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New Chinese-style solid wood tea table, leisurely tea rhythm, enjoy a quiet room

2023-04-02 01:21:08 [Wall decoration ]
New Chinese-style solid wood tea table, leisurely tea rhythm, enjoy a quiet room

#HeaderCreationChallenge# To create a clean and elegant tea room is what every tea lover wants, a clean place, not only a place to entertain guests, to meet friends with tea, but also to express the private thoughts in their hearts Space, appreciate poetry and distance. One table, one chair, one wood and one utensil, condensing the essence of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern art, at the time of transition, it elevates home life to a new realm, full of poetry and no lack of extraordinary taste. The new Chinese-style tea table has a large table top, combined with the clear texture of wood, the color is transparent, and the wood color is fragrant. This new Chinese-style tea table is made from Cameroonian ebony wood, which is a hundred years old. Wujin wood is carved with Chinese-style auspicious cloud patterns. The lines are gentle and clear, which means happiness, auspiciousness and joy. The combination of South African walnut and new technology slate adds a fashionable temperament to the simple and elegant artistic conception, which is more in line with the aesthetic habits of modern people. The tea table adopts a trapezoidal supporting chassis, which is super stable and durable. It is possible to meet three or five friends, sit around in front of it, and talk about life. Selected black walnut wood, made with traditional tenon and mortise technology, it is ingenious and unique. The walnut wood has a delicate touch, a soft and smooth touch, and a delicate and clear texture. It is matched with ceramic elegant utensils to create an elegant and clean literati residence. The square and simple shape of the tea table is combined with the simple temperament of wood, restoring the beauty of nature and making it more Zen. Here, there is no disordered ears of silk and bamboo, no labored shape of case and slips, let the tea leaves dance freely in the boiling water, the fragrance of tea overflows, and the room is full of fragrance. The tea table adopts hollow design, fish scale pattern and fence design, which is fresh, elegant and full of rhythmic beauty. At the same time, it can effectively block the clutter inside, making the visual presentation more clean and clear. The corners of the tea table are rounded, carefully polished by hand, round and smooth, which can effectively prevent bumps and protect the safety of family members. The two ends of the tea table are designed with upturned "flying corners" for the purpose of upturning the head, which can not only show the dignified and stable characteristics of solid wood furniture, but also set off the elegant and polite space atmosphere of the tea room. Sitting on a tatami mat, drinking tea and painting, taking a break from the hustle and bustle, I feel very uncomfortable. This set of new Chinese-style tea tables and chairs is made of black walnut wood imported from North America. Its wood grain is rare and noble, and its color is transparent and natural. It is not only rich in collection value, but also has high practical value. The simple and clear shape, the solid wood and the skin-friendly cotton and linen fabric, render a refined atmosphere, which contrasts with the surrounding ink paintings, and the literati temperament is ready to be revealed. The concise and lively lines outline the space atmosphere containing the oriental ancient charm. The traditional Chinese style is combined with the classic fence design. The neat and orderly arrangement is dense and dense, which interprets the traditional Chinese style's stability and classical charm. This set of new Chinese-style tea tables and chairs is made of rosewood with stable wooden structure. Its color is warm and bright, and the dark wood makes the furniture thick and simple, and it is full of atmosphere. The combination of metal brass and solid wood shows the collision between traditional Chinese style and modern fashion. The warm and bright copper color decorates the tea room, which can also show the extraordinary taste. The texture of the solid wood tea table and chairs is clearly visible. Its fresh and elegant wood color, combined with the vivid and changeable natural texture, is rich in layers, making people feel like being in the natural world. The outdoor sunshine is comfortable, and the surrounding leaves cast shadows of different postures. Blowing, the shadow moves freely, so cute. The fragrance of tea, the fragrance of books, and the natural fragrance are mixed together, and the ultimate experience of vision and smell is multi-dimensional, and you can enjoy a quiet room.

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