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I was overwhelmed by the decoration of the Internet celebrity. These 5 major designs must not be referred to. The more I look at it, the less pleasing to the eye

2023-02-03 04:34:41 [floor ]
I was overwhelmed by the decoration of the Internet celebrity. These 5 major designs must not be referred to. The more I look at it, the less pleasing to the eye

The decoration was not thoughtful, or was overwhelmed by the decoration of the Internet celebrity for a while, resulting in frequent rollovers after moving in. This situation is playing out in many families, and of course I am no exception. Two months after I moved into my new home, I found that the 5 major designs that followed the trend were really not practical at all. Now it is more and more unpleasant to see. I hope you don't learn from me. After all, the following failed decoration designs not only have poor experience, but also waste money in vain.

1. Sunken porch

In recent years, more and more people like the "Japanese style" decoration style, and Among the Japanese decoration styles, the "sunken porch" is one of the most typical designs. Of course, many people followed suit. The sunken entrance is simply the location of the entrance door, and the level is lower than the guest dining room. And this sunken design is the rise in Japan. In fact, many people in China made their decision after being "fooled" by many home bloggers. "Take off your shoes on the sunken porch when you get home, and then put on indoor slippers. This scene experience is too delicate"... However, what many people can't think of is that the sunken porch is just a "gimmick" and "concept" . Practicality is a mess. Let's talk about the disadvantages of the sunken entrance: ①It is too easy to hide dirt, and it is not easy to clean. The gaps around the sunken porch are very easy to accumulate dust, and it is particularly difficult to take care of. This is the truth. ②If there are elderly people and children at home, you will know that this design is very tasteless. Even if you are very careful, you will be tripped over. ③ If you move heavy objects to your home, you will find that the "steps" of the sunken entrance will be very annoying. Because it's a barrier, moving bulky items is an added barrier. Obviously, installing a sunken entrance is not a wise decision.

2. The purchase and installation of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling

should not only be for lighting, but also aesthetics. But the popular hidden lamp ceiling, there are a lot of attention to the installation. Similar to the above "open" hidden lamp ceiling, it has high aesthetics and is more convenient to install, but it must be admitted that open lamp troughs are a disgusting existence. Only after cleaning, you know how dirty the position of these hidden lamps is. Not only dust, but even the shadow of small bugs. This is unacceptable for a person who loves cleanliness. If you install a ceiling again, you must remember that this open ceiling with hidden lamps is simply a stumbling block for exquisite home life. There may be many people who say, what if there is ash on the roof? No one will come to see it. But you know what? When the window is opened for ventilation or the air conditioner is turned on, the dust falling in the light trough will be blown into the indoor air. So don't ignore its tasteless. It is recommended that if you install a hidden lamp ceiling, it is best to install the closed type of the hidden lamp ceiling and reserve an inspection port.

3. Invisible bed

Before I experienced the invisible bed, I always thought that this design was very powerful, even if it cost a little more money to install it. However, it has only been 2 months since I moved into the new home, and I just “stowed away” the invisible bed and made it invisible once, and I found the tasteless. It is undeniable that after the invisible bed is invisible, it can indeed increase the space of the bedroom. But after actually using it, you will find that this thing adds a lot of burden. Every time you put it away or put it down, you have to re-lay the quilt. This experience is difficult for me to accept. Completely bought a cumbersome. In order to reduce the IQ tax and avoid buying a home as a decoration, it is recommended that you do not invest in invisible beds. After all, for most families, an invisible bed is a bed in the end, and it is really not worth it to spend several times the price to buy a piece of furniture that is very tasteless in use.

4. Grille background wall

Is the wooden grille very popular? If you have installed it, congratulations on "stepping on the pit" as you wish. It looks tall and delicate, but there are not many grooves brought by the wooden grille. The structural design of the concave-convex groove has actually been destined to be very difficult to clean the wooden grille. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can do it. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can only wipe it with a damp cloth. Acknowledging the advantages of wooden grills (high-end, atmospheric), but also acknowledging its shortcomings, so I advise everyone, if you are decorating, the "grid" should be "cut off". Whether it is a TV wall or a bedroom background wall, wooden grilles are not worth investing in. After all, it will virtually increase a lot of housework.

5. Floor sofas

More and more families are beginning to follow the trend and make "floors". Such as platform sofa, platform bed. People who have come here tell you that all platform designs are impractical. Taking the floor sofa as an example, you will find its tasteless in less than 2 months. A platform sofa, in simple terms, is to build a platform with cement in the living room, and then install a solid wood board on it, so that there is a "foundation" of the sofa. At the end of the check-in, some mattresses and backrests are customized according to the size of the platform, so that the "platform sofa" is completed. It looks like a high-end platform sofa, but it actually feels very bad. And the most tasteless point is that it will be very difficult to dismantle and modify in the future. So instead of installing a platform sofa, it is better to simply choose a finished custom sofa. And whether it is online or offline, there are many types and styles of sofas, which are not only beautiful but also have a good experience.

Written at the end:

There are many knowledge points in the decoration, and there are always places that are easy to ignore. Therefore, only by looking at the lessons of past people can we reduce the number of pitfalls as much as possible. The home furnishing topic of this issue is shared here, see you in the next issue! (Original text, some pictures are from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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