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The second decoration, I made the most down-to-earth decision. After moving in, it was more practical.

2022-12-05 01:36:32 [Materials ]
The second decoration, I made the most down-to-earth decision. After moving in, it was more practical.

After experiencing the decoration of the first suite, I felt that the decoration should not be too complicated. After moving in, I found that it was not as good as I imagined. The most important thing is the storage space. If you buy more and more things in life, if there is not enough storage space, the space will naturally become messy. This decoration has made the most down-to-earth decision, abandoning those flashy designs and making more lockers. Everything else is simple, and life is convenient and beautiful at the same time. After moving in, it is more practical.

The floor plan

is 110㎡. The original floor plan has no major flaws, and the layout does not need to be changed much. Part of the non-load-bearing walls were removed, and the redundant doors in the living room and balcony were replaced with glass bricks to improve the lighting in the living room. The balcony space has also been opened up to expand the usable area.

Entryway Design

The entryway is designed with a large area of ​​shoe cabinets, which satisfies the family's storage of shoes. The small shoe changing stool makes it easier and more comfortable to change shoes in and out, and the perforated board design provides easier storage conditions for clothes and bags. The wall stack opposite the shoe cabinet was removed, and a set of small lockers was designed to cover the refrigerator and also provide some storage space. The open area in the middle is convenient for placing some small objects, such as keys and disinfectant.

Living room design

abandons the previous complex shape, and makes a simple hardware design to create a bright and transparent space. The combination of pure white and beige, just the right color collision, so that the space will not be too monotonous. The furniture has been carefully selected in simple styles and soft tones, just right for the living room. The design of the hanging TV cabinet not only solves the storage of the living room, but also makes daily cleaning much easier.

Kitchen Design

A clean and tidy kitchen, in order to have more storage space, abandoned the traditional range hood + stove In the design, the integrated stove is directly selected, and the space saved is made into a row of hanging cabinets, and the overall effect is not bad. The kitchen wall is made of 75*150 large bricks, which are in the same color as the floor tiles. The beautiful seam also chooses a similar color, which works well and is easy to take care of.

Restaurant Design

Simple dining room, no frills, no flashy decorations, minimalist tables, chairs and decorations Painting, to build a simple dining environment. A custom low cabinet is made beside the dining table, and the storage capacity is still very good, and the design without the door handle is more concise.

Guest bathroom design

The guest bathroom is designed to separate wet and dry, which optimizes the space flow and improves the use efficiency of the guest bathroom . The design of mirror cabinet + hanging washbasin is simple and practical. A set of lockers is designed opposite the mirror cabinet to store household cleaning tools.

Master bedroom design

The entrance of the master bedroom is the cloakroom, and the end is the master bathroom. Since there is no need for a shower space, the space layout is adjusted, even if the bathroom door is opened, it does not affect the appearance. The wardrobe continues the design without door handles, and the overall unified effect is more concise. The classic log white color scheme in the sleeping area shows a good overall effect. The wall color separation design stretches out the sense of hierarchy. The conventional bedside table is cancelled and replaced by a hanging drawer cabinet + a square table. The asymmetrical design gets rid of the stereotype and better fits the space size. Considering that the space of the master bathroom is not large, glass bricks were made on the wall between the master bathroom and the master bedroom to bring in the light of the master bedroom, and the visual space is much more spacious.

Study room design

The study room is located near the balcony, with good lighting and vision, and it is still mainly pure white. The embellishment of colored throw pillows gives the space a sense of liveliness. The position of the desk is just to avoid direct sunlight, and the eyes will not be stimulated by strong light in daily office and study. The base cabinet is designed on one side, which can provide storage for the study and can also be used as a stool.

Children's room design

The children's room continues the simple decoration, a decorative painting embellishes the bedside wall, the design is just right, not exaggerated Nor is it monotonous. Large-area wardrobe design to meet future storage needs. Close to the head of the bed, hollow out an open display cabinet to ensure safe charging. The headboard of the bed is still asymmetrical, and the combination of cute and cute tables and desks adds childlike interest and is also suitable for daily use.

Balcony Design

The balcony has been opened to expand the usable area. Neat and clean design, spacious and bright. The left side of the balcony is custom designed and has a built in washer and dryer for a beautiful look. After opening up the space, plus the blessing of floor-to-ceiling windows, it not only provides more sufficient lighting for the interior, but also the beautiful scenery outside the window and the starry sky at night.


After reading this 110㎡ new house decoration, I have to say that simple and practical decoration is the best. Without complicated shapes and gorgeous decorations, it welcomes you after get off work with a lazy and relaxed home attitude. (Case source: @yunxi design, if there is any infringement, please contact and delete.)

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