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What kind of system is the Honor 60? What screen is the Honor 60? How much is the Honor 60 series?

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What kind of system is the Honor 60? What screen is the Honor 60? How much is the Honor 60 series?

The new Honor 60 series will be officially released on December 1, 2021, equipped with the Magic UI 5.0 system. But many users still associate Honor with Huawei, and have been expecting Honor to be equipped with the Hongmeng system. But in fact, Honor and Huawei are two companies that have no connection at present, and Honor mobile phones will not be equipped with Hongmeng system in the future.

What system is Honor 60?

Honor 60 is equipped with Magic UI 5.0 system developed by Honor based on Android, not Hongmeng system . Magic UI 5.0 provides 5 major protections: protecting important user information from being abused, personal privacy data not being leaked, usage scenarios not being harassed, behavior not being tracked, privacy not being peeped, in the protection of privacy, ease of use and performance Wait for the upgrade. For example, it provides the permission access record display & reminder function to display the app permission usage record within 7 days; for personal sensitive data such as location information, it provides the fuzzy positioning function.

Will the Honor 60 be equipped with the Hongmeng system?

The new Honor 60 series is not pre-loaded with the Hongmeng system. As for whether it will be adapted later The possibility of Hongmeng system is very small. According to Honor CEO Zhao Ming, "Honor does not consider pre-installing the Hongmeng system on its domestic mobile phones for the time being, and the overseas version will definitely not use the Hongmeng system." In the future, Honor phones and tablets will only be equipped with deeply customized systems based on Android, and even expressed their willingness to become the industry benchmark for the Android tablet camp.

Honor magic5.0 system features

Compared with the previous Magic UI 4.2, Magic UI 5.0 has not changed much, but Added a lot of personalized customization features. In addition, the IntelliSense function has been added. After entering the face data, the "Watch the screen without turning off the power" function can be turned on. The screen will stay bright when the user is looking at the screen while browsing the phone. When an incoming call comes in, you can lower the call volume by looking at the screen. The Magic UI 5.0 APP permission minimization recommendation strategy can automatically deny permissions other than the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Apps Collection and Use of Personal Information Minimization Necessary Evaluation Specification", and supports the top 500 apps in the app store. For applications other than 500, you can also filter out unnecessary permissions through "Settings" - "Privacy" - "One-click Optimization". The new Honor 60 series has been officially released after a long-term warm-up. In terms of appearance design, it is basically similar to the previous generation, but the new Honor 60 series also has new changes in details. For example, the rear camera module of the Honor 60 series is equipped with three lenses. For example, the Honor 60pro screen adopts a new streamer four-curved screen, and the body lines are very comfortable.

What screen is the Honor 60

The Honor 60 series is equipped with an OLED screen with a centered single-hole design; the Honor 60 standard version is a traditional The Honor 60 Pro is a four-curved screen, that is, in addition to the left and right sides of the screen, the upper and lower sides are also curved, with a 52° upper and lower surface, and a left and right 81° surface. Therefore, the cost of the four-curved screen is higher and the price is more expensive. The screens of the Honor 60 series all support 1.07 billion color display, DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut, 120HZ high brush, 1920HZ high-frequency PWM dimming, and the 60 Pro has obtained HDR10 + certification.

How many inches is the Honor 60 screen

Honor 60 Pro 6.78-inch streamer quad-curved screen, resolution 2652x1200, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processing device; Honor 60 6.67-inch ultra-curved screen, resolution 2400x1080, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ processor. In addition, other than the configuration of the lens and the weight of the body, there are no major changes in other aspects. There are 4 color options: Fantasy Starry Sky, Juliet, Mo Yuqing, and Bright Black.

How much does the Honor 60 series cost

The Honor 60 has three storage versions, the price of 8+128GB is 2699 yuan, and the price of 8+256GB 2999 yuan, 12+256GB priced at 3299 yuan; Honor 60 Pro has two storage versions, 8+256GB priced at 3699 yuan, 12+256GB priced at 3999 yuan. The pre-sale will start at 21:30 on December 1, 2021, and the official sale will start at 10:08 on December 10, 2021.

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