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Does the wall breaker need to filter soy milk? Why is the soy milk of the wall breaker not fragrant?

2022-10-07 07:58:25 [floor ]
Does the wall breaker need to filter soy milk? Why is the soy milk of the wall breaker not fragrant?

As we all know, the soy milk made by the wall breaker tastes more delicate and tastes better. So, can the soy milk made by the wall breaker be drunk directly? Yes, unlike the soymilk maker, you don’t need to use a filter, just pour it out and drink it, which is very convenient.

Does the crusher need to filter soy milk?

Not required. The wall breaker can make dregs-free soymilk without a filter, so it is more convenient to clean than traditional soymilk. It turns out that when we wash soymilk, most of the time is spent on cleaning the dregs attached to the stainless steel inner wall, while the filter is cleaned. Soybean dregs online is also time-consuming, the wall breaker solves this trouble, after making soymilk, just rinse the mixing cup with water, it will be very clean.

Can the soy milk made by the wall breaker be drunk directly?

The soy milk made by the wall breaker can be drunk directly. The multifunctional wall breaker usually It has an electric heating design, so you can drink the soy milk made by the wall breaker directly, you only need to press a button, you can boil the already boiled soy milk, no need to boil it twice, so you can drink the soy milk directly, if there is no electricity With the heating function, you need to cook the beans in advance, or boil them after mixing.

How much water should be put in the wall breaker to make soy milk

Friends who have used soy milk machines should know that the content of soybeans is based on their own The same is true for making soymilk with a wall breaker. If you like thicker, please add more soybeans. If you like thinner, please add less. The water level largely determines the consistency of soymilk. Also depends on your preference, it should be noted that water is usually not added at the maximum ratio, leaving at least 100ml of space to prevent the wall breaker from flushing the water to the top when stirring or even overflowing.

Why the soy milk is not fragrant in the crusher

The soy milk is not fragrant when the soy milk is made by the crusher, which means that the crushed soy milk has no cooking function, Therefore, it is necessary to make soy milk and cook it before drinking it. Soak the soybeans for 24 hours in advance, the taste of the soaked beans will be more delicate, first, you need to wash the soaked beans, pour out the water that soaked the beans, do not use soaking water to make soy milk, otherwise it will affect the taste of soy milk, and then put Add it to the wall breaker, add the right amount of water, then close the lid, click the soymilk button to start working, just wait patiently to taste the fragrant soymilk.

Is it better to use dry or wet beans in a wall breaker

Actually, when using a wall breaker to grind soy milk, although the size of Wet beans are used most of the time, but dry beans can also be used to make soy milk, which is also allowed by the wall breaker without major problems, however, it is recommended that the wall breaker use wet beans for grinding, mainly because dry beans The grinding of the powder will cause the breaker to lose more, which will affect the life of the breaker for a long time, so using wet beans can provide more protection, on the other hand, if you use wet beans for pulping, it can be combined with other The ingredients are better mixed, which is conducive to the precipitation of nutrients. When grinding soy milk, it is recommended to use wet soy beans.

Cold water or hot water for making soy milk with the wall breaker

When the wall breaker makes soy milk, cold water and hot water can be used, Because it needs to be heated and the beans will be cooked by heating during production, there will be no cold water without heating, so there is no need to worry at all, however, when using hot water, the temperature should not be too high because If the temperature is too high, the wall breaker will sound an alarm, and the wall breaker itself will heat up, so it is better to choose warm water.

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