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Look at her warm little nest, the walls are painted with net red gray, no ceiling or TV wall, very simple

2023-02-03 09:05:52 [cleaning ]
Look at her warm little nest, the walls are painted with net red gray, no ceiling or TV wall, very simple

For our ordinary families, we can have a small nest of our own through our own efforts, no matter the size of the house, whether it is a second-hand house or a first-hand house, as long as there is a real home, it is really content! Home is not for showing off, nor for comparison, but for a warmer and more comfortable new life! I'm very happy to bring you this warmer nest from the owner's house. To be honest, it was originally a second-hand house. In order to save money, the walls were painted with net red ash, and the top surface was not installed with a suspended ceiling. Do not do a TV wall, it is simple and looks very simple. However, the interior doors have all been replaced, and the effect will be more satisfactory. The family has happily moved in, and it is very comfortable to live in. Let's take a look, and I hope you all like this little home! There is an entrance from the entrance, but the angle of the entrance is not photographed separately. What I see now is the living room and dining room. The two spaces are in one space, which is really good. Divide the two spaces by arranging furniture without any impact. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, just a circle of plaster lines, and the TV wall has not been made any modeling, and is directly painted with latex paint. The decoration is Nordic style, painted in net red gray, which is dirt-resistant and good-looking, and it also looks very homey. It is really good and worthy of reference. Although the apartment is small, it is really good to have such a small nest. Looking at the living room and dining room from the angle of the balcony, you can actually see the shoe cabinet. To tell the truth, there is no ceiling installed on the top surface, the TV wall is not shaped, and the entire space is made of net red gray. The effect looks simple, but it is actually very popular. The simpler the effect, the more attractive it is, and it is not easy to go out of date. Although it was a second-hand house before, I am very satisfied with the minor renovations, and I am very happy to live there. It is always more free than renting a house. The balcony is sealed, whether it is raining or windy outside, it has no effect, and it will not affect the indoor lighting, and at the same time, the balcony space is more reasonably used. From this angle, a very practical laundry cabinet is customized on the left side, and a washing machine can be placed next to it. Whether it is hand-washed or machine-washed, it is convenient and will not have other effects. The place on the right can be placed in the refrigerator, just to make use of the only space, don't waste it! There is not much space in the bedroom, with a double bed and bedside tables on both sides, there is basically no extra space. And the wardrobe is built-in, I think it's not bad. The ground was originally a wooden floor, which was retained and not replaced, which did not affect the effect. There are bay window cushions on the bay window, which is very comfortable to sit on and can be used as a small sofa. This is the study room, and a very practical gray bookcase has been customized, which can add a good storage space. You can store books or other things on the cabinet, which is very practical! Considering the demand, it is still necessary to free up a space as a study room. Here, it will not be affected by the family, let alone affect the family, which is really good. The kitchen has customized cabinets according to the structure, and the layout forms the order of washing, cutting and frying, which is very convenient to operate. In particular, the sink is installed near the window, and it is very convenient to wash vegetables and chopsticks, etc. To tell the truth, cooking in such a kitchen is very exciting. The bathroom space is small, and there is no separation of dry and wet, but the space on the wall is used, and the space is reluctant to waste. There are some shelves installed on the wall, including toothpaste and toothbrush storage boxes, etc., you can store these more commonly used but fragmented things in an orderly manner to keep the bathroom tidy and clean, really good! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: sweet honey /

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