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After moving in, I realized that these 7 designs are purely redundant, not only a waste of money, but also not necessarily good-looking

2023-02-03 08:43:38 [floor ]
After moving in, I realized that these 7 designs are purely redundant, not only a waste of money, but also not necessarily good-looking

Decoration is a painful and happy thing. The process of decoration is very hard, but when you see the effect after the completion, you will feel unstoppable joy in your heart. Everyone wants to decorate their new house beautifully, but due to inexperience or other reasons, they will take a lot of detours. I didn't feel anything when it was just renovated, but only after I moved in did I realize that these 7 designs were completely redundant. Not only is it a waste of money, but the effect is not necessarily good-looking. Today, I will share it with you, and friends who need decoration can learn from it.

1. Tiles throughout the house

The older generation renovates new houses and likes to design public areas such as guest dining rooms as the whole house Tiled. The visual effect of tiling the whole house is indeed more fashionable and atmospheric, and it is resistant to dirt and old, and it is also convenient to clean. But the effect of tiling the whole house will make people feel cold, especially in winter, I can't help shivering. Moreover, there will also be a risk that if the tiles on the wall are not properly attached, there will be hollowing, and there is a risk of falling off at any time.

2. Waveguide tile on the floor

When decorating a new house, it was very popular to have a waveguide tile on the floor. I felt that there were lines for decoration, and it looked rich. Layered. Not to mention the ceramic tiles of the waveguide line, it is necessary to increase the material cost and labor cost. Moreover, the area of ​​the house is generally small now. After the floor is covered with waveguide line tiles, the furniture is placed, and most of it is blocked at once. The pattern of the waveguide is incomplete, and the original decorative effect has become a counter-productive, and now it is disorganized. Now, when decorating new houses, it is popular to lay tiles, and the waveguide line has long been outdated. Before choosing, you must carefully consider it.

3. Solid wood siding

When my home was renovated, I followed the advice of my parents and designed a whole face of solid wood siding. At first, I thought the effect was quite classy, ​​but when I actually moved in, I realized that it was like shooting myself in the foot. The siding is particularly prone to dust accumulation, and those protruding solid wood lines are simply a natural place to hide dirt. At home, we need to prepare a feather duster, which must be photographed on the solid wood siding several times a day, and must be carefully scrubbed once a week. If you give me another chance, I will definitely not choose solid wood siding, which is expensive and difficult to take care of. It is better to directly brush latex paint, or directly use decorative panels to decorate, which is simple and atmospheric.

4. Gorgeous internet celebrity TV wall

A type of internet celebrity TV wall has become popular in recent years. My home decoration did not resist the temptation and imitated the decoration. . The TV wall design of slate + wooden grid + open storage rack, the visual effect does appear to be of high grade. However, the price of this design is not cheap, and it will cost tens of thousands of yuan before and after. Moreover, there are small ravines on the wooden grid, which are particularly prone to accumulation of dust and dirt. Because the gap is relatively small, it is particularly troublesome to clean, and it is simply to spend money to find guilt. If it is not cleaned frequently, the originally beautiful TV wall will become dirty and counterproductive. If you give me another chance, I will definitely not design any flashy TV wall, it is better to paint the latex paint directly.

5. Storage cabinets that do not pass through the top

The storage function at home is generally customized, made by woodworkers, or directly purchased finished products . Some people worry that it will be inconvenient to install the cabinet to the top for access, so they deliberately do not pass through the top when building. If it is a finished cabinet purchased, it is absolutely impossible to reach the top. If the cabinet is not open to the top, it is easy to waste space, and after a long time, a thick layer of dirt will accumulate on it, which is particularly troublesome to clean. If it is a custom cabinet, it is strongly recommended to install it to the top, which not only increases the storage function, but also reduces the trouble of cleaning. If it is a finished cabinet, it is recommended to make a ceiling or a sealing plate to cover it, which is not only more beautiful, but also not easy to accumulate dust.

6. Glass door wardrobe

In order to pursue fashion and a sense of class, the wardrobe at home is equipped with a transparent glass door and added Hidden lamp design. The overall cost is more expensive than ordinary wooden cabinet doors, and the situation inside the wardrobe is clear at a glance, and it will look messy if it is not cleaned up a little. Moreover, the glass cabinet door is particularly resistant to dirt, and fingerprints are often left on it, which requires frequent scrubbing. I really want to spend money to find trouble for myself. If I renovate it again, I will resolutely choose ordinary wooden cabinet doors to save money and worry.

7. Cumbersome coffee table

I would like to advise everyone, if your living room is not very big, don't Opt for a large, bulky coffee table. Not only does it take up space, but it is also cumbersome and obstructive. It is easy to bump if you are not careful, especially for families with the elderly and children. For the coffee table in the living room, it is recommended to choose a compact style, or a combined small coffee table and side table. It can not only realize simple storage and storage functions, but also free up more space, and the shape is fashionable and refreshing.


A really good decoration is based on practicality and then pursues the effect of appearance. If you don’t know much about the decoration for the first time, it is recommended to look at other people’s decoration lessons and learn from them, so as to avoid falling into the decoration pit.

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