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No matter how little decoration funds are, these 6 things have to be bought with money! After moving in, I will understand how useful

2023-04-02 00:23:16 [floor]
No matter how little decoration funds are, these 6 things have to be bought with money! After moving in, I will understand how useful

It’s okay to save money when decorating, but don’t buy inferior materials in order to reduce expenses, especially the following 6 types of things must be bought well, otherwise it is easy to leave hidden dangers to yourself.

1. Water pipes and wires

Water and electricity renovation is a hidden project, but it is related to the safety of water and electricity use after moving in, so it must be Pay attention. You must buy products that meet the requirements of the national standard for water pipes and wires. When purchasing, carefully read the certification marks on the packaging, try to choose big brands, and don’t be greedy for cheap products.

2. Bathroom hardware

Inferior angle valve, angle valve, faucet, shower and floor drain, these seemingly inconspicuous hardware , be sure to buy it. ①Angle valve is an important part of connecting water equipment. If the quality is too poor, it is easy to leak later. Try to choose a big brand. You can choose all copper or stainless steel, but the valve core must be a ceramic valve core, which has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to use. Rust and scaling. ②Do not choose matte black for faucets and showers, as the scale will become obvious after a long time, which is very difficult to take care of. It is best to choose stainless steel or all-copper material, which is durable and clean. ③It is recommended to choose stainless steel and all-copper floor drains. Although the price is high, the material has high durability and long service life. It is best to choose a U-shaped water-sealed floor drain in the wet area of ​​the bathroom, which has a good effect of preventing insects and odors; you can choose a T-shaped floor drain in the dry area.

3. Putty powder

Putty powder is used in large quantities during decoration, and its quality requirements are no less than latex paint. Try not to use the putty powder brought by the construction workers. These are generally inferior products produced by small workshops. The price is cheap and the quality is not guaranteed. Large-scale use will definitely cause damage to the wall. Go to the building materials market to buy big brand putty powder. The outer packaging of good putty powder is usually marked with environmental protection grade certification, as well as GB18582-2020 national standard, and the quality is guaranteed.

4. Glass glue

Although it is just a tube of glue, it has a wide range of applications. It is basically used in windows, basin edges, skirtings, toilet bases, etc., so the quality of glass glue must not be ignored, but how to choose? I will give you two reference directions: 1. Choose neutral or not. Acidic glass glue is divided into neutral and acid. Acidic glass glue has high viscosity and fast drying speed. It is usually used in the depths of building materials, such as bay window areas, but it smells Large and corrosive. Neutral glass glue is relatively softer, has a small taste, is environmentally friendly and healthy, and is suitable for home use. ②Choose alcohol type glue, do not choose deketoxime type glue. The cross-linking reaction of deketoxime type glue is easy to breed harmful substances, which is not environmentally friendly; alcohol type neutral glass glue is non-toxic and harmless, and its waterproof and mildew proof performance is better than that of ordinary glass glue.

5. Check valve

Some developers will give away kitchen and bathroom check valves, but I do not recommend you to use them. The quality of the check valve provided is uneven, especially the check valve in the kitchen, which is easy to leak smoke and smell after a long time of use, which greatly affects the living experience. It is best to re-buy the check valve and install it yourself. This kind of check valve can be found on the Internet. You can buy a good one for more than 100 yuan. Don't make do with it to save money.

6. Waterproof coating

The waterproofing aspect should not be sloppy. If it is a full-package repair company, it must be present to verify the waterproof coating. Whether it is genuine value, to avoid being stolen for material. In addition, you should also be present to supervise the process of brushing waterproofing. Don't worry about brushing or brushing less. Follow the steps to brush in place step by step, and finally do a closed water test, so that you will feel more at ease after entering. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement contact is deleted)

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