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7 Ideas for Small Home Remodeling

2023-02-03 07:22:10 [workmanship ]
7 Ideas for Small Home Remodeling

"Residence" is the biggest expense in an ordinary person's life! Therefore, in recent years, everyone has been trying to make efficient use of the "house" with an inch of land and a lot of money! Although modern, it's easy to find decoration references, just turn on your phone. But there is also a problem: I have seen a lot of photos and have some impressions, but I still have no idea when it comes to decoration. In fact, the decoration design is not so complicated. Today, Tuguliang has sorted out 7 ideas for decoration design. As long as you simply change these places, your home can become more practical. "Golden Nine Silver Ten" decoration season! ▼▼▼Get 3 sets of exclusive design proposal quotations + pit avoidance data collection as a reference ▼▼▼ (The applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view)

First, do not wash the toilet in the toilet

We have talked about the practice of moving the sink out of the bathroom many times in the past. Generally, it is only necessary to move the sink to the bathroom, but the best solution is: yes The washbasin space and the corridor space can be used together. The picture comes from Tubatu's self-made At the same time, it can also create a housekeeping space around the "washing station". The best way to do this is to convert the vanity to a double basin or to extend it, and then insert the washer and dryer in the bottom. If necessary, a thin storage cabinet can be added to store housekeeping supplies. The picture is from Tubatu's self-made users who are used to drying on the balcony. They can consider installing only the built-in drum washing machine + thin cabinet, and the operating table specially used for sorting clothes can be omitted as required.

Second, compress the bathroom space of the master bedroom

Generally speaking, what is lacking in the master bedroom space is not the use area of ​​the bathroom, but the storage area of ​​the wardrobe. In addition to the common methods of compressing the aisle space of the master bedroom, or opening up two bedrooms, we can actually think of a solution in the area of ​​the bathroom. Picture from Tubatu's self-made shower space is a place that is used less frequently in the family, so for the master bedroom space, we only need to reduce the shower area to a minimum of 900mm*900mm. Tuguliang has also seen the owner cancel the shower directly, or open the shower room of the two bathrooms. These methods are theoretically no problem. The key point is to see the owner's own acceptance.

Three, making U-shaped concave walls

The design of new houses is now very popular "concave walls", in fact, to realize the cabinet body generated by embedded. However, many owners will buy second-hand houses or buy houses with less user-friendly layouts. How to artificially create "concave walls" at this time? There are two common ways: the picture comes from Tubatu's self-made The first one: "I-shaped wall", as the name suggests, is to move one side of the wall to leave a suitable space to create a space that can be "embedded into the cabinet" on both sides. The picture comes from the upgraded version of Tubatu's self-made "I-shaped wall", which is to extend the two sides of the "I"-shaped wall to create a third storage space, which is commonly used in thin cabinets in corridor spaces. The picture comes from Tubatu's self-made second type: "S Wall", which is often used in larger cabinets to create grooves on both sides of a wall to maximize the use of the smallest area. Picture from Tubatu's self-made "S wall" can also be upgraded, combined with "I-shaped wall", if the conditions are suitable, you can remove the partition wall on one side and install the "I-shaped wall" on the other side. The last layer is Storage cabinet with a depth of 60cm + standard cabinet with a depth of 35cm + ultra-thin cabinet with a depth of 15cm. The picture comes from Tubatu's self-made But this is the question of whether the cabinet can be partitioned: the panel structure of the cabinet partition, the sound insulation ability is not as good as the brick wall, this is no secret. Before, Tuguliang also wrote an article on solving the problem of sound insulation of cabinet partitions. Interested friends can click in and have a look: cabinet sound insulation.

Fourth, no walls for partitions

As for partitions without walls, it is generally still common in kitchen and bathroom spaces, except for walls There are three common ways of partitioning: the picture comes from Tubatu’s own self-made one. One is to open the indoor window: taking into account the lighting and ventilation, the shape is also more beautiful. The second is to open windows or half walls: but the privacy will be less, and like kitchens and bathrooms, heat insulation, odor isolation, and sound insulation are generally required, so the final result is mostly used in conjunction with "glass windows". The following case is a half wall design + glass partition, which makes the space more transparent and the lighting is better. The picture is from Banlan Original De[email protected] Ben. Another case is that a large glass partition is used between the children's room and the living room, which also increases the transparency visually. It is convenient for parents to take care of young children. The picture is from XI Design [email protected] Ben 3 is a glass sliding door: most of the hanging rails are now used, because there is no sanitary dead corner. The picture is from Jiuqi [email protected] Of course, the above methods are all based on the fact that the wall can be removed.

5. The bedroom door does not stick to the wall

The picture comes from Tubatu's self-made How to make the bedroom cabinet look integrated with the space and the wall? Won't you just protrude out to "steal the spotlight"? In fact, the door can be moved. You only need to leave 15-60cm of space behind the door to create a powerful integrated cabinet according to your own preferences.

Six. Don’t use traditional living room

The traditional living room has many very tasteless and space-consuming furniture, such as "sofa", "coffee table", "TV", so Only in modern times will the design of "de-living room" be popular. The picture comes from Tubatu's self-made so-called de-living room, which is more like simplifying the functions of the living room and "superimposing" it with other spaces to create a more transparent, practical and flexible space. For example, the integrated design of the kitchen and kitchen below improves the activity space and replaces the TV with a projection screen that can be "hidden". Life and entertainment are the same. The picture is from Kaiwu Space [email protected] This can also install a booth restaurant to maximize the use of space and improve space utilization. The picture is from Fanchen Yipin [email protected] However, there is a situation where there are elderly people in the family who are used to watching TV. It is recommended to add a "TV" separately in the elderly's room, study and other locations. The picture is from the habitat design [email protected] Book, which can also allow the elderly to have a space for recreation, and at the same time expand the activity space at home and enhance the visual experience of the space. Image courtesy of Qi Design [email protected] This image is courtesy of Qi Design [email protected] Ben

7. Bevel the space

We can recall that the most common Where are the "beveled" spaces? The answer: the diamond shower room in the bathroom. By cutting off a corner of the space, the utilization rate of the space can be effectively improved. The minimum area of ​​the diamond shower room is: 900mm*900mm; the comfortable area of ​​the diamond shower room is: 900mm*1200mm. The picture is from Tubatu's self-made The following case uses two beveled spaces to isolate the shower room and the toilet to achieve a private + practical "duo"! A three-separated toilet created with a beveled space. Even a family of 5 can avoid "big congestion" in the busiest time of the morning. The material, color scheme and floor plan reference used in this case are shown in the picture below. The picture is from JORYA [email protected] this In addition, the position of the door can also be beveled. The case below is a bevel cut at the master bedroom door. Changed the position of the door, so that the space of the door can be used to the maximum, and the living room looks more spacious at the same time. The picture is from the design of [email protected] The method of opening the door of the beveled space is a skill for many small units to use space, and owners who need it can learn it.


In fact, it looks like this, the trend of home improvement is a process from "complex" to "simple", from the "heavy decoration" in the past to the "heavy decoration" in the past. Emphasis on practicality” conveys people’s cognitive process of the concept of “home” from “fuzzy” to “clear”. Only by knowing enough about your own life can you describe the appearance of the "ideal home" that satisfies you the most. That's all for today's sharing. If you have anything you want to see, please leave a message at the end of the article and tell Tuguliang~

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