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How much is the decoration of Guangzhou rough house per square meter (budget list)

2023-02-03 07:55:00 [floor]
How much is the decoration of Guangzhou rough house per square meter (budget list)

You can also click the "blue word link" at the end of the article to find a local reliable decoration company and save 30% (the applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view it). When facing the decoration of rough houses, because many owners are Xiaobai, you don't know anything about the decoration price. In fact, you can control the decoration cost by knowing the local decoration price before decoration. So how much does it cost to decorate a rough house in Guangzhou? The following editor will introduce it to you. 1. How much is the decoration of a rough house in Guangzhou per square meter 1. Economical decoration: 600-980 yuan/square meter The project includes: the walls are painted white, the floor is made of whole body bricks, there is no design aesthetic, it is more suitable for just-needed families or rental houses. Construction period: within 2 months 2. Comfortable decoration: 980-1300 yuan/square meter The project includes: Generally speaking, the living room floor is made of polished tiles, the bedroom is made of laminate flooring, and the walls are painted with environmentally friendly latex paint, which is very cost-effective. Construction period: within 3 months 3. Luxury decoration: more than 1300 yuan / square meter The project includes: marble tiles on the floor of the living room, environmentally friendly diatom mud on the walls, solid wood floors in the bedroom, and any style you like. Construction period: within 5 months 2. Guangzhou rough house decoration budget list 1. Hydropower installation Hydropower renovation is a hidden project in the decoration, and it is also a very important decoration project in the basic installation. If it is based on the current market price in Guangzhou, the standard hydropower construction The price is 45 yuan / square meter, contract labor and materials. 2. Floor decoration and paving floor tiles need to be leveled at 8 yuan/square meter. The floor of the guest dining room can be polished with 45 yuan/square meter. For bedrooms, wooden floors are generally paved, and the price is relatively high. The composite floor is 110 yuan/square meter. , Solid wood floor 220/square meter, businessmen will help paving for free. 3. Wall decoration The wall, the top surface and the basic treatment, and the ash are generally 18 yuan/square meter, and then paint, putty scraping 10 yuan/square meter, latex paint 200 yuan/barrel, labor cost 30/square meter, you can also choose wallpaper , but the price is more expensive, it needs 70 yuan/square meter, and the more expensive material diatom mud, the price is 230 yuan/square meter. 4. The ceiling decoration is mainly for the guest dining room and kitchen and bathroom space. The price is different depending on the materials selected. The guest dining room generally adopts gypsum board ceiling of 110 yuan/square meter, the shape has a flat ceiling of 50 yuan/square meter, and the stacked ceiling is 70 yuan. Yuan/square meter, straight ceiling 80 yuan/square meter. The kitchen and bathroom ceiling material adopts integrated ceiling, and the price is 150 yuan/square meter. 5. Kitchen and bathroom decoration Kitchen and bathroom are more important spaces. The ground and walls need to be waterproofed. The price is 40 yuan/square meter. The finished kitchen cabinet is controlled by 900 yuan/long meter. The price of sanitary ware and hardware in the bathroom In 5000 yuan / set. 6. The interior wooden door is 410 yuan/set of paint-free door, the original wooden door is 450 yuan/set, and the solid wood door is 1200 yuan/set, including hardware. The above is the whole content of how much per square meter for the decoration of Guangzhou rough house. It is not easy and the price is high. It is necessary to understand the decoration price clearly so that you can be prepared during the construction period. In order to ensure the quality of decoration for the majority of owners, ZTE provides free decoration supervision services for owners, with 11 door-to-door visits, 319 inspections, and 2,375 hidden dangers throughout the process, effectively ensuring the quality of decoration. Big Data recommends a decoration company for you
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