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During the renovation, these "4 kinds of building materials" have not been eliminated. After they are used, they will know that there is no substitute.

2023-02-03 08:31:16 [Materials ]
During the renovation, these "4 kinds of building materials" have not been eliminated. After they are used, they will know that there is no substitute.

The continuous development of the home building materials industry has also spawned many high-value products. And these building materials that have been labeled "advanced" and "quality" have certainly attracted a lot of fans. As a person who has been in the building materials industry for more than ten years, while witnessing the continuous innovation of the building materials industry, it also aroused my thinking. I suddenly discovered that there is still a market for building materials that many people think are outdated. And some building materials that seem to be eliminated are even irreplaceable. For example, the following four "building materials" are typical examples:

1. Quartz stone

When "slate" became popular , Many people think that "quartz stone" will fall to the altar. However, what everyone does not know is that in terms of "practicality", slate is far less than quartz. The advantages of quartz stone are: ① The hardness can fully meet the use scene of the kitchen. ② The cost is relatively low and there are many styles. ③Choose quartz sand content > 90%, which will not bleed and be more wear-resistant. ④ In terms of aesthetics, it can fully support the "scene", not much worse than the slate. On the other hand, if you look at the "slate", you can see whether it is worth investing in if you see the following characteristics: ① It has a high appearance and a more atmospheric appearance. ②The hardness and density are higher than those of quartz stone. ③ The texture is more "brittle", easy to break, and slightly less practical. ④The cost is higher. Do not deny the advantages of slate, but also admit its shortcomings. It has to be said that in terms of practicality and cost, it is clear that quartz stone can meet our practical needs. So there is absolutely no need to invest in slate. The shortcoming of the slate is easy to break, it is destined that it will not replace the quartz stone.

2. Aluminum gusset plate

When the main light is on, gypsum board is naturally indispensable as the standard installation condition for the main light. For example, in the ceiling project of the open kitchen, many people choose gypsum board ceilings to install the main lights. However, people who come here know that the most traditional aluminum gusset is not outdated. It is still suitable for kitchen ceilings and will not be replaced. The advantages of aluminum gussets are: ①No deformation. ② will not get wet. ③ It can be disassembled and used repeatedly. ④Lower cost. ⑤Easy to clean after stains. ⑥ The aesthetics are also very high. In contrast to "gypsum board", in the face of its shortcomings, its advantages are really not worth mentioning: ① It is necessary to reserve an inspection port. ②It is difficult to remove stains. ③Can not be disassembled and used repeatedly. ④For a long time, it is easy to turn yellow and even moldy. ⑤ The cost is higher. Obviously, whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom, "aluminum gusset", as the most practical building material, is still irreplaceable. After all, in front of practicality, gypsum board is really a mess.

3. Ceiling lamps

Internet celebrity lamps are popular. Also let many people follow suit to install. But no matter what the shape of the net red light is, it is not practical for the "ceiling light" after all. The advantages of ceiling lamps are: ① Minimalistic and atmospheric. ②The layer height will not be compressed. ③Reduce the probability of dust accumulation, and it is easy to clean even if the dust accumulates. ④ The cost is relatively low. Different from ceiling lamps, various net red lamps, including crystal lamps, are really not humane at all: ① It is recognized that the appearance is high, but it is also a fact that there is a lot of dust accumulation. ②Large crystal lamps will obviously compress the space of the living room. ③The durability of net red lamps is low, and the maintenance rate is higher than that of ceiling lamps. ④ The cost is high, most of which are IQ taxes. Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, there are many styles of ceiling lamps, and its minimalist shape brings a very advanced visual experience. Therefore, the seemingly poor ceiling lamps are actually not low-end. It is suggested that everyone, it is better to cut off the Internet celebrity lamps, after all, the practicality and humanization of ceiling lamps are obvious to all.

4. Tile skirting

skirting is an indispensable building material in hard installation construction, and many owners ignore its importance. In fact, the practicality and beauty of skirting will also affect the experience of home life. However, there are too many types of baseboards on the market now. Many people think that the once-popular "tile baseboard" is outdated, but after using it, they know that the tile baseboard is the most reliable. The advantages of tile skirting are: ① waterproof and moisture-proof. ②Not afraid of bumps, deformation and discoloration. ③ The cost is relatively low. On the other hand, other skirtings, such as "solid wood skirtings" and "aluminum alloy skirtings": solid wood skirtings: ①High appearance. ②Not waterproof, not moisture-proof, easy to deform. ③ There are many MDF skirtings, and the formaldehyde is easy to exceed the standard. Aluminum alloy skirting: ①High appearance. ②Waterproof and moisture-proof, but easy to deform. ③Afraid of bumping, the paint will fall off. ④ The cost is the highest.
Through some of the above comparisons, it is already clear which building materials are practical and which building materials will not be easily eliminated. Obviously, it is not unreasonable that those building materials that have been used for many years still have a market. After all, in the matter of decoration, there are no most advanced building materials, only the most practical building materials! ——END——

Said at the end:

Whether the experience of the new home is comfortable and humanized after moving in has nothing to do with whether the decoration is luxurious or not. The seemingly poor and simple decision may be more practical. The four seemingly outdated building materials introduced in this issue are still recommended for everyone to invest in. After all, only after using them can you know that you haven't spent money in vain, and you haven't paid IQ tax.

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