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The balcony is closed as a leisure area. After the decoration, the family is stunned. Neighbors: I can't accept it.

2023-04-02 00:10:43 [workmanship ]
The balcony is closed as a leisure area. After the decoration, the family is stunned. Neighbors: I can't accept it.

With 2 balconies and 2 bathrooms at the same time, it must be the dream room of many owners. This is the case in this issue. The two balconies of the owner's house are built into a leisure area and a housework area, which are beautiful and practical! The whole house is designed with a light luxury style. The soft furnishings and color matching are very bright. There are also practical designs such as partition cabinets and cloakrooms. Come and learn from this house with Ah Shuang! Basic information House type: three bedrooms and two halls Permanent residents: 4 persons Building area: 125㎡ City: Guangdong Guangzhou 01 House type map ▲The house type is relatively square, and the dynamic and static divisions are also very clear. The entrance is facing the large horizontal hall, and the sofa back cabinet is used as a partition to divide the living room and the entrance. The balcony of the living room is opened up as a leisure area, and the balcony of the dining room is used as a housework area, which is perfect! 0 yuan design, let the family grow 20 ㎡02 entrance ▲Effective picture Not at all depressing. ▲The storage capacity of the whole wall entrance cabinet is very amazing. There are more shoes for the whole family, and the partition storage is not afraid of chaos. The bottom is left with a built-in light strip, and it will automatically light up when you get home, so you don't need to change your shoes in the dark. The hollow in the middle is used as a storage table, which is beautiful and easy to use. Remember to reserve sockets for charging mobile phones and power banks. 0 yuan design, let the family have a large 20 ㎡03 living room ▲Renderings ▲The large horizontal hall with bright light is used as a partition cabinet behind the sofa, which naturally divides the living room and the porch area, leaving room for children to play. The partition cabinet also adds a lot of storage space, which is very practical. ▲Renderings ▲The gray-blue sofa and the light blue wall are similar colors, and a peacock blue single sofa is matched with the pillow to enhance the appearance of the living room. The use of suede and metal elements is full of light and luxurious style~▲The marble slate TV background wall is outlined with plaster lines and golden lines, and matched with a one-line TV cabinet, it is very simple and neat. ▲Rendering ▲The balcony is opened up as a leisure area, and the walls are pasted with smog blue anti-corrosion wood, which is not afraid of the sun. The wooden floor is matched with white gauze curtains, and the corners are used as partitions to put green plants and ornaments. 0 yuan design, let Jiada 20 ㎡04 restaurant ▲Renderings ▲The restaurant is designed with a sideboard with a full-wall booth, which is attractive and practical, saves a lot of space, and can accommodate more people at the same time. ▲There are storage drawers under the deck, plus the top cabinet and the glass display cabinets on both sides, which can store various sundries in the restaurant in an orderly manner, neat and beautiful. 05 Living balcony▲Rendering picture▲Beside the restaurant is the living balcony. The floor is paved with cobblestone bricks for partitioning, which is non-slip and not afraid of water seepage. The side is a balcony laundry cabinet, and a lift-type clothes drying rack is installed on the top. The sun is full, and the clothes are properly dried~ (This type of apartment is good enough, both a leisure balcony and a living balcony!) 0 yuan design, make the home bigger 20 ㎡06 Kitchen ▲Rendering ▲The kitchen is next to the dining room. White glass sliding doors are used to isolate the fumes without affecting the penetration of light. The L-shaped cabinet layout is efficient and smooth, and the refrigerator position is reserved on the left side. ▲Rendering ▲The style of the cabinet and the entrance cabinet is unified, and the use of light colors makes the small space appear brighter and not depressing. The range hood is wrapped in a hanging cabinet, which is more beautiful. There is a sink by the window for good lighting and ventilation. 07Master bedroom & master bathroom ▲Rendering ▲The master bedroom is painted with dark green background walls, with metallic lines and European-style wrought iron sunflower wall decorations, creating a strong sense of retro light luxury, which is very eye-catching. ▲Rendering ▲The main guard is facing the bed, and the corner wardrobe partition is designed to successfully resolve this embarrassment. The 3㎡ cloakroom is separated by sliding doors, and the clothes hanging area and the clothes folding area are classified and stored to meet the needs of the hostess. ▲Rendering ▲The main guard and the cloakroom are separated by a door, so there is no need to worry about the impact of water vapor on the board when the door is closed at ordinary times. The main bathroom has designed a built-in bathtub, so when you are tired from work, you can take a bath to soothe your body and mind, and there is no trouble in the dead corners of hygiene. ▲The floor-standing bathroom cabinet and mobile trolley can arrange all kinds of toiletries in an orderly manner, keeping the bathroom neat and fresh. 0 yuan design, let the family have 20 square meters, 08 bedrooms ▲Renderings ▲The second bedroom is painted with a brick red background wall, with a vertical chandelier with metal texture, which is harmonious with the European-style bed screen and wardrobe, full of fashion and vitality. ▲The bedside is designed to the top sliding door wardrobe, saving aisle space, and there is no need to worry about the cabinet door being blocked by the bedside table. The side of the wardrobe is an open cabinet, and a row of small drawers below is used to store underwear and socks, which is convenient and practical. 09 Children's room ▲Rendering ▲The area of ​​the children's room is relatively small, so the integrated design of tatami + wardrobe is chosen, and the small space can perfectly accommodate functions such as sleep, storage, and study. ▲Rendering ▲The desk is designed by the window, the desktop extends above the bay window, and the countertop is more spacious. Usually parents help their children with homework, and the bay window is the reading area. ▲The tatami bed itself is the main storage force. The inner side is turned up to store items that are not commonly used. The outer side is designed with drawers. It is also convenient to store frequently used items here. This 125-square-meter light luxury design is not only beautiful, but also has many design highlights. The design of the two balconies, the card seat sideboard, and the master bedroom cloakroom are very practical, and the overall color matching is also very advanced. 0 yuan design, make the home bigger than 20 square meters. Do you like this kind of design? Come and tell us what you think in the comment section!

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