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Will the non-original Apple charger damage the phone? Can I use a non-original charger for my iPhone?

2023-02-03 09:00:44 [cleaning ]
Will the non-original Apple charger damage the phone? Can I use a non-original charger for my iPhone?

Long-term charging of non-original Apple chargers is harmful to the battery of the mobile phone. If you want to make the life of the mobile phone longer, it is indeed better to use the original charger, but if the budget is limited, you can also buy a non-original charger. Pay attention when purchasing The wattage, do not choose too large, otherwise it will also affect the mobile phone battery.

The non-original Apple charger will damage the phone

1. It may damage the battery: the output of the Apple phone charger is mostly 5v, 1A. 5v means that the charger can output a stable DC voltage, and 1A means the output current. If you use non-original charging, the current output is too large or too small, it is easy to damage the battery. 2. It may not be able to charge: After the ios7 system, the Apple mobile phone has opened the data cable certification standard. Some non-original chargers may cause the phone to fail to charge and need to be replaced. 3. It is recommended to use the original one. If you want to use a non-original one, please select the appropriate current input before use.

What should I do if the non-original Apple charger cannot be charged

1. For non-original chargers, it is easy to fail to charge, because If the specifications of the charger are not up to standard, replace it with a qualified charger. 2. Please check whether the data cable is normal. The data cable looks fine, but the inside may be broken. The check method is to borrow someone else's data cable to see if it can be charged. 3. The plug symbol is normally displayed when it is fully charged. Now it is fully charged or insufficient, but it can be displayed to indicate that there is no problem with the end of the phone, you should try another charger first. , if it still doesn't work, the battery is bad. 4. Check again whether the original charger can work normally. You can connect the charger to another phone with a USB port and see if it works. While not all chargers fit the iPhone, iPhone chargers are compatible with all USB phones.

Can I use a non-original charger for my iPhone?

It mainly depends on the budget, if the budget is enough, that's not a problem! 1. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose the original one. Now that the original 20w comes out, the price is still quite impressive. With the fast charging cable provided by the Apple mobile phone that you buy now, you can achieve fast charging. Compared with the fast charging packages of third-party brands, the price is similar. 2. If you don’t have a lot of budget, if you want a cost-effective product, then choose a third-party brand. a. For Apple mobile phones bought before October 2020, in old packaging, this requires a whole fast charging package to achieve fast charging. b. The newly purchased Apple mobile phone with new packaging is the fast charging cable, and you can only buy one fast charging head.

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