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What should I do if I bought gold by mistake? Is it possible to sell gold at a price? How can I change it?

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What should I do if I bought gold by mistake? Is it possible to sell gold at a price? How can I change it?

One-off gold is a very popular jewelry now. Because of its novel and beautiful appearance, it is more expensive than gram weight gold, but the cost performance is not high. So, what should I do if I buy gold at a price by mistake? Let's take a look at the introduction brought by!

What should I do if I buy gold by mistake

If it is within seven days, it can be returned or exchanged, but if it affects the second sale, it will definitely be Returns are not allowed. Buy-in-price gold jewelry is mainly for wear rather than for value preservation, and the price is much higher than gold sold by the gram. The gram weight of gold is more valuable than the price of gold. 10,000 yuan may only buy about 10 grams of gold jewelry, which is equivalent to 1,000 grams per gram. If you spend 20 grams to buy only 10 grams of gold jewelry, do you think it is very uneconomical? Buy-in-price gold, also known as price gold, is a kind of gold jewelry with relatively novel, fashionable and popular craftsmanship, which loses the meaning of gold preservation. Gold sales price by gram weight: gram weight * gold price + labor cost, the price is transparent.

Can I sell gold at one price?

Yes. Gold at a fixed price can be recycled. As long as it is gold, it can be recycled. Only diamonds, K gold, etc. cannot be recycled. Buy-price gold is mainly expensive in craftsmanship, and is mainly used for wearing or giving gifts, and selling it is a loss. Buy-price gold is sold at a loss of about 40%-70%. Gold recycling depends on the gold content and gram weight. The recycling price of gold jewelry by recycling merchants is deducted from the gold price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange on the day of 5-20 grams.

How to exchange gram for gold at one price

Gold for one price for grams can only be exchanged for gram product by adding money. The difference between the one-off price and the number of grams is that their prices are different. The price of the one-off price of gold is immutable, but the number of grams of gold will change. In a sense, the one-off price of gold is indeed worse than the number of grams of gold. Gold is the elemental form of the chemical element gold, a soft, golden-yellow, corrosion-resistant precious metal. Gold is one of the rarer, more precious and highly valued metals. Internationally, gold is generally measured in ounces. In ancient China, "two" was used as the gold unit, and it was a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserves and investment, but also an important material for jewelry, electronics, modern communications, aerospace and other sectors.

How to see the purchase price of gold in grams

You can view the purchase price in grams through product specifications or barcodes gold. For 3D or karat gold products, if the specification is M2D521X, the gram quantity of the buy gold product is 2.521 grams. For pure gold products, generally there is a series of numbers under the barcode of pure gold products. If the last digit of the barcode number is 435, the gold weight representing the buyout price is 4.35 grams. The number of grams of bullion gold is relatively simple. Generally speaking, each piece of jewelry corresponds to a product label. In addition to the product name and barcode, there is also a specification on the label. The secret lies in the barcode and specification. People can know the grams of gold products through the specification or barcode. Buy Gold is when gold is sold directly at the listed price, not in grams. At present, most of the gold jewelry in gold stores are sold at the purchase price, so generally the staff of the gold store will not tell the buyer the number of grams of the gold product at the purchase price, so the buyer must know the actual number of grams of the product according to the specification or barcode.

How much is the gold recycling in 2000

First of all, you must be clear that there are many channels for gold recycling, and the gold recycling price of different gold recycling channels is different. Generally speaking, the gold recovery price of banks and gold stores is higher, usually about 10 yuan/gram after subtracting the real-time gold price. If it is based on the handling fee, a handling fee of 3%-4% will be charged; the gold rush price of the pawnshop is the lowest, generally about 50 yuan/gram lower than the real-time gold price, while the price of the Internet online gold rush platform is quite satisfactory, and the general recovery price is less than the real-time gold price. About 15 yuan/g. As for where to sell, the benevolent sees benevolence, and the wise sees wisdom. Some people think that it is good to collect gold in the bank, and some people like to collect gold on the Internet platform. However, it should be noted that in general, banks and gold stores only recycle gold bars they sell. Banks and gold stores have many requirements for recycled gold, such as purchasing invoices when repurchasing.

How to exchange gold at one price without losing money

In fact, after buying gold at the flat price, no matter what exchange method you choose, you will lose money money. If you want to replace the gold, it is recommended to go to the brand store to replace it, and then bring your own purchase invoice, so that you can clearly know the content of the gold and save more unnecessary trouble. In addition, even if you buy gold in a brand store, you still need to charge a certain handling fee and cannot be replaced according to the existing gold. Mainly because I bought a cheap one, and when I changed it, it was still a bargain in the store.

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