. The peach wood floor is specially selected to match the glass coffee table, which is combined with the small decorations that can be seen everywhere in the home, with the charm of log modern style. Wooden tables and chairs are arranged in the right corner of the balcony, which can be used as a place for children to study or as a place to read books in their spare time. There is no waste on the balcony on the left. A white round table and rattan chairs are placed. At the end, all kinds of wine collected by the female designer are arranged in the wine cabinet in an orderly manner. It is also good to drink tea here. The kitchen is designed in this 140 plain wood modern decoration. Because of the area of ​​the house, the kitchen is not separated by the traditional method, but the kitchen is made into an open structure. The kitchen is also a small storage place. A hanging cabinet is made above the kitchen, and a shelf is made below it to store kitchen utensils. The combination of the two achieves a better storage effect. An L-shaped bar is also created on the outside of the kitchen, which is both stylish and functional. The bedroom design is still based on the warm style required by female designers. The warmth of the night lights and the balcony partition wall with arcs present an aesthetic fusion of shape and color. The design of the bedroom without the main light is simple but not simple. The ripples of the curtains and the arc wall hole above form a reflection. The combination of shape and shape presents an artistic sense to the interior. Bathroom Design The bathroom as a whole presents a small and fresh atmosphere, coupled with the design of dry and wet separation, making it both aesthetic and convenient. After seeing the real picture of the 140 plain wood modern style decoration case, are you excited? If you want to know more information, please leave a message to consult us!

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