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The living room lost the TV, and the dining room deliberately didn't want the sideboard. The wife said she was too satisfied

2023-04-02 01:00:41 [Wall decoration ]
The living room lost the TV, and the dining room deliberately didn't want the sideboard. The wife said she was too satisfied

Is it not one of the CEO's educational philosophy that they don't want TV? Mr. Chen's family of three likes the tone of logs and does not need a TV. It is hoped that the living room can be turned into an office and study area, where the family can work and do homework after dinner, or play some parent-child games. They don't need a sideboard either, they prefer a bar instead. What kind of home will be built out of this peculiar demand? Hurry up and take a look ↓↓ Housing information Building area: 128㎡ Unit type: Four bedrooms and two halls Permanent resident population: 3 people City: Suzhou, Jiangsu Designer: Liu Rui Floorplan See the hall, the kitchen area is not small, and there are fewer restrictions on cooking. The balcony connects the living room and the master bedroom, which is super convenient! Entrance + guest dining room ▲ The guest dining room uses a lot of light-colored log elements. From the floor to the furniture to the walls, light wood and beige color are the main colors, and the overall feeling is very strong. ▲ The restaurant is customized with a combination of central island + dining table and chairs, without a sideboard on the wall, it will not look full enough, use linear lights and a trough-shaped background wall as decoration, and then extend a layer from the side to the top cabinet, and put a pair of decorations Painting to create a sense of hierarchy. ▲ The main function of the living room is interaction. The large long table can be surrounded by sitting, which is suitable for parent-child interaction, and also suitable for family and friends to gather. Next to the top cabinet, the hidden design is six or four points, and books and decorations are placed in the open cabinet. ▲ The corridor is very long, hollow out part of the wall, and customize a thinner cabinet to the top, which can store commonly used items. At the end of the corridor, the display area is designed with the same elements of the restaurant, which also increases the sense of hierarchy. 0 yuan design, let the home have a balcony of 20 square meters ▲ There is no sofa in the living room, so put the sofa on the balcony to create a leisure area. ▲ The side of the sofa is also trough-shaped decoration, adding some green plants, and the sense of leisure overflows the screen. ▲ The balcony is connected to the master bedroom, creating a housework area, laundry + drying, all in one step. 0 yuan design, let the family grow 20 square meters kitchen ▲ The kitchen is customized with U-shaped cabinets, and the color is also mainly light color. ▲ Entering the door is a large refrigerator with four doors and a high cabinet for kitchen appliances. When you look at it, you want to cook. Master bedroom ▲ The master bedroom follows the color matching style of the guest dining room, with different shades of apricot and beige, with texture and warmth. ▲ The part of the wardrobe close to the bed has been hollowed out and extended out of the bedside table, giving it a more holistic feel. The door-to-top cabinet door design also makes the space look more tidy and generous. ▲ Mrs. Chen wanted a nine-drawer cabinet, a custom-made dresser + nine-drawer cabinet combination in beige and gray-green, which is very eye-catching. 0 yuan design, let the family grow 20 square meters children's room ▲ The children's room is also made of beige + gray green, and the wardrobe is also hollowed out and the bedside table is extended to maintain unity. The gray-green part below the wardrobe is the drawer and clothes hanging area, which is convenient for children to organize themselves. ▲ The color matching is really comfortable and durable, but it is not difficult, as long as you control the number of colors. For example, the green color is the lower part of the wardrobe + some bedding + curtains, and the beige color is the floor + background wall + wardrobe + bed and bedding. Cloakroom ▲ The cloakroom continues the design of the master bedroom, making it more comfortable to use. The cloakroom is composed of a tatami bed + wardrobe + glass cabinet + open cabinet, with many functions. ▲ Commonly used are open cabinets and glass cabinets, the second clean clothes are hung in the open cabinets, and the often worn hanging glass cabinets are perfect. Like it? Come to the message area and tell Ah Shuang~

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