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How much is the price of Changsha house decoration per square meter

2023-02-03 05:59:37 [Materials ]
How much is the price of Changsha house decoration per square meter

You can also click the "blue word link" at the end of the article to find a local reliable decoration company and save 30% (the applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view it). Decoration costs a lot of money, so we can only renovate the local decoration in advance. Knowing the price market clearly and making a budget list can effectively control the decoration cost and avoid overspending. So how much is the price of house decoration in Changsha per square meter? Follow me below to find out. 1. How much is the decoration price of a square in Changsha? The decoration price varies depending on the decoration method and decoration grade. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction from these two aspects: 1. Different decoration methods ① The half-pack repair price is 400- About 600 yuan / square meter, half a package is designed by the decoration company, and the later construction, but the owner needs to prepare the main decoration materials. ②The price of the whole package repair is about 800-1100 yuan/square meter, and the scope of the whole package is wider. The materials purchased in the early stage, including the design and construction of the house, are all arranged by the decoration company. 2. Different decoration grades ① The price of simple decoration is about 700-1000 yuan/square meter. In addition to the installation of kitchen and bathroom facilities and equipment, other rooms only have floors and doors. ②The price of mid-range decoration is about 900-1100 yuan/square meter. The mid-range decoration is based on simple decoration, including the main large pieces of hard furniture, and can be directly moved in. ③ The price of high-end decoration is above 1100 yuan/square meter, and the high-end decoration is based on the mid-range decoration, including some furniture. 2. Details of house decoration price in Changsha 1. Water and electricity renovation is 30-40 yuan/square meter, and circuit renovation is 35-45 yuan/square meter. Now the water and electricity installed in the new house can basically meet the needs of the owners, and generally do not need to do too much renovation. If you want to save money, you can make fewer changes. 2. The price of floor tiles in guest restaurant is about 50-100 yuan/square meter, the price of wall putty is about 20-25 yuan/square meter, the price of latex paint is about 55-80 yuan/square meter, and the price of ceiling is about 80-120 yuan /square meter or so. 3. The price of floor tiles for bedroom decoration is about 45-50 yuan/square meter, the price of wall and top latex paint is about 55-70 yuan/square meter, and the price of wardrobe is about 800-1000 yuan/meter. 4. The price of floor tiles for kitchen decoration is about 40-55 yuan/square meter, the price of wall tiles is about 30-45 yuan/square meter, the price of kitchen cabinets is about 700-1000 yuan/square meter, and the kitchen wares such as sinks and faucets are about 1,000 yuan. will get it done. 5. Bathroom decoration The bathroom must be waterproofed. After all, there is a lot of water. If you are not careful, there will be water leakage. Waterproof is about 20-30 yuan/square meter, floor tiles are 40-60 yuan/square meter, and wall tiles are 35-55 yuan. / square meter. 6. For balcony decoration, the balcony floor should also be waterproofed as much as possible to avoid water leakage caused by excessive rain. The price is about 20-30 yuan/square meter. The floor decoration materials can choose tiles or floors. The price of ceramic tiles is 50-70 yuan/square meter. The price is around 80-120 yuan/square meter. The above is the introduction of the relevant content about the price of one square meter of house decoration in Changsha, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. There is no unified standard for quotations in the decoration market. In order to avoid being pitted, owners must understand the decoration price market in advance. Click the "blue link" and fill in the specific information of the house to obtain the exclusive quotation details and avoid decoration traps! "Link"
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