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The first new house in my life, I designed it myself, I am very satisfied with the effect of the whole house.

2023-02-03 07:38:46 [Wall decoration ]
The first new house in my life, I designed it myself, I am very satisfied with the effect of the whole house.

More and more homeowners like to design new houses by themselves, and it is easy to suffer losses for the first decoration. However, it will be worth it just to go through a renovation. Home is for living and living, not for showing off or comparing. Therefore, you can try to design your own new house and refer to the effects of other people's houses, and you can always pretend to be pretty good! I am very happy to bring you the first new house of the owner's family. The whole house is designed by the owner himself, without a designer or a decoration company. Anyone who has experienced renovations will know very well. The decoration is really tiring, especially for the first time. It is not easy to step on such a pit. However, although the owner's house is the first time to decorate, the overall effect of the whole house is very satisfactory. such an effect. Below, I will show you the real scene. If you like it, you can refer to it! This is the original structure diagram, which is a relatively conventional type of house. The apartment type with three bedrooms and two living rooms is believed to be the same type in many people's homes. If you don't understand decoration, or you like this effect, you can refer to it. The apartment is a little smaller, and the restaurant is directly from the entrance. A square dining table is arranged. The space occupied is of the right size and position, and it is very convenient to move the position. The table is equipped with a table cloth, which can properly protect the table surface and is more resistant to dirt. The sideboards on the upper and lower floors are customized next to it, and the bottom is left empty, and a place for the refrigerator is reserved next to it, which looks very design. For there is no such entrance at home, this design will be more suitable, and it will have a sense of design and will make good use of space. Since the apartment has no entrance, but a part of the wall shared with the kitchen is used to knock out a part of the built-in shoe cabinet, which can bring a pretty good storage space. Moreover, the wall of the kitchen was knocked down, and the glass door was installed on the upper part, which made the space look much more spacious, and the effect was really good. This kind of design, not so common, is especially good for kitchens without windows! This is the living room. The sofa and coffee table are very small in style, and they are matched with orange and yellow, which perfectly matches the gray of the whole space, which is particularly harmonious. It's very comfortable to sit on the sofa and watch TV or chat with your family. It is the first time to decorate, I designed it myself, I am very content to be able to pretend such an effect. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, only plaster lines are used, and it looks very spacious. This is the TV background wall in the living room, but without any modeling, it was just painted with latex paint. The TV wall designed in this way is not complicated in shape, and the color is also very beautiful. The matching TV cabinet styles are not bad, and the white TV cabinet is very clean. When the time comes, it is safer to hang the TV directly than to put it in the TV cabinet. The most satisfying part of the aisle is the decorative paintings hanging on the walls. With such hanging paintings, walking in the aisle will not make people feel monotonous. And a small chandelier is installed on the top, and the lighting is bright enough at night. The tiles selected for the ground are also more beautiful, I like them very much. In the bathroom, considering the practicality, part of the original wall was knocked down, and the bathroom cabinet was separated out independently, making the space more spacious. The space on the wall is used up, and I can't bear to waste any space, which is quite good. In the master bedroom, considering the effect you want, the wall is painted with pink latex paint, which is very beautiful. A double bed with bedside tables on both sides. Moreover, the position of the bay window was destroyed, and a very practical bay window cabinet was changed, and the shape of the original bay window could still be maintained, which is really good. The ceiling-mounted chandeliers are bright enough to illuminate at night. Although there is no ceiling installed, I still made a curtain box, and the details are still quite good! In the children's room, the original bay window was also destroyed, and a very practical desk cabinet was designed, which can be used by children at home. The top is equipped with a chandelier in the shape of an airplane, which is very individual and the children at home also like it very much. There are three rooms in the house, and the ground is wooden floor, without the cold feeling of tiles! The sharing is over here. The first decoration, the overall effect is not bad, the family is happy to live together, really happy. Owning a house that belongs to your own family and designing it yourself is very happy! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Allow

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