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If there is a yard, I won't buy furniture, and put a wooden board on the guardrail as a table, which is strong and saves money

2023-02-03 07:09:14 [workmanship ]
If there is a yard, I won't buy furniture, and put a wooden board on the guardrail as a table, which is strong and saves money

If you have a yard at home, what do you want to use it for? In addition to growing flowers and grass, in order to look good, it is of course indispensable to use the yard as an outdoor leisure area. However, the yard is cold in winter and hot in summer. How much time do you have to sit and eat in the yard after working every day? If it were me, I wouldn't spend money on outdoor furniture, a piece of wood would fix the table, why would I spend all that money? It's easy to say, how do you get a piece of wood? Don't throw away the waste wood boards left over from home decoration. If there are guardrails in the yard, you can directly fix the boards to the guardrails and bring in outdoor chairs and stools. Isn't this simple outdoor dining room ready? Not to mention saving money. In addition to the guardrails of the yard, if there are pavilions and porches in the yard, it is also feasible to put wooden boards on both sides of the pavilion. The two sides are fixed, the chair is placed, and the bottom is suspended for the feet to be comfortable. If the pavilion is narrow, hit it directly. If it is too long, it is recommended to add a wooden support in the middle to avoid unsafe and unstable use. In this way, there is no need to buy outdoor sofas and coffee tables that are not cheap and are not used a few times a year. At most, move a chair to use. If you want to be quiet in the yard, or watch the children play in the yard, you can sit here. If installed under the gazebo, it can also shelter from the wind and rain. However, after all, it is something for outdoor use, and the wood board is easily corroded and damaged. It is recommended that you apply waterproof material before installing it. Moreover, this method of adding wooden blocks can be used instead of furniture, not only in the yard, but also in other places: for example, there is neither a guardrail nor a pavilion, and the first floor window is used to extend outwards; if this window is selected in The kitchen is even better. Install this kind of window that can be fully opened, and make an outdoor dining bar that communicates with the kitchen. What you want, you can hand it out directly from the window, and you can chat with the family indoors. Wouldn’t it be nice? However, this kind of window sill is connected to the room, and it is very important to be waterproof. For example, installing a table on the terrace; buying outdoor furniture to the top of the building is a lot of trouble, and domestic terraces are not allowed to be sealed, and the furniture is exposed to the wind and the sun, which is distressing! Around the guardrail of the terrace, a wooden board is installed as a dining table. It is also good to be in a daze and rest here. For example, install a table on the balcony; of course, you can do this on the balcony. If the balcony at home is not big enough, ordinary furniture really takes up a lot of space, and it is inconvenient to walk around. If you install a table on the guardrail, you can directly buy this kind of hanging The simple dining table on the top occupies a small area and can see the outside scenery. However, whether it is a balcony or a terrace, you must pay attention to safety, falling objects from high altitudes are really bad! How about, a simple piece of wood will fix my outdoor dining table. It’s cheap and easy to use. Rounding up is equal to no money. It doesn’t feel bad if it breaks. (The picture comes from the Internet, invade and delete!)

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