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One thing to say, I really need to install window sill stones

2022-12-05 02:38:20 [workmanship ]
One thing to say, I really need to install window sill stones

The window sill stone seems to be a detail overlooked by many people. Some people can't remember it, and some people don't plan to install windowsill stones. This reminds me of the words of Eileen Chang that I agree with very much: "Details are such a thing. If you despise it, you will be punished. If you pay too much attention to it, you will not be able to do great things." "Window Sill" is such a detail. There are a few more square meters in the home, but it can achieve a win-win situation of "appearance" and "practicality". 1. Functions and advantages Rainproof and leakproof It is often seen that some people complain that the wall around the window appears "wall skin peeling" and "mold" after rain. One of the functions of the window sill stone is to prevent the water from outside the window from splashing onto the inner wall and causing subsequent problems. Extending the life of the window sill The window sill itself is generally very strong, and after installation, it can protect the balcony corner of the window sill to a certain extent. It can effectively reduce the probability of the window sill "falling off" and prolong the service life of the window sill. Strong integrity and more beautiful The material and pattern of the window sill stone are various, which can be perfectly connected with the window cover. Increase the sense of hierarchy of the space, strong integrity, more beautiful, and have a certain beautifying effect on the space. It is a daily routine for everyone to open windows for ventilation. For friends in the north, it is easy to accumulate "dust" by opening the windows. If the window sill stone is not installed, the surface is a powder wall, which is inconvenient to wipe. If you install the window sill stone, you can directly wipe it for easy cleaning. 2. The material selection range of the window sill stone is also very wide. Commonly used are marble, artificial stone, tile and wood. Marble Marble, the irregular texture is a random gift of nature, which can be described as a natural beauty. Its "advantage" is very obvious. Delicate and natural texture, good decorative effect. In addition, marble has a higher hardness. The "disadvantage" is that the texture is brittle and there is a risk of cracking later. Granite When it comes to natural stone, everyone first thinks of marble, but there is another player - granite. Granite material is hard and durable, with low water absorption. Easy to take care of. Why many people can't think of it, because its pattern is relatively simple and its decorativeness is lower than that of marble. But the price is not low, the overall cost performance is not very high. However, the pattern of granite is very distinctive. Although the pattern is dense, it is natural and unique. Suitable for more complex decoration styles. Artificial stone Artificial stone has high cost performance, high hardness and high wear resistance. However, although it has rich patterns, many patterns have high particle density, and there are not many suitable styles. The disadvantage is that it is not so delicate and natural, and the gloss is poor. After a long time, it may "collapse and seepage". If the budget is limited to choose artificial stone, try to choose fine powder artificial stone and stick it with white cement. Some friends of ceramic tiles have a lot of remaining tiles during decoration. Using tiles as window sill stones is low in price and easy to take care of. However, the "disadvantages" are very prominent and the texture is poor; long-term exposure to the sun has the risk of cracking; there are gaps that lead to a low overall feeling; the closure is very ugly. Wooden planks Some friends who like log style or minimalist style will choose to use wooden planks as window sill stones. The "advantage" of wooden boards is high appearance; delicate touch; and strong aesthetics when used on bay windows. The "disadvantage" is that the hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance are not good, and it is easy to deform and crack. 3. Color and pattern selection of materials is the foundation, and the design can be further improved in the details when they are well matched. Black, white and gray all-purpose black and white gray color. It should be noted that the color should be determined in combination with the overall design style and color matching. Most of my friends choose "white" window sill stones. The white texture is light, breaking the heavy visual effect of the windowsill stone. And can be greatly hidden into the design. No matter what color the curtain box wall is, it can be easily matched. The same color as the window cover If a window cover is installed, the window sill stone can choose the same color as the window cover. This way the overall sense is very strong, avoiding the opposite effect of matching other colors. Pattern No matter what kind of material, the window sill stone basically has a pattern. Because the texture and density of the patterns are different, you should also pay attention when choosing. The lines are large and small, and the patterns are combed and dense. When choosing, try not to choose window sill stones with "exaggerated" patterns and "too dense" patterns. 4. The size needs to be designed according to the actual size of the window sill. The thickness is generally between 1.5-2cm. It should be noted that the width of the window cover should also be measured and reserved at 5-8cm, which is the small ear. The specific size of the ears depends on the thickness of the window cover. 5. Design and installation method The window sill is leveled to clean the surface impurities. If the budget is sufficient, a layer of waterproofing can be made and then the window sill stone can be installed. Generally, the window sill stone protrudes from the window sill by about 20mm, and the edge of the stone is polished to "round" to reduce safety hazards. Do a good job of "waterproofing", and try to make waterproofing as much as possible if you have the budget, and it is safer to encounter special circumstances. The small ear windowsill stone will leave a small ear, what does it do? If you are making window covers, it is recommended to keep small ears. Increase the width of the windowsill. It is convenient to put things in later. The window cover line falls on the small ear, and the closing will be perfect. If there are no small ears, the window cover line will hang in the air, which is not beautiful. Minimalist wind window cover + small ears is a more traditional approach. Because the overall design style of many owners is minimalist, the window sill stone also wants to be consistent with the style. How to design a minimalist window sill stone? What should I do with a window sill stone that does not want small ears? Minimalist style, no window cover, the overall visual effect is light and simple. You can use the following 3 ways to make window sills to achieve the desired effect. The "advantage" of the window sill stone and the wall is flush: the window sill stone and the wall have strong integrity, seamless splicing, and high appearance. "Disadvantage": There is a possibility of cracking at the interface between the window sill and the wall; in addition, there is a risk of water seepage on the wall. In special cases, such as forgetting to close the windows on rainy days, the rainwater will flow along the windowsill to the wall. Staggered seam process Visually, the window sill stone is flush with the wall. In fact, a staggered layer is made under the window sill stone, which is 1cm inward. The "advantage" is that it can prevent cracking caused by direct contact between the window sill stone and the wall. The "disadvantage" is that the visual aesthetics are not good, and a seam can be seen. At the same time, there will be some dust accumulation in the gap, so it needs to be cleaned. Another point is that because the outer edge of the window sill is flat with the wall, there is also a risk of water leakage when it rains, but it is relatively slightly cushioned. The window sill stone protrudes from the wall by 0.5-1cm. The "advantage is" that the interface between the wall and the window sill stone is not easy to crack. The most important thing is that if you forget to close the windows when it rains, the rain will not wet the walls. The "disadvantage is" from the side, you will see a protruding 0.5-1cm window sill stone, which is not minimalist enough, but this problem is almost invisible from the front. Sometimes the difference is just 1cm, so the rainwater will not fall on the ground and walls. Small gaps are glued. Large gaps can be blocked with quick-stick powder, putty scraping, sanding, and painting. Summarize Considering texture and appearance, choose marble; considering cost performance, choose artificial stone; considering service life, choose granite. While choosing the color and pattern, you can also touch to see if the surface of the window sill stone is smooth. Qijia Xiaocai provides more decoration information, friends who like me remember to collect and pay attention! Follow me, write a private letter, and get "Renovation All-in-One" for free!

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