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These 5 pieces of furniture are disappearing from young people's homes! Think about it, it makes sense

2023-02-03 06:17:55 [cleaning ]
These 5 pieces of furniture are disappearing from young people's homes! Think about it, it makes sense

Today's young people pursue trendy personality, and they are really bold enough in decoration. After going to the living room, they don't even want furniture anymore! In particular, 5 pieces of furniture appear less and less in young people's homes. This approach seems unreasonable at first glance, but in fact it is full of "scheming".

1. Coffee table

In the past living room, sofa + coffee table + TV cabinet were three indispensable items, but in In the eyes of young people, these three things are dispensable. In particular, the large coffee table is placed in the center, and the movement line is blocked, which takes up a lot of space; over time, the coffee table is full of sundries and becomes more messy. Instead, it is better to remove the coffee table without affecting the movement, and the living room is more open. A carpet is laid on the ground, which can be concentrated here for rest or gathering with friends. It has both entertainment and meeting attributes, and the living room is more functional.

2. Wardrobe

The trend of custom wardrobes has passed, and now the minimalist metal wardrobe is more popular with young people. Not only because of the low cost of this kind of wardrobe, but also because of its 4 advantages: 1) Large storage capacity, there are no too many partitions inside the metal wardrobe, and the space is large, not only can store clothes, but also suitcases, Cleaning tools, etc. are stored, and the utilization rate is high. 2) Flexible layout Unlike traditional wardrobes, the internal layout is a fixed style. Its drawers, pull baskets and various hanging spaces can be flexibly adjusted according to the number and size of clothes. 3) Moisture-proof and durable The metal bracket is moisture-proof and rust-proof, and has a large bearing capacity. As long as it is used correctly, there will be no deformation and other conditions, and it is durable. 4) Most of the environmentally friendly metal wardrobes are made of low-carbon steel material, no board and no formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly.

3. Door lock

If you forget to bring your key when you go out, you have to wait for someone to come or find someone to unlock the door. Today's young people don't want to It's so troublesome, just replace it with a smart door lock, open the door with fingerprints or face recognition, it doesn't matter if you don't have a key, it's more convenient to go out. As long as the quality of the smart door lock is not particularly bad, safety and ease of use are guaranteed, and it can even remotely monitor the status of the door lock switch, which is much easier to use than traditional door locks!

4. Wine cabinets

In the past, no matter whether there was wine or not at home, a set of wine cabinets would be designed, although they looked very high-end, However, its utilization rate in the later stage is really not high, and the wine compartment is easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is not easy to clean. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer people making wine cabinets. Basically, they are replaced by finished cabinets or fully enclosed sideboards, which have a neat appearance, large storage space, and easy storage and management.

5. Bed end stools

In the early years, bed end stools were popular in bedrooms, but they are rarely seen now, not because they are not good-looking, but more Most of them are because the practicability of the bed end stool is not high, and it is basically just for appearance in the bedroom, and even eventually becomes a sundries rack, which affects the bedroom environment. Throw away the end of the bed stool, the space is wide, the walking is smooth, and the commonly used items are placed on the second-clean clothes rack and hidden behind the door, which does not take up space and is easy to move. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement contact is deleted)

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