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7 household items that "do not need to be bought" were once very "hot", but now they are idle and eating ashes

2022-12-05 02:45:20 [floor ]
7 household items that "do not need to be bought" were once very "hot", but now they are idle and eating ashes

Many people started a new round of "buy, buy, buy" after the hard decoration, and were busy adding furniture and various household items to their homes. But after a long time, have you found that some household items that were very popular at the time were bought and used a few times, and now they all lie at home and eat ashes? Now that the Internet has developed, it is much more convenient for people to buy things. Whenever you see some good or very popular home gadgets on the Internet, it is easy to be tempted to buy them home without thinking. However, some things look gorgeous, but after buying them on impulse, they find that they are out of tune with their own decoration style. And although some things seem to have a lot of functions, they are actually very tasteless to use. After three minutes of heat, they will basically not touch them again. Today, I will summarize my personal and friends' experience of stepping on the pit, and list 8 household products that are "not necessary to buy". Come and see if you have been recruited?

1. Disinfection cabinet

Many people think that the disinfection cabinet is an indispensable household appliance in the home. It can sterilize the tableware every day, which is healthy and hygienic. But in fact, very few people really sterilize the tableware every day, unless there are guests at home, most of the time the disinfection cabinet is just used as a place to store tableware. In fact, the cost-effectiveness of the disinfection cabinet is really not high, and when customizing the cabinet, if you can only choose one of the built-in disinfection cabinet and the built-in dishwasher, most people will now choose the dishwasher, after all, the function of the disinfection cabinet Dishwashers are available, washing dishes, sterilizing, and storing dishes are not a problem. Therefore, there is no need to buy a sterilizer at all.

2. Electric iron

Looking at the electric iron in 2022, it is indeed a bit "old antique". I admit that it is very useful in ironing clothes. But it is a bit bulky and inflexible, and the temperature is not very easy to control, especially for me, who is often unsure of what fabric to choose, I am always afraid that the temperature of the wrong fabric will be too high and the clothes will be burnt. Personally, I prefer a garment ironing machine, which is easy to operate and more convenient to iron. For people like me who don’t have a high demand for ironing, it is enough to have a small hand-held garment ironing machine at home, which can be used for dry and wet double ironing, hanging ironing or flat ironing. carry.

3. Treadmills

In all likelihood, those who buy treadmills will be idle. After all, people who really have the perseverance to insist on running every day can actually exercise when they go downstairs, and it is still at zero cost. So, don't deceive yourself, otherwise, the treadmill you bought for hundreds of thousands of yuan in the end can only be thrown on the balcony to hang clothes to dry, or sold for dozens of dollars with tears to the tattered collectors.

4. Lazy sofa

The lazy sofa was a piece of furniture that countless "lazy people" dreamed of during the fire in the early years. But in fact, once you experience it, you know that sitting on it for a long time is actually not comfortable at all. The support is insufficient, so that the lumbar and cervical vertebrae will be uncomfortable, and over time it can only be placed in a corner of the home to accumulate dust.

5. Bathtub

Although taking a bath every day is an item that many people look forward to, for most ordinary people, after installing a bathtub in the bathroom, I won't insist on taking a bath every day. Not only is the time not allowed, but I also feel distressed about the water bill, and the most speechless thing is that there is a lot of work to do before and after taking a bath, and I have to clean the bathtub before and after, which can't hurt!

6. Folding basin

When folding the basin fire at first, everyone thought it was very convenient, because it can be stored, so it does not take up space. But in fact, its bearing capacity is worse than that of ordinary pots, and it is easy to sprinkle water with one hand. The most speechless thing is that after a long time, the folds will turn yellow and moldy to breed bacteria. And most people don't bother to fold it after buying it home.

7. Coffee table

It is actually quite controversial whether or not to decorate a coffee table, but at least in the past, every household must have a label With a large coffee table, only in this way can it be called a style. The reason why everyone's concept has changed now is that the large coffee table is too obtrusive, takes up space, and is easy to injure others, and it is not so effective in itself, unless there is no dining table at home, and three meals a day can be solved directly on the coffee table. Otherwise, in fact, a small round table or side table is enough to be used as a coffee table. It is enough to put a water cup, remote control, and table paper on a daily basis, and it can also free up a lot of space in the living room. All in all, when you are decorating, don’t blindly follow the trend and buy a bunch of useless household items. Every decision is carefully considered before placing an order, and it is up to your own living habits to make the right choice.

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