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I can't believe it, this is the home of a couple over fifty

2022-12-05 02:38:27 [Wall decoration ]
I can't believe it, this is the home of a couple over fifty

With the progress of the times, the decoration has also changed a lot. Many young people like to complain about the decoration of their parents, thinking that they are old-fashioned and outdated, but there are also those who keep up with the times. For example, this couple, who are over 500 years old, plan to renovate the house they have lived in for more than ten years to make their life more comfortable in the future. When I saw the decoration results, I couldn't believe it. The overall effect is simple and comfortable, which is pleasing to the eye, not at all like the old-fashioned saying on the Internet.

Original structure drawing

covers an area of ​​129 square meters. The overall layout of the original house is still very reasonable, and it is relatively comfortable to live in, but with the With the increase in the number of years of living, the decoration and demand can not be met, so it needs to be improved.

Renovation floor plan

In view of the fact that the owner and his wife are quite satisfied with the original layout, no major adjustments have been made. Remove the original decoration, adopt a simple style design, and increase the storage space at the same time. In addition, the function of the kitchen was integrated, and the entry position of the second bedroom was adjusted to make the movement line and comfort more reasonable.

Living room design

The living room is hard-furnished to be simple and pure, mainly warm white, supplemented by log color, plus multi-level advanced Gray element, although the whole space is not luxurious, it can stand the test of time, practical and durable, never out of date. Simple design, open layout, no complicated objects, just looking at it is pleasing to the eye. The sofa background wall is far more than the effect of white paint. The double-layer warm white wall panel is used to superimpose, and the wave board is used as the base, and then the wall panel is superimposed, so that the whole background wall is low-key white with texture and layering. Partial separation design realizes the division of space, embellished with one-end scenery decoration, and the log material reveals the natural atmosphere.

Kitchen Design

The original kitchen space consists of three parts: kitchen, storage room and balcony. Each functional area is not large, especially It is a long and narrow balcony, and the utilization rate is very low. After the renovation, the space was simply combined to create a kitchen space that was twice as spacious as before. The original partition design was replaced by a middle island. The space is spacious and stylish, and the practicability is also good.

Restaurant Design

The restaurant is still as simple as it is, an abstract high-grade gray decorative painting, focusing on the visual center of the large white wall. The round dining table makes dining at home more harmonious. The sideboard adopts an upper, middle and lower design, and the middle hollow is used to store commonly used items. The cabinet doors are uniformly designed without exposed door handles, and the overall neatness and uniformity are more beautiful.

Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is clean and tidy, with a natural feel to it. The large area to the top of the wardrobe design improves the storage capacity of the master bedroom. Near the master bedroom door, a small desk is designed to meet daily office, reading and dressing needs. The background wall of the master bedroom uses a combination of wood veneer panels + marble panels, which adds a lot to the sense of shape. At the same time, the cool colors also reveal a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Main guard design

The main guard is mainly made of gentle and generous warm white, transparent glass + black thin frame for dry and wet separation, In line with the simple lifestyle. The shower area uses the form of non-slip floor tiles + guardrails, which is more suitable for the elderly.

Guest bathroom design

The guest bathroom continues the configuration of the main bathroom, the difference is that the hardware is different, the left side of the bathroom There are alcove designs on the wall and next to the toilet, and the two-tier shelf can easily place toiletries. White stone countertop + suspended bathroom cabinet design, the hollow part at the bottom can be used to place slippers.

Secondary bedroom design

Two secondary bedrooms, one of which is larger, the overall design is relatively simple, there is no complicated design, In addition to achieving a unified style, it also has a more spacious sense of space. The second bedroom has a relatively small space. In order to improve the overall utilization rate, the platform is designed to create a multi-functional space, which can be used as a guest room or a home leisure space.


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