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9 "embarrassing" items in the physical store are obviously very practical, but everyone doesn't understand

2023-04-02 00:34:48 [workmanship ]
9 "embarrassing" items in the physical store are obviously very practical, but everyone doesn't understand

In the physical store, some goods are very embarrassing. They are only displayed on the shelves without using the scene display, so that everyone does not understand its purpose, and no one cares. But in fact, some are really practical, and they can indeed solve the pain points at home. For example, these 9 items we mentioned in this issue belong to this category. If you encounter them next time, don’t miss them~ Of course, you can also choose more time-saving and labor-saving online shopping~

1. The plastic drawer box

is an empty large box, which is placed on the shelf. I won’t talk about it if there is no use scene, and the price is not cheap, so there are few people. Buy it home. But in fact, it is a good hand in assisting the wardrobe to keep tidy. In general wardrobes, there is ample space for hanging clothes. After hanging clothes, a part of the space will be vacated below, and using it to fill it is equivalent to creating more space for stacking clothes. At the same time, it can also classify the clothes to be folded, which is more convenient and fast when taking them, and does not involve stacking the clothes into a pile, in order to extract a certain piece and mess up the others. The same is true for the children's room. With it, there is no need to use the children's wardrobe at all. As the child grows up and the clothes become longer, it is only necessary to change the height of the box. If the clothes are stacked vertically as shown in the picture above, even elementary school students can take out clothes on their own, saving mom and keeping the drawers tidy.

2. Washed cotton bedding

Under normal circumstances, it will be placed on the shelf in a pile, with a plain appearance, plus everyone I don't know what washed cotton is, so many people miss it. In fact, washing cotton is a kind of cotton cloth as raw material. After special treatment, the surface has a slight wrinkle, which reflects the feeling of old material, and the skin feels very soft. As for the stickiness that many four-piece suits have, it doesn't exist at all. The feeling of moisture absorption, breathability and non-stickiness is a bit like old sackcloth, but softer than old sackcloth. Moreover, it has a feature that the more you wash it, the softer it becomes, and the more you sleep, the more skin-friendly it is. Especially if the children at home like to sweat or sleep naked, it will be much more comfortable to use, and the key price is not expensive, which is the price of an ordinary four-piece suit.

3. Iron double-layer rack

To tell the truth, such a large rack is a slow-moving item in the supermarket and can be put Online, it has become a hot commodity. The reason is that it is really difficult to think that it is tailor-made for storage under the sink before everyone knows its purpose. With it, there is no need to mess up the under-sink space that is tasteless. Place one on the left and right sides of the sewer pipe, and the space utilization rate can be increased from the original 30% to 90%. At the same time, because it is rectangular and double-layered, the capacity is large. .

4. Foreign language cleaners

To tell the truth, such bottles should be placed in physical stores, except for the shape, I can probably Apart from recognizing that it is a cleaning agent, I really don't understand the specific content, and of course I won't pay blindly. But if you know that it is a well-known multi-functional cleaner in Italy, the result may be completely different, even if it is a little more expensive than online, you will pay for it for convenience. Because there are many household uses, in addition to oil stains on the stove, blackened spots, dirt accumulated in the kitchen, as well as stains on the floor, wall stains, and even small white shoes, they can be cleaned and restored as new. The usage is also very simple, just like a general cleanser, spray it on and let it sit for a while, then scrub off, and there is a faint fragrance.

5. Perfboard

This product is very embarrassing when it appears in a physical store. Some people do not know it. use and ignore. There are also some people who clearly know that it is very practical, but do not know how to match it. I want to buy a few pieces to try again, but I don't have the specific size at home, so I don't care. In fact, no matter what kind of person you are, you can understand the big treasure in the field of vertical storage - perforated board. It can use a wall to create a storage area, and with the blessing of many accessories, it can make this storage area neat and tidy. For example, the pillars in the kitchen can be used as storage areas for seasonings and gadgets; toothbrushes, cups, and hair dryers that are not easy to store in the bathroom can be done with a perforated board; or, strange-shaped cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners and accessories , it can be neatly arranged; also, it can make up for the regret that there is no entrance cabinet; even, the space above the desk can also solve the problem of stationery storage, free up desktop space, etc.; with it, any tight space The storage can be made simple, and the practicality is really a must.

6. Small objects of diatomaceous earth

In fact, we all know that diatomaceous earth is hygroscopic, but it causes this After a few novel gadgets are put in the physical store, I don't know what they are used for. It is precisely because it has good hygroscopicity, and itself is non-toxic and harmless, and can directly contact food. The shape of a small spoon is formed, and it is put into a seasoning bottle that is easy to agglomerate such as salt and sugar, which can absorb moisture and prevent the seasoning from agglomerating. It can also be used as a small spoon. The small strips are placed in rice buckets and pet food, which can absorb moisture and prevent insects. Compared with ordinary desiccants, it is much safer and can be reused. After using it for a period of time, take it out to dry and then use it again.

7. Double storage rack

Once in a physical store, I saw this double storage rack, it looks very good Gao, the difference from ordinary products is that there is a reference map of the storage full of perfumes at the back. We are not a big family, so where can we get so many perfumes. So I picked it up, looked at it, and put it down. After that, I saw a blogger sharing it, and they also placed various expensive perfume bottles. But I couldn't hold back my liking, and suddenly I had an idea. I didn't have so many perfume bottles, but I had a seasoning bottle, so I bought one to use in the kitchen. However, judging from the placement effect, it's really not bad, and I even think the seasoning bottle looks a little better.

8. Cleaning tool set

This product is generally placed on the top of the shelf, and the following are various small accessories , At first, I really didn't know it was a multi-purpose brush, and I also suspected that this brush is so short, it must be uncomfortable to use. When I found out what it was used for, it was really fragrant. It turns out that a pole can be matched with different accessories, and almost every accessory can be rotated. When cleaning, the edges and corners can be taken into account, and it is very labor-saving. In particular, it can be hung with a simple hook and hidden behind the bathroom door to create a wall of cleaning tools. Also, where do any friends who come to my house want to buy it, ask for a link, that kind of vain sense of vanity is full at once. But then again, this set of tools is really suitable for families who love cleanliness and don't want too many cumbersome tools.

9. Disposable baking trays

are not afraid of your jokes. I saw this kind of disposable baking trays in physical stores. I always thought it was in the oven. Later, I watched friends use it, and then I realized that I could use it for BBQ at home. It is equivalent to the role of the oven, which is lit with carbon, and the grill is placed on the grill, and the barbecue can be grilled. After using it, I found that except for the things that need to be supported below, the baked things are no different from the oven. Moreover, judging from the current frequency of barbecues in my house, it has indeed made barbecues easier. You don’t even need to wash the stove after use. The convenience is not a little bit, otherwise, there will be no barbecue appointments in Sanchawuyuan.

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