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Her home is decorated in American style, and the furniture in the whole house is very homey. I want to share it with you.

2023-02-03 09:17:43 [Materials ]
Her home is decorated in American style, and the furniture in the whole house is very homey. I want to share it with you.

There are actually many classifications of decoration styles. The more popular ones are modern minimalist style, light luxury style, Nordic style, etc., especially light luxury and Nordic style, which are loved by most young people. However, there is no need for everyone to stare at these styles, and there are other styles, which can also pretend to be pretty good! I am very happy to bring this new house to the owner. She has her own ideas. She gave up the Nordic style and the light luxury style. Instead, she chose to decorate in the American style, which is more modern American style. At present, the furniture of the whole house has been moved in and the location has been added. It looks very homey. Although it is not luxurious or atmospheric, I like it more. I can't help but share it with you, if you like it, you can refer to it! The apartment type is actually quite good. What I see now is the restaurant area. A log American square dining table is arranged, and the space occupied is the right size and location. This kind of American-style furniture really makes people like it, in fact, it also feels a bit Chinese-style furniture. When the family sits and dine together, it is really very happy. The location next to it is the kitchen, and the cooked meals can be brought out quickly, which is very convenient. A piece of cloth is placed on the dining table as an embellishment, which can also play a role in heat insulation, which is really good. It took a lot of thought to choose the furniture, it's not easy! Here is the living room. The plaster lines are pasted on the wall, which is simple and beautiful, and wall lamps are installed on both sides, which can increase secondary lighting at night. It is matched with a three-person sofa, which is very comfortable to sit on. The color matches the entire space, and the effect is really good. In addition, there is a glass pad on the coffee table, which can properly protect the coffee table, which will be much more convenient when cleaning. This is the TV background wall in the living room, and it is also pasted with plaster lines. If the plaster line is used for the TV wall, the shape will not make people feel complicated, and it has a strong sense of line impact. However, by abandoning the traditional TV and installing the curtain with the anti-light screen, you can feel like a home theater, watching movies or TV, and it is very comfortable. Wall lamps are also installed on both sides of the TV wall, which is very eye-catching! The angle of the side of the TV background wall in the living room, if you also like this effect, you can refer to the same. To be honest, making a TV wall will not make people feel monotonous, and it is quite good to see something. The color of the wall brush is also very beautiful, and it just matches the gray tiles on the ground. The ceiling is installed on the top, but the light strips that are not often used are abandoned, and no light strips are more suitable. This is the aisle. Several downlights are installed on the top surface. The lighting is bright enough at night and the light is not dazzling. The furniture has been moved in and the location has been arranged. The inside and outside are all cleaned up. It can be said that there is no dust at all. It smells like home and looks like home. I really want to move in! This is the second bedroom, not much space, a double bed plus a custom wardrobe and bedside table, there is basically no extra space. However, the bed has not had time to arrange the mattress, which does not affect the effect. The color of the wall is very warm. The windows are small and the light is good. The second bedroom has basically the same effect, especially the matching bed, which is American style, which is consistent with the home decoration style, which is really good. At that time, the mattress is arranged in, and the effect will be more perfect. The whole house is equipped with central air conditioning, and the ceiling is an indispensable part! This is the master bedroom, the bedside background wall is plastered with plaster lines, which is simple and beautiful. It is also installed with wall lamps, and the effect is really good. There is enough space on both sides, and bedside tables are arranged, which I like very much. The style of the bed is actually similar, which is very enviable and worthy of reference! The master bedroom wardrobe is built-in, which can make more reasonable use of the space, and can make good use of the space. There are three rooms in the house, the ground is wooden floor, there is no cold feeling like tiles, it is more comfortable! The bathroom is equipped with LED mirrors, which looks more classy, ​​and the effect is quite good. The custom bathroom cabinet, all white, looks very clean. This area, which is also used as the owner's dressing area, has no impact! This is the end of the sharing, I hope everyone can like the American style of the owner's home decoration! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Shanghaojiajiajiajiajia

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