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A good new house was "wasted" by these details and became the scene of "renovation and overturning"

2023-02-03 07:14:04 [floor]
A good new house was "wasted" by these details and became the scene of "renovation and overturning"

#HeaderCreationChallenge#Home decoration looks very simple, but if some details are not considered well, it may become a "rollover scene". Some time ago, a friend complained that some details of the home decoration were ruined. It has become a typical renovation site. Below, the home miscellaneous altar puts these seemingly inconspicuous details that could cause our newly renovated house to roll over. I hope everyone will pay attention.
(1): The wall is not leveled for home decoration. The first detail I did not consider is the leveling of the wall. It is estimated that many friends may ignore the wall leveling when decorating their homes. If the wall decoration is not leveled, it basically becomes the scene of a rollover. Because the wall is not leveled, the following problems will occur after decoration: 1. The size of the gap between the cabinet and the wall is different. Especially for custom wardrobes, the cabinets are difficult to stick to the wall. The only solution later is to glue. But after gluing, you will find that the gap is wide and narrow, which is very ugly. And not environmentally friendly. ②, the baseboard installation effect is poor. Found it difficult to fit with the wall. Like the wooden baseboards installed in our home, or the tile baseboards, they basically fit the wall. However, if the wall is not leveled, you will find that there is a large gap between the baseboard and the wall. Even with glue, it is difficult to hide its flaws. Anti-rollover guide: For home decoration, everyone must list a separate item, which is the leveling of the wall. To avoid adding items later. Also, after finishing the decoration of the walls in our house, we must check them. Check the flatness of the wall.
(2): The wardrobe uses a transparent glass door. The wardrobe uses a transparent glass door. Now I really want to remove the glass door. When I first chose the wardrobe door, I felt that the transparent glass door looked very bright and bright, and the clothes inside were neatly arranged, which was very atmospheric. However, after moving in, he was seriously slapped by the facts. It can be said that this is also a very typical failure detail in home decoration. Because: ①, the wardrobe is messy and unobstructed, which is very awkward. Because it is a transparent glass door, it is difficult for me to fold and sew the clothes neatly every time, which leads to a particularly messy wardrobe, which I cannot bear to look directly at. ②, the glass door of the wardrobe is also very uncomfortable to use. After using it for a period of time, I heard the sound obviously, and I was worried that the glass would break. ③. Every time I go to sleep, I always feel that the glass reflects people's shadows, and there is a very uncomfortable feeling. Anti-rollover guide: The choice of wardrobe at home must be based on practicality. Don't go to those showrooms, because it can't be exactly copied to our house. The cabinet door of the wardrobe at home must be a wooden, closed cabinet door. And try to choose a casement door.
(3): The cabinet doors of the cabinets with bright doors are actually very useful in the kitchen. And the cabinet doors in my home, I didn't pay too much attention to these details when choosing. After moving in, I felt the whole kitchen was ruined. My cabinet door is a bright cabinet door. It felt very bright at first. But after installing it, I found that it was not the case. The reasons are: ①, the finger marks are obvious. Every time when cooking in the kitchen, if you accidentally touch the cabinet door, you will leave obvious finger marks. And more and more finger marks, very ugly. ②, the bright cabinet door has reflections at night, which is very uncomfortable to look at. For example, the kitchen lights are basically turned on at night, and then the lights shine on the bright cabinet doors, which are basically reflective. Makes the eyes uncomfortable. Anti-rollover guide: For cabinet door selection, durability is the first consideration. Mainly refers to cream stains, easy to clean. Therefore, for the cabinet door of the kitchen, it is recommended that you can choose the more common lacquered cabinet door or the skin-feeling cabinet door.
(4): The curtains are installed with Roman rods. Another detail of the decoration rollover in my home is the installation of Roman rods. The reason for choosing the Roman pole is that the installation is relatively simple, and it is more economical. However, after moving in, I found out that the Roman pole really shouldn't be installed. And it can be said that now the home decoration, do not choose the Roman pole anymore. There will be these problems: ①, serious light leakage. The Roman pole is fixed on the wall with two supports, and there must be a gap between it and the wall. Then light comes in through these gaps. If you like to sleep late, you will find it very dazzling, this is the light leakage of the Roman pole. ②, can not be changed to electric curtains. It is estimated that many friends want to change the Roman rod curtains at home into electric curtains. However, at this time, it was found that the Roman pole could not be changed. Anti-rollover guide: When decorating your home, you should focus on the installation of curtains, and do not ignore this detail. We can choose the more common curtain boxes at present. In fact, its price is not much more expensive. However, after installation, both the appearance and the shading effect are significantly improved.
(5): No main light is equipped with a bright brick no main light, I don't know why it suddenly caught fire, especially in the simple style. One of the biggest feelings of no main light is that the space becomes fashionable, spacious and advanced. No main light cancels a single lighting form and uses layered point lighting. The light source has been integrated and laid out. Different lighting can be switched according to different scenes. However, the design of no main lights is not suitable for all families, and the situation of overturning will also appear. The problems are as follows: 1. No main lamp is equipped with bright tiles. This point is estimated to be an important situation for many friends to step on the pit. Since the floor tiles are bright tiles, the living room is full of downlights and spotlights. After the lights are turned on, the ground and ceiling are sparkling. ②, uncomfortable to use. The main light is a multi-point light source, so every time you turn on the light, you may need to turn on multiple lights. In fact, this is not very comfortable for many friends. Anti-rollover guide: When designing without a main light, pay attention to the distance between the light and the wall. The number of lights as well as the placement, as they all affect the effect. If the home chooses no main lights, especially the spotlights, it is best not to choose bright tiles.
(6): Net red niche Net red niche is said to have both practicality and aesthetics. Especially in a space like the bathroom where the space is small and the air is humid, if you use the shelf, it may be easy to rust, and it is not easy to install, so the net red niche appears. Internet celebrity niches are not useful, and rollovers abound. There will be the following problems: 1. The tiles at the niche have obvious gaps and uneven sizes, which seriously affect the decoration effect. ②, there are dead corners of hygiene in the niche, and it is difficult to take care of it. ③. The actual use function of the niche is very weak, and only a small amount of items can be placed. Anti-rollover guide: The thickness of common niches is generally 15~20cm. Too shallow, the utility is low, too deep, not good-looking, and difficult to take care of. Before making a niche, measure the thickness of the wall. If it is less than 22 cm, do not make an alcove. The bathroom is small, try not to make a separate niche. Otherwise it will make the space smaller.
Concluding remarks Home improvement, in fact, is the accumulation of various details. Home decoration, if you can control all the details, you can basically achieve beautiful and practical decoration. Therefore, in this article, the household miscellaneous forum summarizes the decoration details of 6 overturned cars, and I hope everyone can avoid them when decorating. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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