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It looks very advanced, but it is not practical for 4 kinds of furniture, don't focus on it anymore

2023-04-02 01:26:30 [cleaning ]
It looks very advanced, but it is not practical for 4 kinds of furniture, don't focus on it anymore

With the rise of net red decoration, more and more net red furniture began to appear and quickly became popular. These Internet celebrity furniture generally have one thing in common, that is, they have high appearance and many gimmicks. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it continues to capture the hearts of young people. However, seemingly high-end home products have a question mark in terms of practicality. As a part of home furnishings, the main significance of furniture is to enrich our lives and improve the happiness of the home. If it just looks good, it's not worth the investment. For example, the following four kinds of furniture are more gimmick than practical, so I advise everyone not to pay for it.

1. Tech fabric sofa

When referring to sofa, many people may think of "tech fabric sofa" as a kind of sofa which is cheaper than leather sofa, but looks like It is a kind of leather sofa, which is deeply loved by the public with its extremely high cost performance. After all, compared with the traditional fabric sofa, the texture of the technical fabric sofa is more advanced. Although the technical cloth sofa looks advanced, it is undeniable that its shortcomings are also obvious. For example, the following two points are what many people are complaining about. ①It is easy to turn yellow, torn skin, and to collapse. Take my technology cloth sofa as an example. It has already started to turn yellow after less than a year of use. There are also cracks in some places. Whether it's yellowing, cracks, or ripping, the beauty of the tech cloth sofa no longer exists. And what's even more maddening is that the technical cloth sofa after yellowing can't be restored to its original state. ②It is easy to bleed, and it is not easy to clean and bleed, which is an obvious disadvantage of the technical cloth sofa. Whether it is a drink or coffee, as long as a drop is stuck, it will quickly bleed. The bleeding technology cloth sofa cannot be wiped clean even if it is cleaned at the fastest speed. And the technical cloth sofa cannot be disassembled as easily as the cloth sofa.

2. Arc-leg dining table

As the most frequently used furniture in home scenes, the importance of dining table is self-evident. However, there are so many types of dining tables on the market that it is difficult for many people to choose. In recent years, with the popularity of the "French" style, more and more people have begun to follow French decoration and French furniture. For example, French arches, French ceilings, etc., and the "arc-leg dining table" is a typical French style. Different from ordinary dining tables, the two ends of the round-leg dining table are not slender legs, but an arc surface. This dining table looks really delicate and high-end. But there is one obvious disadvantage. The people sitting at both ends of the dining table are blocked by the arc surface, making it difficult to stretch their legs. And this eating experience is very uncomfortable. I believe only those who have experienced it know how awkward it is. Don't ignore this small detail. After the guests come to the house, whoever sits on both ends will be punished once. This is not hypocritical, but the real experience of many people.

3. Slate coffee table

There are many types of coffee tables, such as glass, wood, iron, marble, and of course, red and purple " Slate" material. As a popular coffee table, the slate coffee table has almost become the standard configuration of many families. Those who have come here know that in addition to the advantages of high appearance, the slate coffee table has more obvious disadvantages. Whether it is a slate coffee table or other slate products, such as slate dining tables, slate countertops, slate TV cabinets, without exception, it is prone to "chipping" and "broken porcelain". This is not an exception, because the slate is essentially a kind of ceramic tile, but the tonnage of the press is larger, and quartz sand is added to the raw material, so it is denser, harder, and thinner. But at the same time, its shortcomings of being easily broken are also revealed. Therefore, we can often see that many people's slate coffee tables are broken.

4. Balcony hanging basket

There are always many young people who like the scenes in TV series, sitting on the hanging basket, basking in the sun, or watching out, drink coffee. However, this seemingly delicate scene is actually not at all realistic. Because the hanging basket is not suitable for sitting for a long time. As long as you have sat on the balcony hanging basket, you will know that if you sit for a while, your back will be sore and you will not even be able to get up. This is due to the structural design of the gondola. Its structural design is completely unergonomic. So back pain is normal. This is also the main reason why many people gradually turn it into a junk pile after buying it home. In fact, similar to the balcony hanging basket, the currently popular lazy sofa is also the same. It was very comfortable just sitting up, but after a long time, my back was sore. In the final analysis, it is also because the structure design of the lazy sofa is not ergonomic, so the lumbar and cervical vertebrae will be compressed. END.

Write at the end:

The investment in furniture, no matter how advanced it is, should serve our home experience. If the practicability is not strong, it is obviously not long-term to rely on gimmicks and appearance to "grandfather". And this also reminds everyone to buy furniture, if the practicality is poor, it is not worth investing in. (Original text, pictures from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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