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Why is gold so expensive now? What's the difference between Bulk Gold and Gram Gold?

2022-12-05 02:19:58 [Materials ]
Why is gold so expensive now? What's the difference between Bulk Gold and Gram Gold?

The gold content of buy-in gold is also very high. It depends on the standards of each store. Now many gold stores sell gold at buy-in. Because it is mainly made of craftsmanship, the appearance will be better than other gold, but the cost performance is not very high. Check out the detailed introduction!

Why now gold is all one-time price

The first is profit, because the gram weight of one-time price gold and gram gold will be different Much worse. Second, the style is fashionable. The style of gold at a price is very fashionable and novel. Many young people buy it for the fashionable style. The third is that the craftsmanship is hard, and the one-price style will be harder and not easy to deform. The weight of gold is soft and easy to deform, and the style is ordinary. I believe that many people have bought buy-in gold jewelry. I didn’t know about gold before, so I bought a buy-in necklace. The reason why I chose it at that time was because of its fashionable style. After I bought gram weight gold, I suddenly felt that the previous one-off price was not worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be fragrant to buy gram weight gold for the same money, hahaha, it’s purely a personal opinion.

Is Buy Gold Pure

Yes. Traditional gold sales are sold by the gram, plus a processing fee per gram. With the growth of craftsmanship, in order to maximize profits, merchants are now interested in the marketing method of selling gold at a "buy it now". After modern processing, the jewelry with a small gram weight becomes large and beautiful. Profits are even more impressive. So now when you go to the shopping mall and want to buy some accessories, you can see the exquisite workmanship, and the price is marked. Whether it is to buy traditional gold or buy gold, it all depends on personal needs. If you focus on preserving value, choose traditional gold; if you focus on novelty and unique appearance, choose a buy-in price.

What is the difference between one-price gold and gram gold

First of all, the two types are different, and the gold content is different. In the same way, everyone knows that there are pure gold 99 and thousand pure gold on the market. Among them, thousand pure gold gold jewelry is more collectible, so the value-added space of gold sold by gram is larger. Secondly, the cost and craftsmanship between the two are also different. It should be calculated that the price of gold jewelry sold by gram is higher. Furthermore, the price fluctuations between the two are also different. If you buy by gram, the price of gold may change every day. And gold sold at a buy price may not have this problem.

Why is the current gold sold at the listed price

The price corresponding to the gold content of different gold content: To be clear, three 9s Compared with the pure gold of 5 9s, the gold content is indeed slightly lower, but this low level is almost negligible. On the wholesale side, the price difference is almost negligible. For a difference of less than 1 yuan/gram, the price of gold recycling at one price is cheaper than that of pure gold calculated by gram. No matter how complicated the process is and how beautiful the design is, recycling is not priced. of. Funds calculated in grams are much more valuable. If the purpose of buying gold is to preserve value and invest, then it is recommended to buy gold bars directly, because even if the gold you buy at the gold store is sold by gram, they will still charge a certain amount of labor.

What does price gold mean

We know that gold that is currently sold at its price in the market is called price gold. Most of these golds are made of 3D hard gold technology. Thousand pure gold and hard gold are in line with national standards in terms of gold content. However, these hard golds generally use hollow nano electroforming technology, which can produce very plump products. The three-dimensional gold jewelry, but this kind of gold jewelry has a disadvantage, that is, it is difficult to restore after damage, so these jewelry are often not worn for a long time. Very uneconomical, so this kind of jewelry, although beautiful, is relatively fragile.

Why gold is now almost sold by the piece

Pricing strategies vary from jewelry brand to jewelry brand, depending on Brand positioning and competitive prices. The same point is that the price of gold jewelry sold by the piece will be higher than that by the gram, and the higher the price, the higher the profit. The diamonds, emeralds, pearls and gemstones we usually buy are sold in pieces, and consumers are used to them. However, because of our deep-rooted concept of value preservation for gold jewelry, many people do not recognize jewelry such as gold rings, necklaces and other jewelry sold by piece, thinking that the price is too high to preserve value, which is also true. Gold jewelry sold by piece has been out of the scope of value preservation. It is jewelry. The first function is to wear it. Jewelers make them look better than ordinary gold jewelry, and then sell them at high prices. They do not expect all consumers to recognize them. young fashion crowd, and children. Selling different products according to different consumer groups to obtain higher income is the pursuit of jewelers.

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