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85㎡ two-bedroom semi-package repair, a total of only 150,000

2023-02-03 07:09:44 [floor ]
85㎡ two-bedroom semi-package repair, a total of only 150,000

The beauty and warmth of a home are due to the emotions and spirits endowed by the people who live there. The case shared in this issue is the decoration of a new house for a couple in Jiangsu. It only cost 150,000 for half a package and self-decoration. The whole is simple and warm. So, in this issue, let's feel the warmth of home together. Entrance: On the right side of the door, a set of white ultra-thin shoe cabinets are designed, plus key racks and hooks are set on the wall and behind the door to meet the basic storage needs and achieve a neat and clean storage effect. Moreover, on the other side, you can see that the side of the sideboard is also equipped with a shoe-changing stool + a hook area for hanging coats and hats. The small entrance is really full of functions. Dining room: There is no excessive decoration, only light-weight dining tables and chairs are placed, making the space more flexible and generous. It is worth mentioning that the dining table is a retractable structure, which does not occupy a lot of space and can be used by many people, which is very convenient and practical. The white handle-free sideboard has some small objects that are frequently used hollowed out in the middle, which is clean and can weaken the sense of volume. Living room: Above the TV wall is a double eyelid ceiling embedded with downlights, and there are no extra shapes and decorations in other places. The walls are only painted with white latex paint, combined with the laminate flooring on the ground, simple and high-value soft furniture, etc., not only the space atmosphere is extraordinarily warm and healing, but also economical! On the passage, an invisible door in the style of a wooden grille is designed to make the space appear simple and not monotonous. A set of white cabinets hollowed out in the middle is designed next to it, which is conducive to improving space utilization. Balcony: desks and chairs are placed at the left end for daily office and study, which is a very good choice. At the other end, a set of housekeeping cabinets are designed, which are embedded with washing machines and dryers to meet the storage of cleaning tools and various sundries in the home. The floor is tiled, durable and easy to clean. Kitchen: a one-line console, so washing, cutting, and frying, the whole moving line is very smooth. The left side is mainly placed with various shelves to improve space utilization. The foldable drain basket is used, and various storage items are added to store various frequently used items in an orderly manner, which is messy but not chaotic, and the sense of detail is directly full. Master bedroom: Continuing the style of the living room, no ceiling, no modeling, only latex paint, etc., it still looks warm and comfortable after matching with simple and high-value soft furniture. The storage at the end of the bed adopts a dislocated integrated structure, which looks more integrated and has a high utilization rate. Second bedroom: The second bedroom is used as a study, with a cabinet and a white desk to form an L-shaped semi-enclosed structure, which is full of security. The bunk bed is designed for emergency use. Bathroom: The living room is divided into three parts. The washbasin is not only equipped with mirror cabinets + niches + various storage items, but also the slate countertops + ceramic countertops of the washbasin, with jazz white wall tiles, the storage space is very large. Sufficient and good-looking. Finally, a wall-mounted storage area is also designed behind the door to store cleaning tools and washing shoes, which is really convenient. Conclusion: Many people have expressed their preference for simple and practical styles, which also proves that the industry's awareness of decoration style has moved a step further, no longer blindly pursuing beautiful and complex designs, and at the same time, simple style will make people more relaxed and happy.

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