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I have never liked black, white and gray decoration. I didn't expect to be attracted by his home, simple but not simple.

2023-02-03 06:29:31 [workmanship ]
I have never liked black, white and gray decoration. I didn't expect to be attracted by his home, simple but not simple.

Frankly speaking, I personally have never liked the decoration in black and white and gray style. I always feel that such tones are a bit gloomy and not warm enough. If I live in such an environment for a long time, I will feel very depressed. And depression, I didn't expect that when I saw the decoration below, it made me feel attracted. One is that it does not lack a sense of warmth, and the other is that it is visually simple but not simple. For a small apartment with a small space, it is quite rare to achieve such an effect. Share for your reference. Floor Plan This case is from Taiwan. The owner inherited this old house, which is over 40 years old, from his parents as his marriage house. The original area of ​​the house was 21 pings, but the two balconies in the front and the back were basically not of much use value, so after deduction, the indoor usable area was only about 18 pings, or about 60 square meters. The owner doesn't like too complicated design, but he also wants to have a sense of design, to be able to look at the atmosphere, and not to be too similar to the current mainstream style, so there is a simple and very special home space like the following . Let's take a look at the actual effect. The narrow aisle in the entry area is the front balcony, and on the other side of the wall is the living room and the second bedroom. Although this area uses a combination of black and gray, the light is sufficient and there are ambient lights around for contrast, so when you enter the door, you will not feel very aggrieved, but will make people feel eager to enter the room for a while. Explore the idea. The second bedroom is the future children's room. Although the interior furniture is not yet complete, the wardrobe has been customized, and enough space has been reserved in the room to place the bed and desk. When necessary, directly follow the established layout. Just add the appropriate furniture. At present, it is used as a leisure room for the owner's young couple. Light tones make the interior feel cosy. There is a glass sliding door between the living room and the entry balcony, so that light can better enter the room. In the living room, the living room, except for the distinctive TV background wall, there are no other complicated shapes, which satisfies the owner's desire for simplicity but not simplicity. Living room panorama The living room panoramic sofa background wall is decorated with wood veneer, because there are two door openings on the TV wall, the use of wood veneer can make the wall and door panel better integrate, making the wall appear more complete, and at the same time It also leads to the effect of simplicity and neatness. Restaurant restaurant The restaurant restaurant continues the overall tone of the living room, mainly black, white and gray. The simple shape + fashionable and modern soft accessories make the dining area exquisite and simple. The kitchen kitchen adopts a one-line design. On the other side opposite to the cabinet, a built-in small cabinet is also designed to store small appliances. Therefore, although the kitchen is not large, it is fully practical. The overall white color system looks very refreshing and bright. In the bathroom, the shower room, sink and toilet area are arranged in sequence to leave ample space for aisles. The combination of gray, white and wood color looks elegant and easy to clean. Master BedroomMaster BedroomMaster BedroomBecause the hostess wants a separate cloakroom, the designer specially designed a U-shaped walk-in cloakroom with a dressing table for her. Later, the owner can add a beautiful door curtain by himself. cover. The overall gray and white tone used in the master bedroom creates a tranquil and natural home atmosphere, and under the contrast of lighting, it adds a sense of warmth. The above is the panoramic effect of this small two-bedroom. Although the indoor area is only about 60 square meters, it is still a two-bedroom layout, but the whole space does not appear very cramped, but has a simple but not simple aesthetic feeling, which is still worth reference. of. What do you think?

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