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The new house that lasted for three months, the furniture of the whole house has a good effect. I will share it before I move in.

2023-02-03 08:28:53 [cleaning ]
The new house that lasted for three months, the furniture of the whole house has a good effect. I will share it before I move in.

It may not be so good-looking and perfect in the eyes of others, but you will only know if you have experienced it. You can only know how to decorate your own house if you really own it. How difficult it is to realize how tiring owning a house is! I am very happy to bring you this new house from the owner's house. It has taken three months from the start of construction to the present, which is very difficult. The first decoration, according to the needs of my own home, the current effect of the whole house furniture is not bad, although it is not so luxurious and not so perfect, but generally I like it and will not dislike it. I'm not in a hurry to check in yet, let me share it with you first, and I hope everyone likes this effect! The apartment is not very good or bad. The living room and dining room are in the same space, without any partition, but divide the two spaces by arranging furniture. From this angle, the space is relatively spacious, and the ground and walls are made of gray tiles, which are very resistant to dirt. Considering the first new house in life, the TV wall is an indispensable part. The TV wall is designed with suspended rock slabs and a platform, which is simple and stylish. The coffee table arranged in the middle is a combined combination, which is even more popular. After making a TV wall, it will not be monotonous and visually more atmospheric. And I like the chandelier installed on the top. It looks very good and has a lot of personality. When the time comes, I sit on the sofa and watch TV or chat with my family. I am very happy. However, the TV has not had time to be placed in, so it does not affect the effect! There is a separate balcony behind the curtains, the lighting is very abundant, the light is very good! The second bedroom has a very small space. According to the space, a tatami-like layout is designed, but the tatami bed is abandoned and a single bed is used instead. If designed in this way, it will not look oppressive, and it is basically the same functionality as tatami. The desk cabinet next to it is convenient to use. The ground still chooses tiles, not wood floors! There is a single bed in the children's room. The background wall of the bed is painted with blue-gray latex paint, which is matched with the color of other walls to distinguish it and will not look monotonous. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, only plaster lines are pasted. The position of the window, the curtain box is designed, it looks more beautiful, and the details are really good! The master bedroom also maintains the simple effect of the whole space, but the original bay window is removed, and a very practical bay window cabinet is designed, which can appropriately increase some storage space. If the bay window at home can be knocked down, you can refer to this design. The walls are painted grey, which is very nice! The kitchen has customized cabinets according to the structure, the layout is reasonable, and there is a place for the refrigerator beside it, which is not bad. For the first decoration, I still choose gray. For the kitchen, it is more resistant to dirt! Some lamps and lanterns at home are purchased online. In fact, it is also based on the effect of other people's homes. The effect of turning on the lights is very beautiful! The sharing is over here. During this period of time, it will be slowly arranged, and it will become more and more perfect by then, and it will become more and more like a home. Three months of hard work, very worth it! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: baby/

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