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12 details that a practical and beautiful sideboard must have

2023-02-03 02:55:22 [floor ]
12 details that a practical and beautiful sideboard must have

A beautiful and practical sideboard is by no means as simple as copying homework. If you don't pay attention to the details, the results may be very different from your wishes, and even ugly and difficult to use, affecting the living experience. So, these 12 must-have details for custom sideboards you must know.

1. Built-in sealing plate

This refers to the upper and lower sealing plates of the cabinet, in order to improve the integrity of the cabinet Well, it is recommended to make it into a built-in cover. In fact, from the comparison of the pictures, it can be clearly seen that the difference between the hidden and exposed sealing plates is still very large. But some people may also say, I don't hide it, can I make it the same color? Of course you can, but it doesn't take much trouble to hide it, so it's definitely the best solution.

2. Handle-free cabinet door

Regarding the handle-free design of the sideboard cabinet door, there are many ways to do it, such as hanging down, slanting Cuts, G-shapes, bouncers, etc., but I think the best ones are U-shape metal bars. From a balanced point of view, the aesthetic performance is achieved, the practicality is sufficient, and it is cheap, simple, and low-cost. It is undoubtedly a good-looking and practical one. Not only the sideboard door, but also the drawer part, which can also be used to make it minimalist and handle-free.

3. Hollow cabinets

Like entrance cabinets, the hollow part of the storage table not only makes the cabinet more layered, but also Convenient storage. You can use this area to put water cups and water dispensers, which is a simple water bar. Or put on small appliances and use it as a western kitchen console. As for the height, it is best not to be lower than 50 cm, because the height of many desktop water dispensers has reached about 40 cm, which will affect the placement of electrical appliances.

4. Embedded sensor light strips

For the sideboard to be effective, ambient light strips are essential. However, if it is a grooved wiring, not only the customization cost is high, but also the practicality will be lowered due to the infrequent opening after moving in. Therefore, I recommend adding magnetic induction light strips later. The installation is simple, and it can be directly adsorbed on the cabinet. The lighting effect is still similar to the small hills with the effect of spotlights, which can create a better atmosphere. Moreover, it is also human-induced, which is more convenient and smarter than the light strip of the wiring switch. The key is still cheap, and the grooved wiring can easily be hundreds or thousands, and this kind of light strip can be done for a few dozen yuan.

5. The pipeline machine hides the embedded pipeline

If the home has a water purification system, and it is necessary to install a pipeline machine for the sideboard, The details of the hidden installation must be mastered, otherwise, as shown in the figure below, the appearance will be affected. There are no more than two places to hide the pipeline machine, one is the power cord, and the other is the water inlet (connected to the water purifier). To be perfectly hidden, you need to determine the brand of the pipeline machine in advance, and the customer service will tell you the pre-buried size according to the installation location (the principle is the same as the TV hidden cable).

6. Hollow cabinet wall as socket

Since small appliances are to be placed on the countertop, there must be no shortage of power sockets. Compared with traditional sockets, the large square heads are arranged in a row, and the track sockets are more flexible and beautiful. Moreover, a power supply, if there are more electrical appliances to be plugged in, you can also add jacks at any time. But it should be noted that the position of the power supply should be moderately low. If it is too high, the power cord will be pulled too long, which will affect the appearance.

7. Hollow countertops made of stone

No matter whether the hollow position of the sideboard is made into a water bar or a western food table, it is unavoidable The ground will come into contact with water, coupled with the heat dissipation during the use of electrical appliances, the table top of the plate is easily deformed and worn. Therefore, in the selection of hollow countertop materials, it is more recommended to use stone. Even when exposed to water and heat, it is very durable, and stone is cleaner than slabs. In addition, the hollow backboard also has problems such as water stains and stains, and it is best to make it into stone.

8. Drawers under the countertop

I have said many times about making drawers under the countertop, and everyone feels the same way. It is much more convenient and convenient to put things than a cabinet. If the large kitchen appliances are not placed in this area, the sideboard simply places cups, stockpiles, etc., and all of them are made into cabinets, which is also a good solution. In addition, you can also lay a paper pad inside the drawer to keep it clean, and it will not slip when placing glasses, etc. In my sideboards and cabinets, including the bedside table, I have put polka dot paper on it. Even if it is dirty, it can be wiped clean. The polka dots at the bottom are equivalent to non-slip points. The key price is also cheap, a large roll of ten yuan, after cutting, can be placed in many drawers.

9. Thickness of the cabinet

Regarding the thickness of the sideboard, it depends on the size of the visual space. An ordinary sideboard is 35 cm. Can. If there is a refrigerator and the space allows, it can be directly made into 60 cm, which is consistent with the thickness of the refrigerator, and the integrity and aesthetics are also higher.

10. Small-area glass door

Every time I see a glass cabinet door, I have a high-end feeling, so I customize the side of the table. In the cabinet, also eager to try. To tell the truth, glass can enhance the sense of luxury, but it is also very transparent, and the things placed in the cabinet will be seen at a glance. Therefore, ordinary families cannot keep clean and tidy at all times. It is not recommended to make glass cabinets. If you really like it, you can choose small-sized, opaque glass. The glass door should also be mainly used for high-value display storage.

11. Make storage planning in the sideboard

When customizing the sideboard, the categories of items placed in the sideboard can only be Make a rough plan and store it in detail, and you have to move in later. In order to maximize the use of space, you can refer to the storage plan above. The space in the cabinet is divided into two parts, and the lower layer uses right-angle storage boxes. While closely arranged, there is a small amount of blank space to make it clear at a glance. Not only can they be placed side-by-side in a cabinet, they can also be used as a divider for deep drawers, or they can be placed on top of each other. The upper space is a space that is easily overlooked by ordinary people. You can use a sticker drawer storage box to store smaller items. Don't underestimate the space squeezed out by this little bit, it can put a lot of gadgets, especially the kitchen, which is very practical for storing small tools.

12. Side view panel

The sideboard of the sideboard is also the same as the wardrobe, the best effect is the view panel, followed by The first is the cabinet board, the worst is the fake wall. If the restaurant happens to be connected to the porch, with the favorable geographical conditions, it can be directly made into an L-shaped cabinet, porch cabinet, side cabinet, two cabinets in one, with good appearance and practicality. However, most people do not have this geographical advantage, and it is more recommended to use the same light-emitting board as the cabinet door for a separate sideboard side panel. In addition, as for whether or not to seal the hollow side, the bottom plate on the wall does not need to be thickened, which can save a little money, and from a certain perspective, it looks slightly neat. The advantage of not sealing is that the display space is large, and the cost difference is not large, which can be determined according to preferences.

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