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Why does the computer keep humming? How to solve the loud noise of the computer host?

2023-02-03 07:31:41 [floor ]
Why does the computer keep humming? How to solve the loud noise of the computer host?

Computers can be said to be an electrical appliance that we often come into contact with, such as playing large-scale online games, office work, etc., all need computers to achieve. When we turn on the computer and use the computer, the various parts in the computer will not make a sound when running. If it makes an abnormal sound or the sound is relatively loud, we must pay special attention. So what's up with the computer buzzing?

Why does the computer keep buzzing?

1. Feel the temperature of the air outlet of the computer with your hand. If the high temperature continues, a large number of programs may be running in the background of the computer, causing the CPU to run at high speed and generate high heat. The fan must maintain a high wind speed to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. .2. The cooling fan is damaged, the fan will gradually wear out after long-term use, or because the bearing lacks oil, the fan will make a lot of noise when it rotates. Moreover, due to the low precision of workmanship of inferior fans, the deviation of the center of gravity of the fan blades will cause abnormality of the fan. 3. After the computer is used for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate on the fan blades, which will increase the fan load and reduce the speed. In order to achieve the standard air volume, the fan will rotate at a higher speed, causing the fan to be abnormal.

How to solve the loud noise of the host computer

1. We can observe the internal situation of the host computer to see if there is dust stuck in the fan, Use a brush or hair dryer to remove dust from the inside of the computer and from the hardware fans. 2. If the noise of the CPU radiator is still very loud after dust removal, you can directly replace it. The CPU cooler is very cheap, and it costs dozens of dollars to replace one. At the same time, the chassis fan and graphics card fan can also be replaced. 3. There is a sizzling sound when reading and writing the mechanical hard disk, indicating that there is a problem inside the mechanical hard disk. This is beyond repair. If there is a warranty, you can go to the after-sale replacement. If there is no warranty, you will need to replace it with a new mechanical hard drive or solid state drive.

How to clean the computer host from dust

1. Prepare clean brushes, blowers, small hair dryers, erasers, screwdrivers, silicone grease Wait. 2. First, use a blower to blow off the dust on the chassis in a large area, and blow a few more times until it is blown clean. It must be done outdoors without disturbing others. 3. Unpack the hardware individually and set it aside. 4. Gently clean the graphics card slot and memory slot with a brush. Don't forget that the entire motherboard also needs to be cleaned. 5. Clean the dust on the graphics card and CPU cooler. Be gentle, the fan is easy to break, then use an eraser to gently wipe the gold fingers (a row of yellow metal slots) on the graphics card and memory stick. Finally, don't forget to clean the power supply fans from dust. 6. Wipe off the original silicone grease on the CPU, then apply new one, squeeze out the size of a soybean, and wipe it evenly. 7. Assemble.

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