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Hello old friends|Shanghai Jutong Decoration "Old Friends Reunion" series of activities kicks off

2023-04-02 01:25:19 [Wall decoration ]
Hello old friends|Shanghai Jutong Decoration "Old Friends Reunion" series of activities kicks off

According to the 2021 China Home Improvement Industry Report, the size of the home improvement market in 2020 has reached 2,616.3 billion. With the demand for renovation of old houses and the incentives of fine decoration policies, the size of the home improvement industry in 2025 is expected to reach 3,781.7 billion. Today's China home improvement industry The market is in full swing. Facing the broad prospects and expanding market, as a leading enterprise in Shanghai home improvement, Jutong Decoration is self-reflecting: what is the original intention of the enterprise? The original intention is not changed, and every home is created with heart. Since 1994, the first store of Jutong Decoration has officially opened in Pudong. Since Jutong Decoration has provided design services for the first owner, Jutong Decoration has always adhered to the original intention and insisted on using Professional and attentive to create a happy life for every family. The original intention of 27 years has not changed, Jutong has witnessed the "starting from nothing" of Shanghai's home improvement industry, and it has also been accompanied by the development of Shanghai's home improvement industry. Participants in urban construction. The three major characteristics have merged into "Jutong Three Treasures". Under the premise that the home improvement industry has a broad prospect and a broad market, Jutong Decoration focuses more on doing things solidly and ensuring the quality of home improvement. This seems to have been established from Jutong Decoration. From the beginning, it has been followed to this day, and it has never changed. Since its establishment, Jutong Decoration has focused on the real needs of consumers, and has firmly grasped the three key points of design, materials and construction that consumers care about, forming three unique business characteristics in the industry: "Transparent material list "Formal quotation", "No contract for first-level construction management", and "Five-in-one" design management mode. And in the spring of 2010, based on the three major pain points of "price, effect and quality" that consumers are concerned about, "Jutong Sanbao" was launched: "Encyclopedia of Decoration and Use", "Customer Service Guide" and "Project Management Manual". It has revealed the so-called industry secrets, solved all kinds of decoration problems, and really helped consumers understand the principle and process of home decoration. Under the tenet of "gathering people's hearts and connecting the world", Jutong adheres to the "three major operating characteristics" and adheres to the system of "gathering three treasures". While helping people live a happy life, it also helps Shanghai's home improvement industry to develop in a more standardized direction . Starting from the decoration, it is also making good friends. Jutong always embraces the original intention and helps every family live a happy life. Starting from the decoration, but also to meet good friends, this is the service attitude of Jutong at the beginning of its establishment. With the attitude of treating friends, we will improve the attitude of serving customers. So far, Jutong has provided high-quality decoration services for more than 13w families. For consumers, Jutong is more like an "old friend", because it is an old friend, so it can be trusted. Because of trust in Jutong and recognition of Jutong's design strength and service system, consumers will recommend Jutong to relatives and friends. Based on decoration, it is also committed to giving back to the society. In the past 27 years, Jutong Decoration has been innovating and growing day by day. It has won the “Double First-Class Engineering Design and Construction” qualifications issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, both of which are the highest national qualifications available in the home improvement industry. Based on decoration and gaining recognition from the public, Jutong is also committed to giving back to the society, and constantly contributes to social transformation projects and the formulation of industry norms, and contributes to the strength of Jutong. Jutong Decoration actively responded to the government's call and devoted itself to the transformation of old social communities/public rental housing. At the invitation of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, it drafted the "Quality Acceptance Standards for Residential Decoration and Decoration" for consumers, and participated in the whole process. The implementation of home improvement acceptance service specifications and the formulation of industry acceptance standards. Reunion of old friends to create a happy life together. 27 years of intensive work and 27 years of hard work. In these 27 years, Jutong Decoration has made many new and old friends, and understands the real needs of every "Shanghai" family. Help 13w families have created a happy and beautiful home life. When I have new friends, I still put my old friends at ease. In the near future, Jutong Decoration will launch the "Old Friends Reunion" activity. The activities include direct line for old customers, home inspection and maintenance, and return visit survey for living comfort, etc., and continue to sincerely provide services for old friends to create a happy life and ensure the quality of life for old friends. To help create a happy life for every family is Jutong's unchanging original intention. Looking forward to meeting more new friends and reuniting with every old friend in the "Old Friends Reunion" event.

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