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The insider summed up the experience, the purchase strategy of these 4 main materials, the next decoration will be copied exactly according to

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The insider summed up the experience, the purchase strategy of these 4 main materials, the next decoration will be copied exactly according to

Buying materials may be the stage of assembly of hardships in decoration, especially the main materials! Floor stone slabs are not areas that Xiaobai owners are good at distinguishing. Fei Mojun often hears complaints, such as: "Go to the building materials store to look at the tiles, I like the bricks when I see them, but I don't dare to like them when they look at the price.. ." "Going to buy the main decoration materials, the clerk said some words that I didn't understand..." "I just want to buy the right main decoration materials, but I don't want the stars in the sky, isn't it difficult?!" Shopping list Fei Mojun has shared it many times. Today, let's share the purchase strategy of the 4 main materials in the decoration. It's right to copy it for the next decoration. Wooden floors start with the most commonly used wooden floors in the home! There are 3 mainstream materials for wood floors: solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors, and laminate floors. Solid wood floor: that is, a whole piece of log is purchased, with the best foot feel, the most expensive price, and the most difficult to take care of. Mainstream wood species: oak, longan. Solid wood composite floor: It is made of different plates and pressed alternately. It has the foot feel of solid wood. It is easier to take care of than solid wood, and the price is moderate. Laminated wood floor: Impregnated paper laminated wood floor has the highest hardness and durability, but it has almost no foot feel of wood floor, and the overall look will be cheaper. Selection strategy: ●The most cost-effective choice of solid wood flooring; not bad money to choose solid wood flooring; just want to take care of it, choose laminate flooring. ●There are many kinds of specifications of wooden floor, the regular sizes are: 90*900*18mm, 120*900*18mm. Floor tile purchase After talking about wood floors, floor tiles are concerned. 1. Look at the craftsmanship In terms of craftsmanship, the mainstream households are: polished tiles, glazed tiles, glazed tiles; you may not care about how the craftsmanship is made, simply introduce them by style: Polished tiles are sequins with simple patterns brick. ●Glazed tiles, sequin tiles with exquisite patterns. ●Glazed tiles, there are two kinds of matte and bright, with more choices of patterns. Similar to antique bricks and wood grain bricks are all glazed tiles. In terms of craftsmanship, each has its own merits, and the quality can pass the test. 2. Look at the appearance and directly say the versatile style. △Gray bright brick △Gray matte brick Space selection suggestions: ①If you consider good care, it is recommended to choose floor tiles in the public area of ​​​​the guest restaurant and floor in the bedroom. ②If you like the appearance of the wooden floor, you can also shop the whole house, but you should be careful not to soak in water and wax it regularly for maintenance. ③Small-area spaces, such as porch and kitchen, can choose small tiles. △Wood-grain bricks Note: If the sun is severe in the west, do not choose bright bricks, which are dazzling. Wall Material There are many wall decoration materials to choose from. According to the types, Fei Mojun: 1. The installation categories of finished products mainly include: decorative panels, wall panels, wall panels, etc. △The wood texture of the veneer is warm and natural, suitable for the choice of log style, simple style, modern style and light luxury style. △ Wallboard Wallboard can be customized in the factory, with many options, and has the effect of thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation, and most styles can be used. The monochromatic wall clicks the wall, you can directly buy the finished product and install it. The pattern options are the most, which can imitate the texture of the wallpaper, but it is more durable than the wallpaper. 2. Paints and coatings mainly include: latex paint, art paint, and micro-cement. △ Latex paint △ Art paint selection suggestions: ● Latex paint is the most cost-effective; ● Art paint has a stronger texture and more texture; ● Micro cement is beautiful and has high hardness, but it is expensive. Price comparison: latex paint < art paint < micro cement. △ Micro-cement 3. Wall bricks and stones ●Wall bricks are usually used in kitchens, bathrooms, and walls in water areas. All-match white models with strong color matching, fresh small white bricks, unique special-shaped bricks. Buying suggestions: ① If you want to be all-match, you can choose white tiles, and the specifications are usually around 30*60cm. ②If you want a sense of design, you can choose colored bricks and choose according to the overall style. ③ The net red small white bricks are also very good-looking, but to test the master's craftsmanship, they must be neatly stitched. ④If the budget is sufficient, you can choose special-shaped bricks. When purchasing with a higher value, pay attention to wall bricks and floor tiles. They cannot be mixed and pasted. ●Stones are often selected: marble, slate marble, natural stone texture is very good, the price is very expensive, it is recommended to use in the design of TV background wall. Slate 4, wallpaper and wall coverings Wallpaper and wall coverings are veteran players, and their advantages are exquisite patterns, but they are not suitable for selection in humid areas in the south. ①Considering the cost-effectiveness, choose wallpaper. ② Considering the texture and sufficient budget, choose wall coverings. ③ Considering the environmental protection, the installation material should choose environmentally friendly glutinous rice glue. The choice of wall material must match the overall style. If you are afraid of stepping on thunder, choosing latex paint is the least likely to make mistakes. The cabinet plate is customized, and the cabinet plate must also be selected by yourself! The mainstream options are: whole core board, multi-layer board, ecological board, particle board, etc. Whole core board and multi-layer board ecological board ●Compared with the whole core board, multi-layer board, ecological board, the quality and environmental protection will be better. ●Particle board, a lot of glue will be added in the production process, the environmental protection will be low, but the price will be cheap. The particle board cabinet is a major project in the home. The choice of the board depends not only on the texture, but also on the overall cost. The friends must make a budget first, and then decide on the board. The main material selection is here today. Please check it for the first decoration, and learn it next time. What other materials do you guys want to see? Leave a message in the comment area!

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