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The 90-square-meter new house in the suite, the whole house is designed by myself. After the decoration is completed, the effect is very satisfactory. Share

2022-12-05 03:19:53 [cleaning ]
The 90-square-meter new house in the suite, the whole house is designed by myself. After the decoration is completed, the effect is very satisfactory. Share

More and more young people like to design by themselves, find workers to build by themselves, and choose materials by themselves. Although it is a little harder, it is worth it. There are too many things involved in the decoration. If you want to design it yourself, you should do some strategies before decoration, refer to the effects of other people's homes, and apply them to your own homes reasonably. It is easier to get results when decorating, and avoid stepping on pits. I am very happy to bring you this new house with a floor area of ​​115 square meters and an interior area of ​​90 square meters. Taking into account the real needs of their own home, the entire house is designed by the owner himself, without looking for a designer, let alone a decoration company, and decorating it step by step according to his own ideas. After so many months of hard work, I am very satisfied with the effect after the decoration is completed, and I really want to move in. It is not luxurious or atmospheric, a relatively common effect, I would like to share it with you, I hope you will like it! The north-south transparent unit uses the location of the aisle to design a locker with two floors up and down directly to the top, which can provide a lot of storage space. The cabinets in the whole house are customized, the quality and workmanship are not bad, the details are also better, and the middle position can put some small things, which is very good. The cabinet is also selected in gray, which is better matched with the entire space, and the effect is more attractive. From another angle, the glass door is installed in part of the cabinet, which looks more beautiful and especially tasteful. In fact, this kind of design is more likeable, and people like it very much when they see it, and they are very satisfied. If you need such a design at home, you can refer to it. The location here is designed as a learning area for children at home. Here, it is convenient for children at home to do homework or read books, and the location is sufficient. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of light. The desk and the cabinet are designed as a whole, which is more beautiful and has a sense of design. This is the dining room, with a grey slate dining table that occupies the right size and location. In fact, the space is large enough, whether it is placed horizontally or vertically, it has no effect. This style of dining table is very popular, including the dining chairs, which work well together and are comfortable to sit on. Next to it is the kitchen, and the cooked meals can be brought out quickly for easy dining. The slate dining table is actually very textured, and the material is more likeable. The family moved in when the time came, sat and dined together, it was really happy. The kitchen is equipped with a mobile door, the style is not bad, the appearance is very high, and the combination is very harmonious. The kitchen has customized cabinets according to the structure, and the layout has formed the order of "washing, cutting, and frying", and the size and position are suitable. It's so exciting to cook in a kitchen like this. Quartz stone countertops are installed, which are particularly stain-resistant. The hanging cabinet above is white, very clean, and it will not make people feel monotonous when matched. This is the living room. I made a relatively simple TV background wall. On one side, I chose a wall panel, and on the other side, I designed a cabinet, which is combined with the TV cabinet to add a good storage space, which is very practical. Hanging the TV directly is safer and more space-saving than placing it in the TV cabinet. If there is no coffee table in the middle, the space is very spacious and it looks very comfortable! This is the children's room. The background wall of the bedside is painted with blue latex paint, which looks very beautiful. The top surface is also installed with a ceiling, which is very spacious. A solid wood single bed, plus a custom wardrobe basically has no extra space, but it is enough to use! This is the master bedroom, there is still enough space. The floor chooses the wooden floor, which does not have the cold feeling of ceramic tiles, which is very comfortable. The wardrobe goes straight to the top without wasting a bit of space. The matching bed is not bad, especially the mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. The sharing is over here. The overall effect is not bad, and it is more likeable. The whole house is designed and matched by the owner himself. Although it is not so tall, the effect is still quite satisfactory. I am looking forward to moving in! Here, I wish the owner and family a happier life, and I hope everyone likes it! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Han Han's Ma Ma /

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