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The kitchen is far away from the bathroom, and the hot water is not available! Take a look at these 2 methods, easy to use and save water

2023-04-02 00:08:28 [floor ]
The kitchen is far away from the bathroom, and the hot water is not available! Take a look at these 2 methods, easy to use and save water

#HeaderCreationChallenge# Home decoration basically has to consider the use of hot water in the home. The parts where hot water is used at home are common in our kitchens and bathrooms. If the kitchen and bathroom in our home are too far apart, there will be difficulties in using hot water. For example, a water heater should be installed in the kitchen, and a lot of cold water should be placed in the bathroom when using hot water. So what are the ways to solve this problem? The following household miscellaneous altar will introduce two solutions to the problem of long distance between the kitchen and the bathroom and the use of hot water. I hope you can find out.
Method 1: Install circulating hot water The so-called installation of circulating hot water refers to installing a gas water heater in our kitchen and relying on hot water pipelines to achieve hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. To circulate hot water, you need a gas water heater, and then you need to install the corresponding hot water pipeline. For circulating hot water, it generally has the following advantages and disadvantages: Advantages 1. Low overall cost Because we only install one gas water heater, we save the cost of bathroom water heaters. Therefore, it only increases the cost of the hot water pipeline, and the overall cost is relatively low. Compared with the installation of a water heater in the traditional kitchen and bathroom, it basically saves more than 1,000 yuan. ②, easy to use circulating hot water is realized by the built-in or external circulating pump of the water heater. The hot water is continuously circulated in the hot water pipes. In this way, when we use hot water, we can achieve instant heating. This completely avoids the need to wait. Like a traditional water heater, it may release a lot of cold water after it is turned on. This not only wastes cold water, but also takes a long time to wait. ③. Space saving Because we only install a gas water heater in the kitchen, the space occupied is very small. Because our bathroom saves space for installing water heaters, we can better arrange the layout of the bathroom. Disadvantages ①, the electricity bill is relatively high. Because it is circulating hot water, the circulating pump needs to run, so the electricity bill is higher than that of the conventional water heater. ②. The pipeline needs to be installed in advance. That is to say, when we transform the waterway, we need to install the pipeline of the hot water in advance to make a large cycle. It is also difficult to modify later. Installation method When we renovate the waterway in the home, we must design the hot water in the home in advance. The first point is to confirm the installation location of the water heater. Usually in the kitchen. Like our kitchen, as long as there is a gas pipe and a place where smoke can be exhausted, it can basically be installed. The second point is to arrange the direction of the hot water pipeline. Generally, two hot water pipes are arranged from the kitchen to the bathroom at the same time and connected together at the ends. Practice guide When purchasing a gas water heater, we must choose a larger one. Satisfy the use of kitchen and bathroom. It is recommended that you choose a gas water heater of more than 16L, at least 16L. Another point is the way of circulation of the gas water heater, you can choose the built-in circulation pump. If there is no built-in circulating pump, an external circulating pump must be selected. Make sure the hot water can circulate. The last point is that for zero cold water water heaters, everyone should be clear about the specific effects that can be achieved when purchasing. It is also a kind of circulating hot water in essence, so do a good job of circulating hot water, whether to choose a zero-cold water heater or not, I personally think it has little to do.
Method 2: Install independent hot water If the distance between the kitchen and the bathroom in our home is too far, there is another better solution, which is to install independent water. The so-called independent hot water means that there are separate hot water sources in our kitchen and bathroom. When we use it, the bathroom uses the water heater in the bathroom, and the kitchen uses the water heater in the kitchen or kitchen treasure. This ensures that the hot water in each space can be provided in time. The installation of independent hot water solves the problem of difficulty in using hot water due to the long distance between the two toilets. However, the installation of independent hot water also has advantages and disadvantages: Advantages ①, simple installation The kitchen installs a kitchen treasure or an instant hot small kitchen treasure, or an instant hot water faucet, which solves the hot water in the kitchen. Install an electric water heater in the bathroom to solve the water consumption of the bathroom. Whether it is kitchen treasure or electric water heater installation, it is very simple. As long as we reserve the corresponding power supply during the decoration, it can basically be installed. ②, easy to use After installing the kitchen treasure, we can basically open the hot water. So it also avoids the problem of waiting. It also avoids the problem of putting a lot of cold water and wasting water. In the bathroom, we also install an electric water heater. As usual, a storage-type electric water heater is installed. Then we have hot water every time we turn it on. It also avoids the problem of waiting and putting cold water every time. ③. Saving electricity bills Install independent hot water in the kitchen and bathroom, which can save electricity bills compared to circulating hot water. For example, the kitchen treasures in the kitchen can be turned off when not in use, so that the electricity bill will not be consumed. And even if it's always on, it doesn't consume much power. In the bathroom, we only install an electric water heater, which only consumes electricity when it is usually used. Therefore, in this aspect, the power consumed by the circulating pump is obviously saved, which is indeed power saving. Disadvantages ①, take up space. Install independent heat sources in the kitchen and bathroom, which takes up a lot of space. For example, after installing a water storage electric water heater in our bathroom, it occupies a large part of the bathroom space. As a result, there is no way to put anything else in this part of the space. For the kitchen, if a kitchen treasure is installed, the space below the sink will be occupied. ②. The instant heating effect is not as good as that of circulating hot water. If circulating hot water is installed in our home, hot water can be produced in a few seconds after it is turned on. If we install a traditional electric water heater in our home, everyone will find that it still needs to put cold water for a period of time after it is turned on. Basically it takes about 10 seconds. The same is true for kitchen treasures. Installation method When we renovate water and electricity, leave a good power supply in the space corresponding to the kitchen and bathroom. Also, there should be a corresponding source of tap water in the bathroom. When installing, it is installed directly in the position we reserved. Install a small kitchen treasure in the kitchen. Like the current instant kitchen treasures, the effect is good. In the bathroom, we can install a storage-type electric water heater. Practice guide ①. For the choice of kitchen kitchen treasures, it is recommended that you learn about instant hot kitchen treasures. Because it doesn't consume power when not in use, and it heats up immediately. ② For the water heater installed in the bathroom, try to install a more traditional storage-type electric water heater. Like our ordinary family, generally choose 60 liters or 70 liters. And try to buy the kind that has a capacity-enhancing effect.
It is written at the end of the article that the distance between the kitchen and the bathroom is too far, we do have to consider the use of hot water. In fact, for the use of hot water, we consider two points: the first point is whether it can be heated immediately, and the second point is to waste tap water as little as possible. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce two solutions, one is circulating hot water, and the other is traditional independent hot water. Everyone can choose according to their own situation. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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