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The hard installation of the new house is over. It took 15 hours to clean it. The effect is very satisfactory. Let me share

2023-04-02 00:27:04 [Materials ]
The hard installation of the new house is over. It took 15 hours to clean it. The effect is very satisfactory. Let me share

Decoration is a happy and happy thing. When the rough house changes step by step and the effect is achieved step by step, the mood is really different. It is possible that you will suffer losses or step on the pit during the decoration process, and it will not have much impact, as long as it can be found and remedied in time! Decoration is such a feeling, it is worth experiencing. I am very happy to bring you this new house from the owner's house. From the start of construction to the present, the hard decoration of the new house has finally been completed. A big stone in my heart has finally landed, which is very relaxing. It took four people 15 hours to clean the inside and outside, which is not easy. If the house has been renovated, they all know that cleaning is really tiring, and the cement and sand in the house must be cleaned up. At present, no furniture and home appliances have been arranged. The overall effect is very satisfactory. I like it very much. I can't help but share it with you, I hope it can bring you good decoration inspiration! This is the original structure floor plan. We are not unfamiliar with this kind of floor plan. It is a typical three-bedroom floor plan, and the dynamic and static partitions are reasonable, which is really good. If there is no demand, the layout and collocation according to this structure will not have any impact. This is the floor plan of the furniture, in which two plans have been made. The biggest change is that the second bedroom has a small space. Considering whether to divide the living room balcony into a small second bedroom, two plans have been made. If you look carefully, both It can be seen. Public health needs to do three separations, mainly for convenience. The apartment is really good. It has an independent entrance door from entering the home. According to the entrance space, a shoe cabinet with two floors up and down directly to the top is designed, but there is no empty space at the bottom, which does not affect the storage. The biggest highlight of the cabinet is that the cabinet door has a handle-free design, which is simple and elegant, which makes people shine when they come in, and they like it very much when they see it, and also envy it! If the entrance door belongs to such a space at home, and you like this effect, you can refer to it. Strictly speaking, the living room and the dining room are in the same space, and there is no need to make any partitions in the middle. At that time, the two spaces can be divided by furniture without any influence. It can be seen that the design without main lights is selected for the top surface, and the living room and the balcony are connected, which can make more reasonable use of the balcony space. Whether it is raining or windy outside, it has no effect on the interior. The ground is covered with gray, which is resistant to dirt and looks good. When the furniture and appliances move in, it will be easier to match the desired effect. The sofa background wall uses a combination of slate and wall panels, which is simple and beautiful. If the background wall is made, there is no need to hang decorative paintings on the sofa wall, and it will not have any effect, and the effect also makes people feel very textured and tasteful! I like this kind of background wall at home, you can refer to it. Not only the sofa background wall, but also the TV background wall, which will not make people feel monotonous. The TV background wall in the living room is suspended and the cabinet is matched, and the platform is added, which is simple and beautiful without being complicated. The screen is big enough, a bit like a home theater, so tasteful! In fact, it belongs to the north-south and north-south transparent apartment, with sufficient indoor lighting and ventilation, and the light is very good. So, choose gray tiles for the ground, which is great. This is the kitchen. The "U"-shaped cabinet is customized according to the structure. The layout forms the order of "washing, cutting, and frying". The size and position are suitable, and it is very convenient to operate. When designing cabinets. There is a place reserved for the refrigerator on the left side, which is very design and thoughtful. The space is small, but it is very bright and the lighting is very transparent. This is the children's room. Considering that the children in the family finally designed the desk cabinet and the wardrobe as one, it seems to have a sense of design, and it is also more reasonable to use the space. It's a really nice design, I like it. However, the space is very small, when it comes with a single bed, there is basically no extra space. The cabinets in the whole house are customized, the quality and workmanship are not bad, the details are well handled, and the shape is simple and practical. The bedroom door did not choose white, and the matching is also very harmonious, with a special personality. Taking into account the practicality, the main guard designed a dressing table on one side, which can be very convenient for the female house owner to use, and installed glass as a partition, which makes the space look much more spacious, which is very worthy of reference. This is the public bathroom. The bathroom cabinet is separated independently. The LED cabinet mirror is installed, which can add a good storage space. The style of the bathroom cabinet is really good, very atmospheric! This is the end of the sharing. What do you think of this effect? Comments are welcome! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: NICE

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