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Don't underestimate these 3 integrated designs, which can reduce 50% of the sanitary dead corners in the home

2023-04-02 00:39:55 [Wall decoration ]
Don't underestimate these 3 integrated designs, which can reduce 50% of the sanitary dead corners in the home

Housework is a problem for many people. Every day I go to work and I’m exhausted. When I get home, I really don’t want to do any housework, not to mention those hygienic corners that can’t be cleaned. Today, Xiaoqi will share 3 integrated designs. The idea can not only easily reduce 50% of the sanitary dead corners in the home, but also make the small apartment look bigger, let's take a look! 01. The integration of the booth and sideboard is actually a matter of housework. If it is not eradicated at the beginning of the decoration, no matter how many sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners you buy after moving in, it will be a waste of effort. Therefore, if the family size is small and there is no space for a restaurant, it is recommended that the card seat can be embedded in the sideboard for an integrated design; a locker is built under the seat, and all the unnecessary things are put away, and the desktop is no longer messy and better organized. ; The sideboard should be as closed as possible to avoid dust and cleaning pressure. In addition, the deck can also reserve a space for refrigerators and other appliances in advance, so that the restaurant can maintain a better overall sense and make the home appear cleaner and tidy. The deck can also be matched with a variety of dining tables and chairs, making this design more flexible and suitable for more families. ▲Castle + small round table▲Castle + slate dining table At a party, having an island is equivalent to extending the dining table, so you don't have to crowd it anymore. In addition, sockets can be reserved above the island, so that you don’t have to look for power strips all over the house when eating hot pot. You can also design a small sink, so that you don't have to go to the kitchen in circles for daily cleaning of fruits, water glasses, etc. The key is that making an island means that you can make some storage space to achieve the effect of nothing on the countertop. It is important to know that there is more than less housework, depending on the difficulty of cleaning. Is it difficult to clean an empty countertop? However, the most troublesome thing about the island dining table is the size. Xiaoqi shared a wave of designer's private storage size for everyone: ①The height of the island table is generally between 85-95 cm, which is more comfortable to use. ② The width should not be less than 80 cm. It is not suitable for a dining table if it is less than 80 cm. It is best to be between 80-90 cm. ③The length of the island should not be less than 1 meter, it will appear very small, preferably between 1-1.4 meters. The island platform should be made of slate, which is easy to take care of, resistant to oil stains, and looks more advanced. The passage should be reserved for 1-1.2 meters, so that the space will not appear cramped. If there are chairs on the island, the cabinet space should be recessed by 20 cm, so that the legs will be more comfortable. In addition, there are actually replacements for the island. If you like the small apartment, but you don’t have that much budget, you can look at the finished island with wheels. 03. All the dead corners of the stair locker are integrated. Only when they are used will they not become a gathering place for dust. If the home is a loft type, you can use the space under the stairs to make a locker, and put all cleaning tools, out-of-season clothes, and infrequently worn shoes. More hallway space. If the space on the side is relatively large, it can also be made into a mini cloakroom. Install a pull-out cabinet on the stairs, put adjustable shelves and clothes hanging rods in it, and you can put your frequently worn shoes and clothes to make a small cloakroom. What kind of home has less housework? In Xiao Qi's view, there are fewer dead spots for hygiene, less debris on the desktop, and refusal to drop dust... And the integrated design can really make us look like lazy people. What other integrated designs for small apartments can reduce housework? Welcome to comment and share~

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