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The first time I renovated a new house, I found that the style deviates after the completion, but the whole family likes the effect.

2023-02-03 07:16:46 [Wall decoration ]
The first time I renovated a new house, I found that the style deviates after the completion, but the whole family likes the effect.

For our first decoration, if we were responsible for the decoration, we often said that the effect was good at the beginning, but we found a change in the decoration, which was different from the effect we discussed or decided to want before. The biggest difficulty is that it is difficult to control the unity of style! I believe that owners who have experienced decoration will have a deep understanding! I am very happy to bring this new house to the owner. This is the first time the owner has renovated in her life. She originally wanted to renovate the French light luxury style, but after the final decoration was completed, she found that the style deviates and becomes Modern minimalist style, I really don't want it. In addition to the inconsistent style of the overall effect, the whole family likes the effect of the whole space and thinks it is worth learning. Now, let's take everyone to experience the experience, and hope that this kind of decoration can bring you good decoration inspiration! It is a relatively common type of apartment. It extends from entering the home to the restaurant area. The integrated design of the sideboard and the shoe cabinet is designed to make more reasonable use of the space. It is beautiful and practical, and it is very worthy of reference. And part of it is designed with glass doors, which looks more beautiful, so people like it! If the house type is also like this, you can refer to this design. In the restaurant, a square dining table is arranged, the space occupied is the right size and position, and it needs to be placed horizontally and vertically without any impact. Although the style is out of line, the effect is still quite satisfactory. When the time comes to move to a new home, the family sits and dine happily together, which is very happy. This is the living room. The overall effect is still a bit like the previous French style, but it is more of a modern light luxury style. The design of TV wall gypsum board and rock board is simple and beautiful, and the shape is not complicated. The TV is hung directly, and I sit on the sofa and watch TV with my family. I am very happy. A crystal chandelier is installed on the top, and the effect of turning on the light at night is very beautiful. The balcony is closed, whether it is windy or raining outside, it has no effect, and the indoor lighting is very good! The matching sofa and coffee table are still relatively atmospheric, especially the sofa, which has a somewhat arc shape, which is particularly beautiful. The bedroom is also made as a bedside background wall, painted with blue latex paint, and added with plaster lines, which is simple and beautiful. With a double bed and a custom white wardrobe, there is basically no extra space. Generally speaking, white wardrobes are suitable no matter what style the home is decorated with! The other room has basically the same effect, but the color of the bedside background wall is different, and it is also very beautiful and very comfortable. And the matching bed, the style is really very popular. The curtain box is made, the details are very beautiful, and the carpet is also arranged on the ground, which increases the sense of hierarchy! Considering the children's room at home, the background wall of the bedside is painted in pink, which is somewhat similar to the feeling of a princess room. There is no way to destroy the bay window, and it can be kept as a small sofa, which is very good. For the three rooms in the house, each room has a different color, which is very popular! This is a cloakroom annexed as a study. The cabinets are all custom-made throughout the house. The quality and workmanship are not bad, which is quite satisfying! This is the kitchen. In fact, there is a small balcony, but I didn't choose to open it. The white cabinets are customized, and the layout forms the order of "washing, cutting, and frying", and the size and position are suitable. Taking into account the needs of the home, I finally chose to install an integrated stove, which is more convenient to use. There is also a refrigerator next to it, which is very suitable! This is the living balcony area. The bathroom cabinet with high and low countertops is customized, and the washing machine can be placed next to it. Here, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, it is very convenient, without any impact! Friends who haven't renovated or are planning to renovate, find that the decoration style is deviated, but it does not affect the effect, and it is more satisfying! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: LNA,

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