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She lives in a 16-square-meter dwelling in Shanghai, and the small home is only "slap-sized", but it's really cool to live alone

2023-04-02 00:39:29 [Materials ]
She lives in a 16-square-meter dwelling in Shanghai, and the small home is only "slap-sized", but it's really cool to live alone

I don't know what everyone thinks of the super small dwellings? I personally think that if you live alone, there are many small houses that are very livable if they are carefully decorated. This is the case today. This small dwelling is located in Shanghai, with an area of ​​only 16 square meters. I believe it is about the same size as the bedroom in many people's homes, but even such a small space can accommodate a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom! It can be said that the sparrow is small and complete, so let's take a look at it~

The basic layout of the interior

is simple first. Let’s talk about the general layout of the home. When you walk into the house, you can see that the space is actually a long and narrow layout. The front is the location of the kitchen, the ultra-small bathroom at home is on the left, and the bedroom area with partitions and the bedroom on the right. The living room area, if you look closely, can be regarded as a "balcony".

Open kitchen area

Like many of these ultra-small units, the kitchen at home is made into an open-plan layout, with a set of ultra-small cabinets embedded in In addition to storage cabinets, washing machines, and small refrigerators, the countertop space is just enough to be embedded in the sink, as well as the place to place small appliances. When cooking, you need to use an induction cooker most of the time. Next to the cabinet, an ultra-small two-seat sofa is placed in the middle, while leaving the middle moving line, it also cleverly separates the kitchen area and the internal desk area, and here is the living room space at home.

The narrow living room area

is called the living room, but in fact this area is relatively narrow, leaving only space for the sofa and a set of cabinets on the opposite side. There is no so-called coffee table or TV cabinet, but a small sofa can still allow the owner to have a temporary rest space when he returns home. Opposite the sofa is a set of cabinets, the bottom is used to store shoes, and the upper part can usually be used to put TV, as a projection wall, and hang babies. There are quite a lot of uses. Going further inside is the bedroom area of ​​the home.

The space of the bedroom part

Using the advantage of the height of the dwelling, the bedroom is placed in the second-floor compartment, and a simple iron bed frame is used to match the mattress , to create a comfortable and warm sleeping area. The small guardrail next to it also plays a role in protecting safety to a certain extent. It is both comfortable and practical. It is really good to live alone.

Glass door for bathroom

Finally, since you live alone, you don’t need to think too much about the privacy of the bathroom. Use an integral glass door for partition. It not only makes the space more transparent, but also increases the lighting in the bathroom, killing two birds with one stone~ All in all, although this girl's 16-square-meter small dwelling is cramped, it is really cool to live alone! Do you like it? ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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