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If you want to install a pre-filter, you must do these 4 things in advance! Avoid leaving a safety hazard

2023-04-01 23:50:44 [floor ]
If you want to install a pre-filter, you must do these 4 things in advance! Avoid leaving a safety hazard

In order to make household water more clean and hygienic, many people now choose to install pre-filters. It's just that the planning was not done well before installation, resulting in constant trouble in future use. It is suggested that if you want to install a pre-filter, you must do the following 4 things in advance to avoid leaving hidden dangers.

①The installation time should not be too early

Some owners want to save trouble, and ask the master to install the pre-filter during the water and electricity renovation stage. It seems to save money, but it is actually causing trouble for yourself. The pre-filter is exposed to the outside, and dust and debris will inevitably fall during the construction process, and even collisions will occur, which will greatly affect the performance of the pre-filter. More importantly, a pressure test is required in the later stage of the hydropower transformation. The water pressure is generally around 6-10 kg (1 MPa) during the pressure. Most pre-filters cannot carry high-intensity water pressure. The explosion accident, this loss is not a little bit. Suggestion: The installation time of the pre-filter needs to be considered in combination with the specific installation location: 1. Install it in the kitchen, usually after the water pressure test is completed, and install the pre-filter before the cabinet is installed. 2. Install it in the pipeline well and wait until indoors After the decoration is basically completed, install the filter.

②Installation direction cannot be reversed

There is usually an arrow on the pre-filter. Under normal circumstances, the arrow should correspond to Entry direction. The installation order is: water meter - pre-filter - household water pipe, don't reverse the direction, it will be a waste of money!

③The installation height should not be too low

The height of the pre-filter from the ground is too low, which may affect subsequent use. Especially the pre-filter installed in the kitchen, the position is too low, it will be very troublesome to install the cabinet later. Recommendation: Generally speaking, the pre-filter should be at least about 40 cm from the ground, which will not affect the construction and facilitate future cleaning.

④Consult the property before installation

If you plan to install the pre-filter in the pipeline well, you must consult the property in advance whether it can be installed . Some residential property regulations do not allow the installation of filter devices without permission. On the one hand, it is for the protection of the rights and interests of the owners, and on the other hand, it is for safety reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to know the situation in advance to avoid unnecessary disputes. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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