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After living for a long time, I found out that these 5 kinds of furniture are completely tasteless and have no practicality. How many do you have in your home?

2022-12-05 02:38:06 [floor]
After living for a long time, I found out that these 5 kinds of furniture are completely tasteless and have no practicality. How many do you have in your home?

After the renovation of the new home, it is time to furnish the home. Many people choose a lot of flashy furniture in order to highlight the sense of class at home. However, after waiting for a long time, I found out that these furniture are completely tasteless. Not only is it useless, but it also takes up space or brings a burden to life. Today, I will take stock of 5 common tasteless furniture for you. If it can be redecorated, I will definitely not buy it. Let’s see how many you have in your home?

1. Corner modular sofas

The current houses are generally not very large, and coupled with the high housing prices, every inch of indoor space is reluctant to waste. In the past, many people liked to put a corner modular sofa in the living room. It was really comfortable to sit on, but it took up too much space. Especially the concubine's couch in the corner not only takes up a lot of space, but also has a low utilization rate, and most of the time there is dust accumulation. If the space in your living room is not very large, it is recommended to choose a straight-row sofa, which is completely enough for the whole family. If you are worried that the guests will not be enough, you can use a single sofa, which is flexible and easy to move.

2. Rattan chairs

Recently, rattan chairs have become popular on the Internet. In terms of appearance, they are indeed very good, but they are practical. Very bad, totally tasteless. Rattan chairs are generally made of rattan or linen and other materials. It looks natural and fresh, and the comfort is quite good. However, it is relatively fragile, not durable, and very easy to absorb dust, and the woven gap is simply the best place to hide dirt. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will easily become black after a long time, and it will also decay and deteriorate, which will seriously affect the appearance.

3. Folding small bar

In order to improve the style of life, some people want to build a bar at home, but they are worried about occupying space . As a result, some people came up with the idea of ​​choosing a small folding bar that can be hidden, and put it away directly after use, without worrying about taking up space. The ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. It is really troublesome to fold the folding bar repeatedly, and the items on it are all confiscated. Moreover, the space of the foldable bar is small, it will be too crowded for two people, and the high stool will also make people feel uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. Rather than aggrieved by the pursuit of style, it is better to have a dining table and chairs, which are comfortable to sit and have a lot of space to use.

4. Bed end stools

I often see the existence of bed end stools in film and television works, and I feel that adding a bed end stool at the end of the bed, It looks very classy. The main function of the end of the bed stool is to prevent the quilt from slipping from the end of the bed, but the situation that the quilt slips from the end of the bed will basically not occur, so the end of the bed stool will not be useful. It is also a waste to leave the bedside stool empty there, so many people will pile clothes, shoes, and various sundries on it, which is a reasonable use of space. Clothes, however, piled on top of the end of the bed will not only look cluttered, but they will also become wrinkled. There is really no need to buy a bedside stool. It is better to put a hanger in the bedroom, and you don't have to worry about the wrinkles of your clothes, and it looks clean and tidy.

5. Invisible Murphy bed

In recent years, the Murphy bed has become very popular, it can be directly hidden and stored in the Inside the wall cabinet. Because it can release more space, it is especially suitable for small spaces, so it is called "small-sized space-saving artifact". It looks very practical on the surface, however, you will only know how annoying it is when you actually use it. Although it is said that the Murphy bed can be stored in the cabinet on the wall after use, it does leave a lot of space on the surface. However, the vacated space cannot be used at all, otherwise the Murphy bed will not be put down again. The bedding needs to be rearranged every time it is put down, and the bedding needs to be cleaned every time it is put away. In addition, the Murphy bed has very high requirements for installation. If it is not installed properly, there will be a high and low bed, and it will be difficult to fall asleep. Because it is often folded and stored, it is easy to affect the service life of the bed, and the durability is relatively poor. Because it was too troublesome to use, the Murphy bed, which cost several times the price of ordinary windows, was finally reduced to a decoration.

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