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Is it good to have a TV in the living room? His home is just the opposite. The custom bookcase on the TV wall is more atmospheric.

2023-02-03 07:15:25 [Wall decoration ]
Is it good to have a TV in the living room? His home is just the opposite. The custom bookcase on the TV wall is more atmospheric.

Who said it would be shameful not to put a TV in the living room? The case in this issue is just the opposite. The living room is spacious and atmospheric, and the owner insists on the "de-TV" design to highlight this point more clearly. The renovated living room is not only a space for meeting guests and entertainment, but also a study and a movie room. Such a multi-functional experience is really cool, isn't it better than just installing a TV? The interior decoration is dominated by large white walls and log-colored furniture, creating a simple and comfortable home feel better. A double door is installed at the entrance, and the door is equipped with glass, which changes the problem of poor lighting in the space, and the frosted texture can also cover the privacy of the interior. The TV wall in the living room is the key point. The entire wall is not equipped with a TV, and is built into a built-in locker to store books and other items. The movable display shelves on both sides of the outside slide freely to show different wall contents. Put a lazy sofa, and you can read a book leisurely in the living room. Of course, there are sofas and coffee tables in the living room, which will not affect the life of the family and the function of meeting guests. When building the background wall, there is a space for the installation of the projection screen at the top, and the curtain is drawn up and down, so that you can watch blockbusters at home. A living room is divided into multiple functions for use. Is it practical? The kitchen and dining room are integrated in one design, and space communication is barrier-free. The long wooden dining table meets the needs of dining, and the suspended shelf installed from the top can store tableware such as wine glasses, which is easy to take and beautiful enough as a decoration. The overall design of the kitchen is an L-shaped operating space. Of course, the storage space is sufficient. The kitchen appliances are embedded in the cabinets to ensure the overall beauty. Central air conditioning is also installed on the top of the open kitchen, so that it is not hot when cooking. The space in the aisle is dedicated to creating a built-in bar, which is just right for coffee and wine tasting. Consistent with the overall design style of the home, the master bedroom chooses the same wooden cabinets and large white walls, and a whole row of wardrobes is built at the end of the bed, and the storage capacity is also the largest. The balcony on the side of the bedroom is not open, and there are tables, chairs, benches, and various green plants. In the bedroom, there can also be a rest space for the couple to get along and communicate alone. I usually read books, drink tea, and relax here. In addition, the owner of the house wanted to have a quiet space for thinking, so the guest room was transformed into a study room, with sofas, coffee tables, and a whole row of bookshelves, and a small living room was added to the house. The bathroom space is not large, so the bathtub and shower are designed together, which is different from other parts of the home. The bathroom is decorated with fresh blue, which gives people a bright feeling. If I had to choose once, I would definitely follow his family to learn, not to follow the trend, but to prove that the living room is not equipped with a TV, but it can have so many functions, so I will rush to the oversized bookcase, which is practical and atmospheric, the owner of the house. It's also really fun!

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