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Suggestion: Leave a space at the bottom of the cabinet, these 4 advantages, you will not think how useful

2022-12-05 01:00:52 [cleaning ]
Suggestion: Leave a space at the bottom of the cabinet, these 4 advantages, you will not think how useful

#HeaderCreationChallenge# Cabinets will be installed in the kitchen of every household. And everyone will find such a phenomenon, that is, the current cabinets basically go to the top and the bottom to the ground. That is to say, the ceiling cabinet is the top plate, and the base cabinet is the ground. This practice often ignores the actual use needs of our kitchen. For example, where do the dry goods go? Where are the trash cans? Therefore, in this article, I will share with you a practical method of kitchen cabinets, which is to leave a space at the bottom of the cabinet. After installing it, you can't imagine how useful it is.
(1): A good place for trash cans Trash cans in the kitchen can be said to be needed in every household. Like many friends' homes, they may cook often, so there will be a lot of garbage in the kitchen. For example, when we pick vegetables, we can easily pick leaves and roots from a trash can. Maybe two or three times a day to take out the garbage. Most households also take out the garbage once a day. But you will find that the kitchen trash cans in most of our families are placed in a clear position. In this position, there are the following problems. ①. If the kitchen trash can is placed in the moving line of the activity space, it will be very obstructive. Every time I feel like I'm tripping over the trash can. ②. The trash can is placed directly in the kitchen, which is also very unsightly. You can think about it, the trash can is full of garbage, and it is uncomfortable to look at in the kitchen. So, if we make cabinets at home, if we can hide the trash can, but at the same time it is not closed. So will it work better? Therefore, I would like to share with you a new method, which is to leave the bottom of the cabinet empty. Leave blank is to leave a space, then we can put the trash can in this space in the future. For the space where the trash can is placed, the width is generally controlled at about 40~50cm, and the height is the height of a base cabinet. If we're worried about wasting space, we can put another storage rack on top.
(2): The hiding place of the mobile storage rack For many families, they will find such a situation, that is, the items in the kitchen are always unable to be put away, and the arrangement is very messy. Because the kitchen uses a lot of odds and ends. For example, various seasoning jars, vinegar, soy sauce, oil, sesame oil and a series of bottles and jars have no place to put them. So many friends added mobile storage racks in the kitchen. Mobile storage racks are arranged in layers. A lot of bottles and cans can be placed in the mobile storage rack. Packs almost all of our bottles and jars. However, if the mobile storage rack is not properly positioned, it will be placed in the kitchen operating space. The following problems exist. ① It is inconvenient to use and affects our normal movement. Although the width of the mobile storage rack is not particularly wide, it will also affect the operating space of the kitchen. ②, the surface is always a layer of oil. Because the mobile storage rack is exposed, in the process of cooking, the fumes may drift around and eventually land on the storage rack. The result is that the surface of the storage rack is covered with oil. To this end, we can take a more practical way, that is, when installing kitchen cabinets, leave a space at the bottom. In this way, we can purchase mobile storage racks with the appropriate height and width according to the grid we reserve. When not in use, push the mobile storage rack into this compartment; when you use it, pull it out, which is very convenient. The width of the space of the cabinet used to place the mobile storage rack is generally 40 to 50 cm, and the height is the height of a base cabinet. For example, it can be about 75 cm to 80 cm.
(3): Open baskets are placed in the cabinets of our homes, and baskets are generally installed in the spaces of the hanging cabinets. In fact, the purpose of installing a pull basket is to make reasonable use of our storage space. Like some places that are out of reach from high places, it is still very practical to use a pull basket. However, everyone will find that it is very inconvenient to install the basket in the hanging cabinet every time you use it. Friends who have used it know that there will be the following problems. ①, it is inconvenient to take. Although the pull basket can be pulled down, everyone will find that it is still very inconvenient to take the items stored in it. Because its height is still very high after all. ② It is difficult to find items. If we have high storage requirements, we may place items in a particularly neat way. If a pull basket is installed in the hanging cabinet, it will be really difficult for us to find items in the future. Therefore, for friends who often use the kitchen, you can consider leaving a space in the position of the base cabinet of the cabinet and design it as a pull basket. The pull basket installed in the open cabinet can store a lot of food. such as dry food. Its ventilation is also good, and the storage time will be longer. And most importantly, the pull basket placed in the base cabinet is very convenient to use. The items in the pull basket can be said to be clear at a glance, and it is very easy to find the items we want.
(4): Storage of temporary sundries In fact, many friends ignore a problem when decorating the kitchen, which is the storage of some temporary sundries in the kitchen. For example, one of the most common problems is that the vegetables we buy from outside every day have no place to put them in the kitchen. Most households just pile them directly on the countertop or on the dining table. There are also a lot of dry goods. It is also not suitable for storing in the refrigerator, and it is used more frequently. So, this also leads to the following situation in the kitchen of most families. ①Vegetables are perishable. For example, many families buy a lot of vegetables at a time, but the refrigerator can't keep them. When there is no place to put them, they will be piled together temporarily, and the vegetables will gradually go bad. ②, the kitchen is messy. This is due to the untidy storage of our kitchen. Like a lot of items, they are placed randomly, giving the impression that the kitchen is particularly untidy. Therefore, when we renovate the kitchen, if we can consider the storage of temporary sundries, it will make our kitchen cleaner and tidy. Therefore, what I recommend to everyone here is to leave a space under the cabinet. This space can be used to store temporary sundries. If we want to store more sundries, we can install simple partitions in the spaces. But don't install wooden partitions, as you want to ensure good ventilation inside. In this way, some dry goods and sundries that we store can be stacked in layers.
Concluding remarks For kitchen decoration, there is no need to pursue the standard, but practicality should be considered. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce you to leave a space under the cabinet when the kitchen is renovated. This grid is really useful. Everyone can use it reasonably according to the needs of the family. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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