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How many of these decoration cold knowledge do you know?

2023-02-03 07:18:22 [Materials ]
How many of these decoration cold knowledge do you know?

For the decoration novice, how to decorate at home is completely to listen to other people's opinions, and I don't know any knowledge in this area. A few cold knowledge about decoration, pay attention to these points, and don't worry about stepping on the pit.

Installing induction lights at home

Don't say anything. I put a switch at the door or something. Although it is possible, it is more convenient to install an induction light. As long as it senses someone moving at night, it will light up immediately, and it will save you the embarrassment of reaching out and groping for the switch.

Refrigerator in restaurant

Many people think that the refrigerator is full of ingredients and should be put in the kitchen, but it shouldn't. why? Because the kitchen deals with oil smoke and water stains all the year round, and these can damage the refrigerator to a certain extent. In order to avoid this, we might as well put the refrigerator in the restaurant, which is also close to the kitchen, and it is convenient to get the ingredients, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about the oil smoke. damage to it.

Reserved sockets around the sofa

People don't forget to reserve sockets on both sides of the bed, but the only thing they forget is the sofa Reserve two sockets next to it. Don’t forget that we spend a lot of time playing in the living room. It’s easy for our mobile phone to run out of power. If there is a socket next to the sofa, we can charge and play with our mobile phone at the same time. Why not?

The ceiling should be simple

Although some people like to make a fuss on the ceiling, I still sincerely recommend that if the number of square meters in the home is not very large, you might as well The simplification of the ceiling, on the one hand, can give people a bright and spacious feeling, and on the other hand, it can be more convenient when cleaning in the later stage. If the ceiling is too complicated, you have to climb up and down to clean it, which is really a bit troublesome. (Picture invaded and deleted)

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