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The bathroom is directly facing the door. After the decoration, the family is stunned. Neighbors: I can't accept it.

2022-12-05 02:12:41 [floor ]
The bathroom is directly facing the door. After the decoration, the family is stunned. Neighbors: I can't accept it.

Mr. Wang and his wife are a couple born in the 90s. They bought a big house and hope to have a warm and romantic two-person world. But big houses also have problems, such as the entrance directly to the bathroom. Mr. Wang hopes to avoid this problem, and also needs a study room, and hopes that the overall space of the whole house looks open. Building information Building area: 132㎡ Unit type: Three bedrooms and two living rooms Permanent population: 2 people City: Guangzhou, Guangdong Designer: Wang Darong Entrance + restaurant Don't be afraid. The side position is the shoe changing area, with a full-length mirror, you can go out and look properly. ▲ On the right side of the entrance is the dining area, with light-colored dining tables and chairs, simple and generous. The sideboard next to it stores tableware, spices, drinks, tools, etc. The design of 0 yuan makes the home larger than the living room of 20 square meters. ▲ The small cabinet on the left is a partition cabinet, which is designed on the same plane as the TV cabinet, which has a visual beauty. The partition cabinet is used to separate the bathroom door from the opposite door. ▲ The TV cabinet has a large area of ​​pure white, and an appropriate amount of black lines is added to create a sense of line. The orange open cabinet is used as an embellishment, and it is also convenient for display. ▲ Frosted glass is used to separate the living room and dining room, which does not affect the lighting and adds interest. ▲ The guest dining room is relatively square, the bathroom door is facing the entrance door, and a partition locker is added to easily solve this problem. 0 yuan design, make the family 20 square meters kitchen ▲ The kitchen is L-shaped layout, the design is white and gray, very modern. ▲The panel is made of bright surface material, which is not afraid of oil fume, and it is not troublesome to clean. ▲ The work surface is large enough, the wash-cut-fry-spray line is reasonable, and the seasoning and tableware have their proper places. Master bedroom ▲ The overall color system of the master bedroom is matched with black and white gray and brown, with a little golden elements, and the space is very warm and atmospheric. ▲ There is also an open design on the side of the wardrobe, which is convenient for placing clean clothes and bags. ▲ The leather bed also chooses a gentle nude pink, which perfectly integrates the style. 0 yuan design, let the family grow 20 square meters children's room ▲ The children's room is prepared for the future baby, and the light baby blue wall color is used to make the space more spacious and visual. ▲ Prepare a bed, wardrobe and desk to help your baby grow up smoothly. ▲ The design of the desk does not have to be complicated, a large enough countertop and storage area, and then add warm decorations, so that children can study happily. ▲ There is room for activities at the end of the bed, and dolls are placed to protect the baby, so that the child has a full sense of security. Study ▲ The study is mainly black and white, continuing the style of the living room. A large area of ​​white, without too much variegation, is conducive to calm thinking. ▲ Marble desk, atmospheric texture, strong sense of lines. The chair and stool are neutralized with soft lines to create a soft and rigid overall feeling. 0 yuan design, let the family have a 20-square-meter bathroom ▲The bathroom is square, not too small, and the design is suitable for reference of friends of other apartment types. What do you think of this design? If you like it, let me know in the comments~

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