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Walking into his house, it seems that the whole world has quieted down, and the whole house is clean and tidy, without the slightest tacky

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Walking into his house, it seems that the whole world has quieted down, and the whole house is clean and tidy, without the slightest tacky

For home design, everyone has their own understanding and thinking. Asking your own questions and ideas at a good time and node can make the entire decoration communication process relaxed. Take this 140m2 three-bedroom apartment as an example. The owner is a senior Internet practitioner. In terms of style positioning, he set a modern and simple direction from the beginning, and the whole process can be regarded as a mutual rush.

Original structure drawing

The building area is 140㎡, the traditional four rooms and two halls, with clear functional distinction and simple on-site decoration. The apartment is relatively square and transparent from north to south; the number of bathrooms is large, which wastes space; the kitchen is small and not transparent from north to south.

Renovation and layout plan

Open up many redundant partition walls to make the house spacious and unobstructed. According to the usage, the study bathroom will be cancelled. The living room, sports area, and dining room connect the entire open space. The kitchen chooses an open kitchen to meet the cooking needs of the owner.

Entrance Design

Push open the entrance door, and you can see a white storage cabinet with a dark hollow storage layer in the middle. Display the homeowner's collection of ornaments. Dark gray and white, the overall decoration style of the house can be described as small meets big. Place yoga mats and some fitness equipment on the floor to facilitate homeowners to exercise. The entrance looks extremely simple, with no blocking partitions and no shoe racks. In fact, when the black door is opened, there is a world outside the door. The entrance is separated into a space, making the interior more tidy and comfortable.

Living room design

The living room is transparent from north to south, spacious and bright, the overall layout is simple, but it shows a sense of luxury. The brown cotton sofa, the caterpillar sofa in the corner, the flax-colored floor, and the black TV cabinet are clean and refreshing as a whole. Coupled with a pot of green plants, a sense of low luxury and liveliness strikes. The soft light brown sofa exudes a soft and comfortable atmosphere. The green and fresh potted plants add a little vitality to the space. The whole house is cool in color, showing calm and atmosphere. The black TV wall looks a little mysterious. In the corner of the TV cabinet, there is a stereo and small ornaments. When reading, a relaxed and melodious song is played, and the atmosphere is very well-adjusted. The collision of black and white is bold, a little carelessness may turn into a disaster, but if it is matched well, it will have great visual tension, but considering it is a residence, the choice of white and black is relatively soft, the overall Uniform comfort.

Kitchen Design

The function of the kitchen is clearly distinguished, and the white and gray color scheme has a calm beauty, which is not obvious when cooking. heat. The storage is well organized and convenient for the owner's life. The open kitchen can make the space of the house less rigid, break the space barrier, and make the family more closely connected. It saves space, is visually spacious and bright, and also increases the sense of well-being.

Dining room design

The dining room is connected to the living room and kitchen. Although they are in the same space, their functions are clearly differentiated. The application of the suspended island platform divides the moving lines of the space in an orderly manner. The exterior is matched with a white cabinet door, and the 3000K light at the bottom highlights the level of the space and the effect of suspension.

Bedroom Design

The bedroom is more vivid than the living room, the headboard is Titian red, with thick grey Mattress, overall fresh and high-end. The room is full of sunlight and the lighting conditions are good, and the overall is very comfortable.

Study room design

The study room is mainly simple, with a floor-to-ceiling window and the same screen window, which is unified with the living room and bedroom. In front of the study is the office area, with a square bookcase at the back, and in the corner, a sweeping robot lies comfortably there.

Bathroom Design

There are two bathrooms, and the master bedroom is based on dark gray, which is generally calm and composed. Comes with a bathtub. Blinds filter the light in layer by layer, white and gray, which are extra soft against the light. The bathroom next to the master bedroom adopts the technique of separating wet and dry, and the dark color matching is not depressing. The functions are clearly differentiated. There is a storage cabinet under the washstand, and a storage cabinet is also installed on the wall, so the space storage capacity is full.


The transparent apartment, clean and tidy design, classic and attractive black and white color scheme, walking into his home, as if the whole The world is quiet, not the slightest tacky! (Case source: @一屋space building decoration, if there is any infringement, please contact and delete.)

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